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Top Turkish Towel Brands, Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Turkish towels have long been one of the most famous products from Turkey, which is renowned for its high-quality textile products. Famous for their softness, durability, and excellent absorbency, these towels have gained a global reputation, making them a popular choice for both domestic and commercial use.

For businesses and individuals alike, sourcing the right Turkish Towels can be an important decision. The market offers a wide range of options, from well-known brands to up-and-coming manufacturers. In addition, as the industry has expanded, several wholesalers have positioned themselves in strategic locations, including Turkey and the USA, to ensure timely and efficient distribution.

Turkish Towel

Towel Price in Turkey

The average price of a 50×90 cm set containing 4 towels is 10$. The average price of a classic 70×140 cm sized bath towel is 4$.

Top Turkish Towel Manufacturers and Brands

1. Özdilek

With a humble beginning in Bursa in 1971, equipped with just two weaving machines, Özdilek has evolved into a powerhouse, boasting a significant 30% share of the home textile market in Turkey.


  • Facilities and Production: The company has a sprawling 122,000 sqm closed production area. It impressively churns out 14,000 tons of cotton yarn, 10,000 tons of towels, and 18 million meters of home textiles annually.
  • Integrated Production: From raw cotton to finished product, everything happens in-house, ensuring consistent quality.
  • World Ranking: Recognized for its quality, Özdilek ranks within the top 6 towel manufacturers worldwide and holds the numero uno position in Europe.

2. TAC – Zorlu

TAC, under the umbrella of Zorlu Holding, stands as one of Turkey’s premier towel and home textile brands.

3. Kaynak Towels

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Founded in 2000, Kaynak Towels Inc. is a force to be reckoned with in the Turkish textile industry, exporting mainly to Europe.


  • Capacity: The company can produce 250,000 bathrobes and 1.2 million towels annually.
  • Mission: Innovation drives Kaynak Towels, and they relentlessly strive for excellence, reflected in their high-quality offerings.

Showroom: 10 East 34th Street, 3rd Floor Manhattan, New York, USA.

4. Zorel Textile

With a history spanning over a century, Zorel Textile has been synonymous with premium quality Turkish towels.

5. Konca Textile

Konca’s journey in the towel industry started in 1982. Today, it’s moving towards becoming a global brand, representing Turkish excellence.

6. Ozanteks

Ozanteks started with simple hand looms in 1973, and now, it’s a prominent global player, offering a wide range of textile products.

7. Bahar Textile

Established in 1960, Bahar Textile has 50 years of unmatched experience, making it a leading name in the textile world.

8. Moy Havlu

Founded in 2014, Moy Havlu, in a short span, has become a preferred name for towels and bathrobes.

9. Julie Turkish Towels

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Julie, an offering from Ermet Textile based in Denizli, boasts a significant 6,500 sqm factory space, producing premium quality towels.

10. SBZ Textile

SBZ Textile is a renowned name in the Turkish towel industry, offering products crafted from 100% Turkish cotton.

Best Turkish Towels Wholesalers in Turkey & USA

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1. Balnea Home

Journey to Denizli, Turkey, and you’ll discover a city famed for its high-quality, stylish towel manufacturing. At its heart is Balnea Home, a renowned Turkish Towels & Peshtemal wholesaler.

The Balnea Tale:

  • Originated as weaving looms in 2018.
  • Transitioned to producing the much-coveted peshtemal (Turkish Towels) and blankets.
  • Offers a spectrum of products, from Classic and Stonewashed Turkish Towels to Bathrobes and Blankets.
  • Takes pride in maintaining consistent quality, serving both local and international clientele, including countries like Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.

2. Peshmod

Another gem in Denizli is Peshmod, a frontrunner in the wholesale of Turkish Peshtemal.

Peshmod in a Nutshell:

  • Has carved a niche by catering to the peshtemal demands of coastal regions in Turkey.
  • Has played a significant role in shaping the “Turkish beach towel” fashion.
  • Their catalog boasts of offerings ranging from PESHTEMALS and PESHTEMAL BATHROBES to BAMBOO FABRICS and TEA TOWELS.
  • Extends shipping worldwide, ensuring that the world experiences the magic of peshtemal.

3. Peshtemal City

Enter Peshtemal City. Located in Denizli, this manufacturer and wholesaler is dedicated to churning out Turkish towels, bathrobes, and blankets that epitomize style and comfort.

Products to Look Out For:

  • Peshtemals
  • Turkish Towels
  • Turkish Beach Towels

4. Oasis Towels

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Venture outside Turkey to California, US, and meet Oasis, a trusted name in towels. With a keen eye on global consumer needs, they’ve seamlessly blended Turkish craftsmanship with contemporary designs.

Why Oasis Stands Out:

  • Offers a diverse collection crafted with 100% ring-spun cotton.
  • The towels boast of delicate embroidery, exemplary tenderness, and unmatched durability.
  • Prioritizes comfort, ensuring quick absorption and a fresh feeling post-shower.

5. Pestemal Towels

Pestemal Towels from Bursa, Turkey, is a force to reckon with in the world of bulk Turkish towels and peshtemals.

Their Offerings Include:

  • Aztek Turkish Peshtemal Towels
  • Herringbone Pestemal Towel
  • Pom Pom Handloom Turkish Towels
  • Round Beach Towels

6. MTC Linen

Peshtemals, or the hammam towel, have a history spanning centuries. And MTC Linen, as a leading wholesale Turkish peshtemal manufacturer, ensures this tradition meets today’s quality standards.

Their Commitment:

  • Offering versatile peshtemals, from bathrobes to beach towels.
  • Ensuring each product resonates with luxury and top-tier quality.

7. Turkish-T

Turkish-T, a USA-based brand, offers the finest Turkish towels and peshtemals, striking a balance between tradition and modern design.

Their Essence:

  • Collaborates with global textile artisans to create unique products.
  • Uses Agean cotton, one of the world’s finest.
  • Guarantees that each product meets their high standards.