Best 8 Turkish Paint Brands

Choosing the right paint brand is akin to setting the tone for a symphony; the quality dictates the final outcome. The consistency and density of the paint are clear indicators of its quality.

Denser consistency often leads to better coverage. As you stand poised, paintbrush in hand, ready to transform your walls, knowing the best brands on offer can make all the difference. Here, I made a list of the top paint brands in Turkey to aid in your selection process.

Best Paint can companies in Turkey

1. Filli Boya

I like Filli Boya, it’s awesome really it has everything i need whenever i am looking for wall paint in Turkey I found most colors in Filli Boya.

Since its establishment in 1988, the company has firmly held its place as a top-tier paint brand. They offer a vast array of paints in various categories, such as interior, exterior, furniture, and industrial. Known for its dense consistency and superior coverage, Filli Boya’s erasable paint variant is particularly sought-after.

Fun Fact: The name “Filli Boya” invokes memories of painted walls that stand the test of time in many Turkish households.

Filli Boya Paint in Turkey

2. DYO

Boasting a legacy since 1927, DYO is one of the most established brands in the Turkish paint industry. They’ve segmented their decorative paints into household, architect, and craftsman divisions, ensuring that there’s a perfect hue for every need. Its consistency, coverage, and quality make it a favorite among many.

DYO paint in Turkey

3. Jotun

Jotun is a Norwegian brand but it still exists in Turkey, with a lot of different color palettes. Jotun is another brand that’s impossible to ignore. The brand asserts that every wall can come to life with the perfect paint—and, having experienced their quality, many would agree.

Jotun Paint in Turkey

4. Marshall Boya

When one thinks of paint in Turkey, Marshall often comes to mind. As one of the most recognizable and beloved brands, Marshall guarantees consistent quality and coverage.

Best Paint Companies in Turkey

5. Permolit

Allow us to introduce Permolit, a lesser-known gem in the paint world. Offering a vast selection of products, including their highly favored ceiling paint, you’ll likely find a paint that’s just right for you with Permolit.

Paint Manifacturers in Turkey

6. Deja

Although a younger brand, established in 2018, Deja has swiftly made its mark. Known for its incredibly economical pricing, you can find Deja paints in stores like Koçtaş. Their balance of quality and price tags them as a real “value for money” brand.

Turkish flag paint in the sky

7. San Deco

A name synonymous with quality, San Deco is a global favorite. Especially dominant in the effect paint category, they offer an extensive range of products suitable for every wall and aesthetic. Trusting in San Deco is trusting in one of Turkey’s pioneering decorative paint brands.

Wall Paint from Turkey

8. Polisan

For those unfamiliar, Polisan is among the most preferred brands both in Turkey and abroad. With an expansive dealer network, Polisan paints are omnipresent and are a staple in most hardware stores. Offering great quality at reasonable prices, Polisan is a go-to for those seeking quality on a budget.

Pro-tip: Before selecting a brand, consider factors like the paint’s longevity, range of colors, consistency, and finish on the wall. This list, a blend of historic giants and modern mavericks, is crafted keeping these parameters in mind.

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