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Tooth extractions in Turkey cost 50-70% less than the USA, UK, and Australia. With top dentists, modern clinics and quality care, Turkey is a leading destination for dental tourism.

Turkey has become a leading destination for medical tourism, especially dental care like tooth extraction. With world-class dentists, advanced technology, and affordable prices, many people travel to Turkey for dental treatment.

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Overview of Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Turkey is one of the top destinations for dental tourism. Below are some key facts about tooth extraction in Turkey:

  • Highly qualified dentists: Turkey has a large pool of skilled and experienced dental surgeons who have been trained in top global institutions. Many dentists speak English.
  • Advanced technology & equipment: Dental clinics use the latest technologies like digital x-rays, lasers, and intraoral cameras. This allows accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive procedures.
  • Internationally accredited facilities: Many dental hospitals are JCI accredited reflecting high standards of care and safety. They follow strict protocols for sterilization and infection control.
  • Affordable prices: Wisdom Tooth extraction costs 50-70% lesser compared to the UK, USA, or Australia. But the quality of treatment is world-class.
  • Tourist-friendly: Dental clinics offer services like airport transfers, hotel bookings, Turkish tourism assistance, language interpreters, etc. making the entire trip easy.
  • Fast and effective treatment: Digital workflows and experienced surgeons mean tooth extractions can be done quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.
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Types of Tooth extractions in Turkey

Tooth extractions can be classified into different categories depending on the situation:

Simple Extraction

This is the most common type of extraction done on teeth visible in the mouth without any surgical procedures.

The dentist numbs the area, loosens the tooth with an elevator, and uses dental forceps to remove the tooth.

Surgical Extraction

Required for teeth that are impacted, broken, or have extensive decay below the gum line.

The dentist cuts into the gum tissue and bone to access the tooth. Additional tools are used to split the tooth and remove it surgically.

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Tooth Extraction Cost in Turkey

The cost of tooth extraction in Turkey can vary between $50 – $200 depending on the type:

  • Simple extraction: $50 – $100
  • Surgical extraction: $100 – $150
  • Impacted wisdom tooth removal: $150 – $200

Additional factors affecting the tooth extraction cost are:

  • Number of teeth being wisdom tooth extracted
  • Type of anesthesia
  • Clinic location
  • Dentist’s experience
  • After hours or emergency extractions
  • Additional procedures like alveoloplasty

Compared to other countries, you can save a significant amount by getting tooth extractions done in Turkey without compromising on quality.

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Finding a Good Dentist in Turkey

Here are some tips on finding the best dentist for your tooth extraction in Turkey:

  • Online reviews: Check online reviews and testimonials of the dental clinic on Google, Facebook, and other websites.
  • Qualifications: Verify the dentist’s training, qualifications, experience, and specializations. Ask to see their certificates and credentials.
  • Portfolio: Reputed dentists will have a portfolio of past cases and extraction procedures successfully done. Review before and after photos.
  • Location: Identify a dental clinic located close to your hotel or in a central area for easier commute.
  • JCI accredited: Choose a clinic that is Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited ensuring high healthcare standards.
  • Dental department: Opt for the dental department within reputed multi-specialty hospitals.
  • Transparency: The dentist should explain the recommended treatment clearly and answer all your questions.
Dentspa tooth extraction in Turkey

Best Dentist for tooth extraction visit in Turkey

At DentSpa, you’ll experience luxury unmatched by any other dentist in Turkey. Treatment rooms are designed for relaxation so you can watch movies during your tooth extraction procedure. DentSpa’s PhD dentists are experts at gentle, painless extractions. Their specialized training and use of advanced techniques means you’ll have an easy, comfortable extraction experience.

What makes DentSpa unique is their spa-like atmosphere. Instead of a stressful dental office, you’ll be pampered in 5-star comfort. The dedicated children’s area lets kids play while you receive relaxing spa treatments. With affordable pricing and tourist-friendly locations, DentSpa makes tooth extraction in Turkey an enjoyable experience.

Visit their website to schedule your luxurious, relaxing tooth extraction at DentSpa today. Their expertise and spa-like environment help ease the stress of extractions.

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Tooth Extraction Prices in Turkey 2023

Tooth extraction prices in Turkey are currently as follows:

Tooth Extraction Price55 $ per tooth
Surgical Tooth Extraction193$ per tooth

Comparing Tooth Extraction Prices in Turkey VS USA

Tooth Extraction TypeCost in USACost in Turkey
Simple Extraction$75 – $250 per tooth$55 per tooth
Surgical Extraction$180 – $550 per tooth$193 per tooth

Key Points

  • Simple extractions in Turkey cost about 70% less than the USA.
  • Surgical extractions in Turkey are around 50-60% cheaper than the USA.
  • The quality of treatment and dentist expertise is at par with the USA despite lower costs.
  • Additional factors like no waiting times, tourist-friendly services make Turkey more advantageous.

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Comparing Tooth Extraction Prices in Turkey VS UK

Tooth Extraction TypeCost in UKCost in Turkey
Simple Extraction (NHS)£70.70 (~$88)£44 (~$55)
Simple Extraction (Private)£75 – £260 (~$94 – $325)£44 (~$55)
Surgical Extraction (Private)£150 – £450 (~$188 – $563)£154 (~$193)

Key Points

  • Simple tooth extractions in Turkey cost only £44 compared to £70.70 on NHS and £75 – £260 privately in the UK.
  • Surgical extractions are priced at £154 in Turkey versus £150 – £450 privately in the UK.
  • Substantial savings of over 40% on simple and 60% on surgical extractions can be achieved in Turkey.
  • Factoring travel expenses, tooth extractions still remain very economical in Turkey versus the UK.
  • Turkey offers comparable quality with shorter waiting times.

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Comparing Tooth Extraction Prices in Turkey VS Australia

Tooth Extraction TypeCost in AustraliaCost in Turkey
Simple ExtractionAUD $205AUD $86 (~USD $55)
Surgical ExtractionAUD $400AUD $302 (~USD $193)

Key Points

  • Simple extractions in Turkey cost AUD $86 compared to AUD $205 in Australia – a saving of 60%.
  • Surgical extractions in Turkey are AUD $302 vs AUD $400 in Australia – a 25% saving.
  • Factoring travel expenses, tooth extractions are still very economical in Turkey compared to Australia.
  • Additional savings are possible in Turkey for complex cases.
  • Turkey provides world-class dentists, no wait times, and excellent care.

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Price Comparing Bar Chart And Plots

Tooth extraction charts comparing Turkey prices to other countries
Set of four charts showcasing the comparison of simple and surgical tooth extraction costs in Turkey versus the USA, UK, and Australia. Each set includes horizontal bar charts and scatter plots illustrating the minimum, maximum, and Turkish prices.
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