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Hepsiburada Turkey In English | Foreigner Shopping Guide | My Personal Experience | Problems & Solutions

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In this article, I’ll share my personal experince with Hepsiburada Turkey: from discovering its extensive product range to mastering the art of navigating a Turkish-only platform.

I’ll also cover the perks of Hepsiburada Premium, and practical tips like dealing with returns and deliveries—even if you don’t have a Turkish address. By the end of this, you’ll know everything there is to know about Hepsiburada.

Hepsiburada Turkey

About Hepsiburada

Hepsiburada is one of the oldest shopping websites in Turkey, it’s been working since 1998.

According to the SEC filing, Hepsiburada has been a huge e-commerce platform here in Turkey. It’s hugely popular here with a membership of 59 million and a product range that spans over 195 million items.

They offer a hybrid model, which is fantastic: it supports both their own sales and a marketplace hosting over 101,300 local merchants. The convenience with speedy delivery, the convenience of Hepsipay, and access to on-demand groceries makes life here so much easier.

What’s really commendable is their HepsiGlobal feature, which has opened up Turkish sellers to the world and brought international products to our local doorstep.

However, it’s their commitment to social impact that truly stands out. Their women entrepreneurs’ empowerment program has supported over 45.4 thousand female entrepreneurs across Türkiye, showcasing a strong dedication to community upliftment.

In essence, Hepsiburada isn’t just an online shopping website in Turkey; it’s a part of the digital heartbeat of Türkiye and a platform that’s made settling in here as a foreigner a breeze.

My Experince in Shopping From Hepsiburada

My first smartphone purchase in the Turkey was through Hepsiburada and I was thoroughly impressed – the delivery was speedy, arriving in just 2 days, and it came with a warranty confirming it was an original product.

Similarly, when I decided to buy my first laptop here, I didn’t hesitate to turn to Hepsiburada again. The laptop was delivered swiftly within 2 days and it worked greatly until today, without any noticeable issues.

For expats like me, the reliability and efficiency of Hepsiburada is a huge plus, making tech-shopping a breeze in Türkiye.

Here is how I usually buy from Hepsiburada:

  1. Click here to go to the website.
  2. Browse and choose the product you want.
  3. Click on the shopping cart tab (On the top left) to head to the payment screen.

Problems I Faced When Buying From Hepsiburada Turkey And How I Solved Them

As an expat here, shopping on Hepsiburada was a bit tricky at first. But guess what? I figured out how to fix those problems.



When I first landed in Türkiye, I hit a wall with Hepsiburada – it was all in Turkish, no English, German, French, or Arabic. Sure, I can speak Turkish now, but back then?

How I solved It?

Before I learn Turkish, I found a workaround for shopping on Hepsiburada. Web browsers like Chrome, Edge, or Safari. They’ve got this feature where you can translate the whole page right there in the browser. And you know what? The translation is pretty solid for shopping. It’s how I managed to use Hepsiburada Turkey in English too, solving out those language problems along the way.



There’s this one catch with Hepsiburada – they only ship to places in Turkey. So if you don’t have a local address here, you might think you’re out of luck. But hey, there’s always a way around these things, isn’t there?

How I solved It?

Here’s a clever fix for the no-Turkish-address problem: Turkey proxy address services. You might pay a bit more, but they give you an address in Türkiye to send all your goodies to. Plus, they handle repackaging and shipping for you. It’s like having a buddy in Türkiye taking care of your shopping haul!

Shopping in Turkey online

Returning Products

Let’s talk about returning stuff on Hepsiburada, It’s really easy. I’ve sent back clothes before when it didn’t fit me, You just ask for a return code, drop off the item and the code at the cargo company, and it’s done, you don’t pay anything really. Give it a week or so, and the refund comes right back into your account.

You can read more about Hepsiburada return polices from here

Hepsiburada Premium

Hepsiburada Premium is seriously worth checking out—it’s really cheap at TRY19.90 a month, that’s about US$0.75! The perks are sweet: free delivery, 3% cashback on purchases, not to mention free access to on-demand streaming and other discounted services.

And the best part? A free Blutv subscription. Blutv is amazing—it’s your one-stop for all the best Turkish and global movies, series, shows, and documentaries. It’s even got discovery+ and some HBO series included. Literally, the only way to get HBO around here in Turkey. For entertainment buffs in Türkiye, Hepsiburada Premium with Blutv is basically a no-brainer.

As of the end of 2023, Hepsiburada premium reached 2 Million subscribers.

Download Hepsiburada App

Getting the Hepsiburada app on your phone is super simple. For Android users, just click here and if you’re on iOS, click here. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can dive right in and start shopping straight away. It’s that quick!


Hepsiglobal is the gate to the world that Hepsiburada has opened to it’s international customers.

Since 2018, Hepsiglobal is working to offer Turkish products to more than 18 countries around the world with a lot of different categories.

HepsiJet Cargo

HepsiJet, the delivery company of Hepsiburada, is all about getting your orders to you here in Turkey.

You can track any shipment sent to you from the HepsiJet Shipping Company by clicking here and entering the shipment number, then clicking on “Sorgula” or “Ara“.

And hey, if you’ve got a Turkish driver’s license and a car, you could join the HepsiJet team. Apply here by filling out their partnership form.

Selling on the Hepsiburada website

If you’re keen to jump into the thriving e-commerce scene, selling on Hepsiburada is a solid move. It’s a easy to get started since opening a store is completely free – no hidden fees, nothing.

To kick things off, you just set up an online store, fill in a form, and follow a few more steps.

Have your official business documents, bank details, contact info, and Turkish tax office information ready. It’s all about making the process quick and smooth.

Once your application is sent, it will be checked out. If everything is in place, you’ll get the green light about your store’s status through the info you shared on the form. It’s pretty straightforward, and before you know it, you’ll be part of the Hepsiburada marketplace.

Hepsiburada Vs Trendyol Vs Amazon Turkey

So, let’s compare about three top online shopping players in Turkey from an expat’s view: Hepsiburada, Amazon Turkey, and Trendyol.

Hepsiburada is the oldest. It’s got a vast array of products, easy returns, and the sweet Hepsiburada Premium service. For me, it’s been a trusted marketplace, especially for electronics.

Moving to Amazon Turkey I can say it has a little bit of everything and it’s a perfect website to buy most things from, it’s been a game changer with its Prime subscription. Not only does it give access to special deals and speedy deliveries, but it also gives you the Prime Video and Prime Gaming. It’s easy to see why Amazon Turkey has become a go-to for a variety of needs, from shopping to entertainment.

Then there’s Trendyol, a true heavyweight in the Turkish e-commerce ring. With an extensive selection, I’ve found some of the best clothes and a mix of everything else on there—you name it, from snacks to home appliances. After buying around 150 items over the years, I’d say it excels in fashion.

Feature/PlatformHepsiburadaAmazon TurkeyTrendyol
Product RangeVast array of products, strong in electronicsWide variety, also offers entertainment optionsExtensive selection, especially strong in fashion
Service BenefitsHepsiburada Premium for easy returnsPrime subscription offering special deals, speedy deliveries, Prime Video, and Prime Gaming
StrengthsTrusted marketplace, reliableFastest delivery, entertainment options, good dealsExcellent fashion choices, great variety
Hepsiburada Turkey In English | Foreigner Shopping Guide | My Personal Experience | Problems & Solutions • Turkpidya 🇹🇷
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In this article, I’ll share my personal experince with Hepsiburada Turkey: from discovering its extensive product range to mastering the art of navigating a Turkish-only platform.

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