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Translation in Turkey : Prices and Languages .. full guide 2023

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Translation in Turkey is an important subject that comes up in conversations and enquiries from foreign residents, particularly because many papers in Turkish transactions need translation, not to mention in-person translation and other circumstances and problems where a translator is required.

In this article, we will discuss many aspects of translation prices in Turkey, including the types of translation required, the prices and how to calculate them, the function of a sworn translator in Turkey, and an overview of the notary “Notary Public,” which is the accredited office to certify documents translated into Turkish.

Translation in Turkey

Types of translation in Turkey

As in any other nation, translation services are available for persons who do not speak the language spoken in this country. Foreign inhabitants must cope with a variety of translation services at various fees.

Types of translation by language

The following are the most common forms of translation provided in Turkish translation offices:

Turkish        = Arabic, and vice versa

Turkish        = English, and vice versa

Turkish        = Russian, and vice versa

Turkish        = German, and vice versa

Turkish        = Persian, and vice versa

These are the most commonly accepted languages for most foreigners resident or present in Turkey; nevertheless, there are many additional languages that may be translated from into Turkish or vice versa.

Types of translation by method

The translation also varies according to its method, for example:

Oral Turkish translation

Which is a direct translation in the presence of a foreign person, and foreigners need it in many of their tourism or treatment trips, as well as to execute many legal chores and processes in Turkey’s governmental and non-governmental organisations.

When dealing with the justice and courts, it may be required to only engage with a sworn interpreter, and the appropriate Turkish authorities often offer this sworn translator.

Written Turkish translation

It is for translating papers, documents, personal and official documents, and even ordinary documents, and it may be carried out by a sworn translator if you certify the documents after their translation from the Notary Notary Office, whereas there is no need for the translator to be sworn if the translation is for letters or ordinary publications.

Simultaneous Turkish translation

It is specialised to translation in conferences or formal meetings, and it necessitates working with professionals in language sciences in both languages to assure the translator’s promptness and capacity to translate instantly and urgently, correctly and without mistakes.

Copmany Turkish translation

Many Turkish businesses and organisations need employees who are fluent in more than one language, most typically Turkish and another.

Working in newspapers, magazines, and websites that speak more than one language is another possibility.

Factors that determine translation prices in Turkey

The cost of translation in Turkey varies, depending on a variety of factors and data. Because the details are numerous, we will discuss them in broad strokes.

Translation requirements

Whenever the translation necessitates the use of a third language translator, or the necessity to go by automobile from one location to another, or to type the translated text, or to record it as audio or video.

Those in charge of the few requirements charge a cost lower than translation prices in Turkey, which require the existence of other things outside straight translation, and the more difficult these criteria are satisfied, the higher the translation price required.

The type of content to be translated

The price of the translation is also affected by whether the material is broad or specialised. Regular official papers do not cost as much to translate as a poem, a short narrative, or a specialised scientific inquiry.

The manner in which the translated material is shown is also crucial in deciding the price of the translation, whether it is written or recorded, as an audio or video recording. Furthermore, the cost of textual transcription of audio and video is increased during translation.


Because of the vast number of individuals who are trained in translating, the more widely spoken and prevalent the language, the cheaper the cost of translation in Turkey for the documents in circulation.

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For example, the cost of translating a document from Arabic to Turkish is undoubtedly considerably lower than the cost of translating the same document from Chinese to Turkish.


The longer the translation takes to complete, the more the translator will charge, but if we compare two translations of the same content and type, the first takes a long time and the second takes a shorter time, the shorter time will be more expensive because we are talking about an urgent translation.


Personal papers, such as a passport, an identification card, a marriage contract, and other documents, cost less than translating short stories, books, novels, and so on, and the prices also connect to normal documents, such as academic credentials, with the quantity of words necessary for translation.


When more work is used in translating, the translator will demand a higher fee than the translation price in Turkey. Also, certain huge tasks, such as book translations, need review, auditing, and a significant amount of labour before completion, necessitating a higher cost for the service.

Average translation price in Turkey

In Turkey, it is not feasible to establish a fixed fee for translation. As stated in the preceding paragraphs, it varies based on a variety of circumstances and considerations, however as of 2021, typical translation costs in Turkey are as follows:

