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We’ve spent hours on the internet researching the best Turkey online shopping stores so you don’t have to. Here is a list of our favourite online shops that offer high quality products at affordable prices.

There are a variety of online shopping methods from Turkey, where you can visit one of the famous sites that sell their products in Turkey, buy online and then receive the shipment.

Turkey online shopping stores

General Online Shopping Stores In Turkey

Trendyol website

I absolutely love shopping at Trendyol. This Turkish website is my go-to for shopping, thanks to the 1. diversity of their products, 2. affordable prices, and 3. amazing special offers.

What sets Trendyol apart for me is their fast shipping service and the enjoyable surprise of discovering various coupons automatically applied to my account. It’s always a treat to get something I want at a discounted price!

I adore the variety of products I can find here – from amazing clothes and high-tech electronics, to top-tier cosmetics.

What makes shopping on Trendyol even more remarkable is their own high-quality clothing brand, which is pretty affordable compared to the other brands on the market and known for superior quality. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoy shopping from Trendyol.

Buying clothing in turkey


As someone who’s been living in Turkey for years, Hepsiburada is one of my favourite Turkish e-commerce websites that I love.

Its popularity is surprising, boasting over 100 million visits every month and shipping an impressive 1.2 million packages all over Turkey!

I appreciate their collaboration with Carrefour through Hepsi Market, providing the convenience of shopping for grocery items online.

But where Hepsiburada really shines is in the realm of electronics. In my experience, it’s the top online shopping site for electronics and mobile phones in Turkey. Plus, they offer a diverse range of other products from clothing, cosmetics and personal care items, to books and camping gear. They’ve genuinely got something for everyone.

Shopping online from Turkey

Amazon Turkey

I’ve been shopping on Amazon Turkey since it launched back in September 2019. It’s a game-changer because it makes online shopping in Turkey so much simpler.

I love the fact that they offer millions of products. There’s everything from books to electronics, outdoor equipment, and children’s toys. Plus, you can find products from over a thousand local Turkish companies.

Another major perk of Amazon Turkey is their Amazon Prime service. It is super affordable at only 39 TL (Around 1.5 USD) per month. As an Amazon Prime member, I enjoy free shipping on many products as well as exclusive discounts. I also get early access to deals before they go public.

On top of that, my Amazon Prime membership comes with Amazon video and Amazon gaming. I can stream movies and series, and get special benefits for electronic games. It’s definitely a great value.

Shopping in Turkey online


I really enjoy shopping on N11, a famous Turkish website. This site sells a wide range of new products.

What sets N11 apart and truly highlights its uniqueness is the easy shopping experience that it offers.

Additionally, receiving a discount coupon following every purchase is a superb aspect, distinguishing it from other similar sites.

موقع N11

Food Delivery Services in Turkey

I really enjoy using food delivery apps in Turkey. They offer a variety of options and are just so easy to use. It’s real handy when I don’t feel like cooking.


I absolutely love Yemeksepeti. It brings convenience to my doorstep with its remarkable food delivery service. With its widespread presence, in 69 cities in Turkey, North Cyprus, and a restaurant network of local and international cuisines, it has quickly become my go-to for meals.

One aspect I appreciate is its versatility. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android, or prefer online browsing, Yemeksepeti has you covered. Also, it’s in English!

Another impressive feature, their chat service. It’s a swift and easy way to address questions or issues.

But, my favorite part is how Yemeksepeti uses my GPS location. It instantly shows the nearby restaurants, along with their menus. Ordering has never been more personalized and effortless!

Food Delivery Services in Turkey


I also find Getir exceptionally useful for quick grocery deliveries. The convenience of having a store come to you is quite unparalleled. They are readily available in a lot of cities in Turkey, making it a handy option for grocery shopping, especially during those busy days.

Getir Turkey

Electronics Online Shopping Stores

Media Markt

I like buying from Media Markt as it’s an important electronics store in Turkey. They have a diverse range of products, right from cell phones and computers to household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.

