About Us

Why Did We Start Turkpidya

Turkey has long sparked my curiosity as a nation with a rich culture, history, delicious cuisine, and a growing economy.

I fell in love with Turkey when I visited the country for the first time in 2017 coming from Egypt, as a foriegn student, I had the opportunity to witness Turkish life firsthand.

As a writer and a multilingual person, I decided to develop an online encylopedia to spread knowledge about Turkey in all languages, so that everyone might see this beautfiul diverse country.

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So What is Turkpidya

Turkpidya is the answer for your searches for information about Turkey, A gate to the Turkish culture, a key to the Turkish economy and window on Turkish history, an online encylopedia that aims to raise the voice of Turkey to reach the corners of the universe.

What do we do

We write articles about Turkey, in a VERY detailed and comprehnsive yet simple way.

With the combination of the hearts of writers who love Turkey, artificial intelligence, translators and some magic, we produce informative articles that reaches millions.

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