Steel in Turkey .. Prices, manufacturers, exports full guide 2023

Turkey is one of the leading producers of steel in the world, with steel in Turkey being a vital product from Turkish factories.

Turkish Steel and iron is recognised for it’s high quality and good prices, as Turkey is a major exporter of steel.

Steel in Turkey

About steel in Turkey

Today, there are 26 electric arc furnaces (EAF), 11 induction furnaces and 3 basic oxygen furnace steel plants in Turkey.

Turkish steel companies export all over the globe due to reasonable pricing and efficient marketing methods. The European Union will be Turkey’s major export market in 2021, accounting for 7.4 million tons, or 31% of total steel exports.

Exports to the Middle East area, another significant market for Turkish steel, fell by 10.9 percent in 2021 to 4.3 million tons. The most noticeable growth in Turkish steel exports in terms of tonnage was to the Latin America area in 2021, with a rate of 103 percent, while this region was the third with the biggest export volume with 3.1 million tons over the same year.

Furthermore, steel shipments to North America rebounded and reached 1.9 million tons. Exports to North Africa, on the other hand, are expected to fall 12.3 percent to 1.8 million tons in 2021.

Worldwide steel production in 2021 reached 1.95 billion tons, an increase of 3.7% compared to 2020. Turkey’s steel production, on the other hand, increased by 12.7% in 2021 and reached 40.4 million tons.

All steel businesses operating in Turkey are private enterprises that regularly monitor technical changes in order to strengthen the country’s industry’s long-term position in the global market. The steel industry, one of our country’s most developed industries, is now the fourth greatest contributor to the Turkish economy. 

Importing steel from Turkey

Before we talk about the construction iron factories in Turkey , we must talk about importing iron from this country, as its economy has been revived due to its production of iron and building materials.  

In addition, it is of high quality in the iron that is produced, as it has outperformed China, Russia, Italy and Germany, in addition to this, it follows modern steps, but it is the production of the finest types of construction iron.  

There are a set of steps so that customers can import iron from Turkey, they must know a number of things, namely:

  • To have a commercial register that proves the identity of his own company.
  • Obtains a license to work in this field, which is importing iron and steel.
  • A company’s tax card.
  • Letter from the bank stating that he will transfer the material amount out of the country.
  • The agreement is made with a customs clearance company to help enter the iron into the importing country.
  • maintaining the standards that pertain to the specifications of the products that that will be purchased.

Turkey steel manufacturers List

iron factories in Turkey are considered one of the reasons for the country’s progress and access to development in all fields, and the most important of these steel companies in Turkey are:

  • Iskenderun Iron and Steel Co. Inc.
  • Eregli Iron and Steel Factories TAŞ.
  • İçdaş Çelik Energy Shipyard and Transportation Industry Inc.
  • Çolakoğlu Metallurgy A.Ş.
  • Tosçelik Profile and Sheet Industry Inc.
  • Borçelik Çelik San. Trade Inc.
  • KARDEMIR Karabuk Iron and Steel Industry. ve Tic. Inc.
  • Kroman Çelik Sanayii A.Ş.
  • Assan Aluminum San. ve Tic. Inc.
  • Bastuğ Metallurgy Industry Inc.
  • İzmir Iron and Steel Industry Inc.
  • Borusan Mannesmann Boru San. ve Tic. Inc.
  • Kaptan Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc.
  • Koç Metallurgy A.Ş.

Steel price in Turkey

Turkey’s factories offer the best and finest types of iron , the prices of which changes everyday depanding on a lot of factores.

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You can check out the prices of different steel in Turkey from here.

Raw material processing in Turkey

1- Iron ore and coal, which are the main raw materials, arrive at the facilities and are kept ready.

2- The arrival of raw materials at the facility initiates the production stages. The coal is sent to the factories for preparation, and the fine ore is delivered to the sinter plant for preparation for use in the blast furnaces.

3- The coal is carried to the furnaces and turned into coke at high temperatures and in an oxygen-free atmosphere after being delivered to the coke plant silo using the requisite systems. Coke for blast furnaces is manufactured in this manner.

4- Powdered ore, ferrous flue dusts, and tuna are ground to a size suitable for use in sinter plants. Belt systems transport the product ready for iron and Steel in Turkey manufacture to blast furnaces.

5- Blast furnaces create liquid raw iron. Iron ore, pellets, coke, and sinter are utilized as inputs in the manufacturing of liquid raw iron. The resulting liquid raw iron is refined and collected in torpedoes.

6-The sulfur from the collected liquid raw iron is cleansed and transferred to the steel mill for use in manufacturing. Various techniques are used in the elikhane to turn liquid raw iron into liquid steel.

7- The liquid steels produced are shaped in the casting facilities and thus coils and sheets are produced.

8- After being prepared to meet the needs of the customers, coils produced in hot rolling mills are cooled and transported.

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