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️Ultimate Guide to Turkish Online Clothes Shopping: Top Stores with International Shipping!

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Explore top Turkish online clothing stores with international shipping! ️ Discover fashion, modest wear, shoes, bags, and more at great prices from reputable websites, alongside popular local marketplaces. Happy shopping!

Turkey is known for its top-quality textiles, clothes, shoes, and leather goods. With countless online shopping sites, you can easily find fantastic deals on Turkish clothes. However, it can be difficult to browse websites that ship internationally.

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Women’s and Men’s Clothing Items You’ll Find Online in Turkey

  • Dresses
  • Abayas
  • Hijab Clothing
  • Jeans
  • Underwear
  • Homewear
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Leather Jackets
  • Men’s Clothes
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Mavi Jeans – Online Shop of Turkey’s Number One Jeanswear Brand

Established in 1991 in Istanbul, Mavi Jeans is one of the world’s leading premium denim brands, selling 9.7 million pairs of jeans in 2019. Check their online store for stylish jeans and other lifestyle apparel with international shipping available.

fashion Turkey Jean

LingerieVendor: Lingerie, Pajama Sets, and More

LingerieVendor is a Turkish online store specializing in lingerie, women’s pajama sets, shapewear, and plus-size lingerie & pajamas. With international shipping and wholesale prices, they’re a go-to source for all your lingerie needs. Shop from a variety of well-known Turkish brands and enjoy stylish and comfortable sleepwear.

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Istanbul Lale: Stylish and Modest Clothing

Founded in 2016, Istanbul Lale is a company committed to offering stylish and modest clothing. From evening dresses to casual wear, you’ll find a range of apparel designed to suit your preferences and needs. Create a fashion statement with their diverse selection while enjoying the ease of international shipping.

Clothes shopping in Turkey

HijabClothes: Modest Hijab Fashion and Clothing

HijabClothes is your destination for all things related to hijab fashion. From abayas to tunic tops, you’ll find everything you need to create a stylish and modest wardrobe. They offer free international shipping for orders over 100 USD. Head on over and shop to your heart’s content!

turkey clothes store Hijab

Modanisa: The Ultimate Hijab Clothing Store

Modanisa is one of the most popular online stores in Turkey, specializing in hijab clothing. With affordable prices and worldwide shipping, it has become a go-to destination for those looking for modest wear. Their site is available in multiple languages, including English, and they regularly offer great deals on clothing, accessories, and more! Don’t miss out on their fantastic collections

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Los Banditos: Bohemian Chic Fashion

Los Banditos is a renowned online clothing store in Turkey, focusing on bohemian-style apparel. With their high-quality products and worldwide shipping, you can effortlessly embrace the boho-chic style no matter where you are! ️ Plenty of comfortable and all-natural clothes await at Los Banditos.

Bohemian clothes from turkey

Tozlu: Turkish Fashion for Every Occasion is a prominent online store in Turkey, offering a diverse selection of clothing items for women, men, and children. Shop for dresses, pants, underwear, homewear, hijab clothing, leather shoes, bags, and more. With international shipping and a reputation for reliability, Tozlu is your one-stop-shop for all things Turkish fashion.

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Wessi: Men’s Fashion for Every Occasion

Wessi is an online store specializing in men’s clothing. From suits and blazers to casual wear, Wessi has everything you need to look sharp and stylish. Plus, they ship internationally! Look no further for the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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VAKKO | Luxury that has your heart

Vakko encases an impression of luxury in its grandeur array of products ranging from high-quality contemporary attire and shoes & bags, to wedding gowns, accessories, and cosmetics.

Empower your wardrobe here – VAKKO.

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YARGICI – Turkish Fashion Brand and Designer Online Store  

Yargıcı, a product of Emir Yargıcı’s vision in 1978, is now a renowned fashion house. They have a broad range – from women’s clothes, shoes, bags to homeware.

To give your lifestyle a chic boost, head here – Yargici. ️

Yargici clothes istanbul Turkey shopping

Markapia: All Turkish Brands In One Stop ️

Markapia is an Istanbul-based fashion retailer established in 2019, offering a wide selection of high-quality clothing and accessories from Turkey.

With approximately 10,000 products from over 50 brands, Markapia is your one-stop-shop for Turkish fashion items! Their site supports Turkish, English, Russian, and Arabic languages, making it easy for customers around the world. Plus, Markapia offers international shipping! ‍♀️

Explore their categories:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Underwear
  • Sportswear
  • Hijab Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Accessories

Check out their outlet section for even more incredible deals!

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Sahinler Shop – Online Underwear & Pyjamas from Turkey

Sahinler Shop is one of the leading brands in the underwear and pajamas sector. Check their online store for their selection of products that comply with Oekotex standards and enjoy international shipping.

Pyjamas From Turkey

SefaMerve – Online Hijab Clothing Store Turkey is a trusted and very popular online clothing store in Turkey focusing on hijab clothing. They ship internationally and offer a wide range of fashion items on their online shop.

Hijab clothing Turkey

Ebru Maternity – Pregnancy Clothing in Turkey

Ebru Maternity_, has a line that smart and functional clothes designed for all 9 months.

Explore the world of maternity fashion here – Ebru maternity.

Pregnancy clothes

Gizia Luxury Clothing – High-Quality Women’s Clothing

Gizia is a Turkish clothing brand focused on offering luxury women’s clothing items. Their online shop offers worldwide shipping for their high-quality fashion products.

luxierous clothes Turkey

Kayra Online Shop – Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Kayra offers fashion that represents your personality, choices, dreams, and connects with your inner self.

Engage with style here – Kayra.

Womens Accessories from Turkey

Shop and Ship | Your ticket to Turkish Shopping

While these shopping sites offer a plethora of styles, they often don’t ship worldwide. But there’s a solution to this – package forwarding services!

So how do you do this

  1. Select a service that offers shop & ship services from our full guide here.
  2. You can either shop yourself or instruct them to do it for you .
  3. Provide the Turkish address to the shopping sites. The package forwarding will provide you with their address in Turkey which you can use as your shipping address.
  4. Once you’re done shopping, the package forwarding company will ship your order to your actual address .
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Other General Online Shops

Amazon Turkey

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, also has a website in Turkey. provides a similar shopping experience to other international Amazon sites. While it may not be among the top 3 shopping sites in Turkey, its global brand recognition makes it worth considering for shopping. Amazon Turkey, however, does not ship internationally.

Amazon Turquia

Trendyol – Massive Turkish Shopping Site & Marketplace

Trendyol is another major Turkish shopping site and marketplace for independent sellers. Launched in 2010, Trendyol has grown into possibly Turkey’s largest e-commerce site. While their product range spans various popular categories, they largely focus on fashion. Please note that Trendyol does not ship worldwide. However, you can shop through package forwarding services or while you’re in Turkey.

Hepsiburada – Best Turkish Online Shopping Site

Hepsiburada, launched in 2000, started as a computers-only category and swiftly evolved into Turkey’s largest and most trusted shopping site. With thousands of retailers and brands selling their products on the platform, Hepsiburada is a vast marketplace catering to various needs. Please note that Hepsiburada only ships within Turkey, so a package forwarding

Clothing shopping stores in Turkey

n11 is another big player in online shopping in Turkey, established in 2013 through a partnership between the Turkish Doğuş Group and Korean SK Group. n11 ranks among the top Turkish shopping websites, with thousands of sellers on the platform offering products in almost every category. Note that n11 does not ship outside Turkey.