What makes shopping at Media Markt exciting for me are their frequent specials and discounts. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive warranty with an additional one, which I find remarkably assuring.



I love shopping at Teknosa for electronics in Turkey. They offer an outstanding selection, seemingly covering everything electronic you could possibly need. It’s a thorough and comprehensive shopping experience.

Apple Turkey

I’m an owner of an iPhone and a MacBook, both of which I purchased from the Apple store. The Apple stores in Turkey are my favorite because they carry the full range of Apple products. Sure, the prices are a bit higher due to taxes, but for the authenticity and quality, I believe it’s worth it.


Second hand buying websites in Turkey

Sahibinden website

As a user, I love Sahibinden for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s an incredibly popular online marketplace in Turkey for buying and selling a variety of items. If you’re looking for used goods, cars, real estate or apartments, it’s got you covered.

Secondly, and arguably most important to the users, most things on the platform are offered directly by the owner. Which means, hassle-free dealings without any middlemen involved.

Finally, it’s your go-to place for real estate dealings as it showcases the largest collection of apartments and real estates across Turkey.

Buying and selling real estate in turkey


Letgo is a secondhand website in Turkey that has made buying and selling used products incredibly straightforward and simple.

What really sets it apart is its integrated chat feature. Being able to communicate directly with locals and understand the product’s history before buying adds a layer of trust in the purchasing process. This personal experience certainly makes Letgo’s app a standout in the marketplace for me.

Market shopping websites in Turkey

Carrefour Turkey

I love shopping on Carrefour Turkey for a multitude of reasons. First, it caters to all my needs, offering a wide range of food products and cosmetics. Secondly, the convenience of ordering online makes for a hassle-free shopping experience.

كارفور ميني تركيا


Migros is one of my go-to markets when it comes to groceries. I appreciate the diverse selection of local and international brands it offers. Although its branches are not as widespread, their quick home delivery service, Migros Hemen, lets me get my groceries in no time.

International websites


I adore Alibaba, one of the leading online shopping stores in Turkey, for its diversity of wholesale products. I can find millions of items, each unique in its classification. Most importantly, Alibaba offers seamless shipping to Turkey, providing me various delivery services and shipping insurance. It’s just amazing!


Furniture shopping websites in Turkey

IKEA Turkey

IKEA Turkey is my go-to for online furniture shopping. They provide various smart home furnishing solutions which are easily accessible from their website. Plus, they even have some great Swedish food products available. It’s incredibly versatile and convenient!

ايكيا اسطنبول 1

Online stores for books in Turkey


D&R, one of Turkey’s famous bookstores, adds to the convenience by making their vast collection of Turkish and English books available online. It’s like having a library at your fingertips.

You can buy from  D&R library books in both Turkish and English languages.


I love Kitapyurdu because it offers an extensive range of books in both English and Turkish, spanning several genres like comics, history, and travel. The best part is, their prices are substantially lower than those of their competitors, and they constantly offer amazing discounts. It’s a real ‘book house’ for every book lover out there!

Online stores for books in Turkey

Buy tickets online in Turkey

You no longer have to stand in line to buy tickets to sport events, activities, theater or concerts in Turkey. Easily go to Biletix, and order the tickets online with a few clicks.

Buying online bus tickets in Turkey

Worried about booking your next bus, boat, or aircraft ticket You can trust Obilet for them. With Obilet you can book online bus tickets in Turkey without the hassle of searching as the app provides you with all bus companies reservations.

Wholesale clothes in Turkey

There are a lot of clothes suppliers that offers elegant and stylish clothes at a wholesale price.

You can find in our report a lot of different website that you can shop and buy wholesale clothing from turkey online.

Online clothes stores in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest markets for producing clothes around the world, as it is characterized by the production of high quality clothes.

Turkey contains many famous and reliable clothing brands, the most important of which are  LC Waikiki,  Defacto and Koton.

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