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Spotify Turkey | Prices in $ € ₺ | Discounts 2024

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Spotify Turkey is an amazing way to listen to your favorite music and podcasts in Turkey.

The spotify Turkey price is lower than other countries around the world on average, which gives a very good way to save money.

spotify Turkey

About Spotify Turkey

Spotify makes it easy to find music and podcasts for any occasion on any device.

Music and podcasts can be found on Spotify. There are more than a million to choose from. The songs and podcasts you love are always there for you to listen to. On Spotify, you can choose what you listen to.

Browse collections of friends, artists, and other important people. You can also make a radio station to listen to your favorite songs.

What does spotify premium offer

  • Download music.
  • Listen wherever you want.
  • Listen to ad-free music.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted music.
  • Play any song you want (Mobile).
  • Unlimited skip songs.

Spotify Prices in Turkey € $ ₺

Spotify price Turkey is divided to 4 segments:


PlanPrice in TRYPrice in USDPrice in EUR
Individual39.99 TRY1.36 USD1.24 EUR
Student21.99 TRY0.75 USD0.68 EUR
Family64.99 TRY2.21 USD2.01 EUR
Duo54.99 TRY1.87 USD1.70 EUR


  • 1 account
  • Listen to ad-free music
  • Play anywhere, even listen offline
  • Play whenever you want


  • 2 accounts
  • 2 Premium accounts.
  • Listen to music without interruption, play offline, play whenever you want


  • Up to 6 accounts
  • 6 separate Premium accounts for family members living under the same roof
  • Block uncensored music
  • Listen to music without interruption, play offline, play whenever you want


  • 1 account
  • Special discount for university students who can benefit
  • Listen to ad-free music
  • Play anywhere, even listen offline
  • Play whenever you want

The offer is only available to students at accredited higher education institutions. Users who have already tried Premium cannot take advantage of the 1-month free offer. Spotify Student Discount Offer.

spotify price Turkey

Spotify App in Turkey

Spotify App is available in Turkey for Android and App store as you can download it easily from both stores.

Turkey Spotify gift card

You can gift a Spotify Turkey Premium membership. You can purchase Spotify gift cards from many of the leading electronics and retail stores in Turkey.

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

You cannot redeem gift cards on Premium Student, Premium Family, Premium Duo or trial offers.

Redeem Spotify Turkey gift card

Note: The country or region settings on his account must match the location where the gift card was purchased.

  • Sign in here.
  • Lightly scrape the PIN coating on the back of the card.
  • Enter the PIN or code from your receipt.
  • Click Use.

Buying in Turkey with international shipping

Still can’t buy from Turkey? There is no international shipping We have your back here!

Did you know that it is now possible to shop online on Turkish websites without actually being in Turkey The article we have created will guide you, step by step, through the process of purchasing any product from Turkey. You will be able to order items directly from a Turkish store and have them shipped directly to your door!

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Buying from Turkey online

Besides Spotify, there are many famous Turkish sites that you can buy products from, most notably the Amazon site.

Hepsiburda is also one of the most important Turkish websites for online shopping, besides N11 and GittiGidiyor.

Online clothes stores in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest markets for producing clothes around the world, as it is characterized by the production of high quality clothes.

Turkey contains many famous and reliable clothing brands, the most important of which are  LC Waikiki,  Defacto and koton.