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Steel Prices in Turkey Today 2024

Steel Prices in Turkey

Steel Prices in Turkey have recently seen significant changes, impacting various industries nationwide. Stay updated with the latest trends and insights on the evolving market dynamics. The steel industry in Turkey is a significant economic sector, characterized by modern facilities…

Marriage and Divorce Statistics in Turkey 2023

Marriage and divorce in Turkey statics

According to the latest press release from the Turkish Statistical Institute (Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu, TÜİK), the number of married couples in Turkey decreased from 575,891 in 2022 to 565,435 in 2023. The crude marriage rate, which represents the number of…

Best 8 Turkish Paint Brands


Choosing the right paint brand is akin to setting the tone for a symphony; the quality dictates the final outcome. The consistency and density of the paint are clear indicators of its quality. Denser consistency often leads to better coverage.…

Pharmacists in Turkey | Education | Salary | Duties

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Pharmacists in Turkey embark on a fascinating yet intricate career pathway, which intertwines the realms of healthcare, business, and community service. Hatice, a pharmacist with years of immersive experience in the field, pens a thorough examination of the educational journey,…