Translation and Translation Languages1000 Characters Without Spaces Unit Price
English – Turkish Translation Price30 ₺
German – Turkish Translation Price30 ₺
French – Turkish Translation Price35 ₺
Russian – Turkish Translation Price40 ₺
Arabic – Turkish Translation Price45 ₺
Albanian – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Amharic – Turkish Translation Price100 ₺
Azerbaijani – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Belarusian – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Basque – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Bosnian – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Bulgarian – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Czech – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Chinese – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Danish – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Estonian – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Persian – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Dutch – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Finnish – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Georgian – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Hindi – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Croatian – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Dutch – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Hebrew – Turkish Translation Price100 ₺
Spanish – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Italian – Turkish Translation Price50 ₺
Swedish – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Icelandic – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Irish – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Japanese – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Kyrgyz – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Korean – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Polish – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Luxembourgish – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Lithuanian – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Hungarian – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Maltese – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Macedonian – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Moldovan – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Norwegian – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Nepali – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Ottoman Turkish – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Uzbek – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Portuguese – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Romanian – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Serbian – Turkish Translation Price70 ₺
Slovenian – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Slovak – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺
Syriac – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Tajik – Turkish Translation Price80 ₺
Turkmen – Turkish Translation Price60 ₺
Ukrainian – Turkish Translation Price50 ₺
Vietnamese – Turkish Translation Price150 ₺
Greek – Turkish Translation Price90 ₺

Prices for Interpretation in Turkey

When it comes to interpreting, the first forms of translation that spring to mind are sequential and simultaneous (simultaneous). Meetings, press releases, notary transactions, power of attorney and sales transactions, as well as scenarios like as driver’s licence exams, all need sequential interpreting. The cost of consecutive translation varies depending on the language.

For English, the best consecutive interpreting price is between 200 and 450 TL per hour. Again, depending on the nature of job, the daily English consecutive interpreting price ranges between 800 TL and 2,000 TL.

Although simultaneous interpretation prices are greater, for simultaneous interpretation requirements lasting more than an hour, at least two translators are provided. Simultaneous interpretation is the process of translating with the speaker from the cabin’s sound system at the same time.

The costs of this form of translation vary greatly depending on the language. The main cause for these disparities is the amount of interpreters who can undertake simultaneous translation in that language, which might be low or high.

The cost of simultaneous English interpreters is between 1,500 and 3,000 TL, depending on the sector of competence.

Price of Academic Translation in Turkey

Academic translation is a discipline that is often required by academics who work at universities. Because of the nature of the topic of investigation, this discipline necessitates expertise. As a result, when setting academic translation fees, this skill should be considered, and competent translators who can translate at a professional level should be favoured. Academic translators, on the other hand, have unit costs that range from 30 TL to 100 TL, depending on the nature of the assignment.

All of this information is used to calculate the sworn translator fee schedule. There is no need to pay an additional sworn translator fee for a document that needs to be translated. However, translation agencies that do not deal with sworn translators pay an additional charge by requiring them to sign in the event of a necessity and informing the client of this. As a result, it is advised that you engage with translation firms that have sworn translators in all languages and can provide notarized translations.

The approval charge of the notary public, in addition to the sworn translation fee, determines the price of notary sworn translations. These notary fees are also computed based on the amount of writing in the document.

Prices for English Translation

The pricing for English translation, which is the most often used language for communication in the world and Turkey’s first foreign language, are quite reasonable. The amount of English translators in the Turkish nation, in particular, has a direct impact on English translation pricing.

The charge for an English translation of a typical document begins at 30 TL. This price may rise depending on the text density in the paper. Transactions such as English diploma translation, passport translation, certificate translation, and so on are charged between 50 and 100 TL by translation agencies.

On average, each English summary translation costs roughly 60 TL. Aside from that, 1000 characters without spaces are counted when determining the translation charge of academic publications, user manuals, and bulky technical documents. The English translation price in this scenario is between 30 and 50 TL.

Prices for German Translation

German is one of the most translated languages in Turkey, owing to the large number of Turkish residents residing in Germany and the business link between Germany and Turkey. German translation costs are also impacted by the number of translators that work in the German-Turkish language pair.

While specific publications are being translated into German, regular pricing is applied in the same manner as in the English language. German translation rates range between 30 TL and 100 TL for papers such as German diploma translation, marriage certificate translation, birth certificate copy, criminal record certificate, bank statement, and transcript. For large-volume projects, the translation charge is calculated using the character computation without spaces. German to Turkish translation costs vary from 30 TL to 50 TL.

Prices for Arabic Translation

The need for Arabic translation has risen in recent years in tandem with the growth in trade volume between Turkey and the Arab and Gulf nations, the number of refugees in Turkey, and the number of international organisations that give relief to these refugees. In response to the increased demand, Arabic translation costs have reduced in comparison to prior years.

In Turkey, there has been a considerable growth in the number of Arabic translators. While ordinary document costs range between 80 and 150 TL, the unit price for 1000 characters without spaces in big volume works is between 40 and 60 TL.

How do you translate your documents in Turkey

It is not difficult to translate papers in Turkey; just go to an official translation service, where the translator must be sworn and accredited by the Turkish government.

Then, give over the document to be translated, along with a copy of your passport or any other identity document with your name printed in English or Turkish, to confirm that the letters match between your name and nickname on your personal card or passport and the document to be translated.

Sometimes the translation is completed on the same day, and other times it is postponed until the next day.

Some offices provide a translation service with the Noter, which means that the office takes the document to the notary office, attests there, and then delivers the document translated and formally and legally notified.