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I’ve been shopping at Defacto Turkey for a long time. I’ve picked up clothes for myself, and also women’s and kids’ outfits as gifts. I always find what I’m looking for, at a good price too.

In this article, I will be sharing my experience with Defacto Clothes Turkey, the prices of the products in USD $, the quality of the clothes I bought, the return process and more!

Defacto Clothes Turkey

Buying Clothes From Defacto Turkey

There are two ways I have used to buy clothes from Defacto in Turkey:

Goign To A Store

Defacto has a multitude of branches across Turkey. Personally, I’ve managed to visit their stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Eskisehir. Each place presented a large, spacious store filled with clothing options for men, women, and children.

Just beside the cashier, or “Kasa” in Turkish, I usually spot their section dedicated to accessories, socks, and perfumes.

A real standout feature for me is their fitting rooms, they’re large and equipped with mirrors and flushed with good lighting. Interestingly, they have a built-in service button. When I need a different size or color, or just some general shopping advice, a staff member comes to assist once I press this button.

The cashier usually is fast, the payment process is easy I always paid with my Turkish credit card.

A Pro Tip: Use the Defacto App membership as it will provide you with discounts and points to spend later in

Turkish Defacto Clothes

Buying From An Online Store

It’s 90% of the times cheaper to buy from Defacto online store in Turkey.

The prices on the online store are around 10% to 20% cheaper than the store, and there are also more sizes to choose from online.

The process is super easy here is a step by step detailed guide on what I did to buy from Defacto online store in Turkey:

  • Go to defacto website
  • Search for the clothes you want in Turkish / Choose categories

If you don’t speak Turkish use translation apps to understand the categories or to search for the product you want in Turkish

  • Choose the size under the word (Beden Seçenekleri) and then click on (Sepete Ekle) Which means add to cart
Web capture 4 11 2023 154016 .tr scaled
  • You can then click on the basket sign on top of the page on the right side.

You must have an address in Turkey to buy from Defacto, If you don’t have a Turkish address you can get one through proxy address companies.

My experience in returning Defacto clothes

I have returned two Defacto shirts before, the return process is very simple and easy

You can complete your free and instant return at the nearest DeFacto Store .

Click to Find Your Nearest Store

The return process went like this:

  • I made a return request on the order detail page.
  • I then selected the product I want to return and the reason for return, then i took the return code.
  • I packaged the clothes and returned them to the PTT Cargo free of charge with the return code.
  • When your return is completed, I was informed via SMS and e-mail, and I got a refund in around a week.
Turkish Defacto clothes 1

Defacto Turkey Prices

Over the years, I have noticed the prices of Defacto clothing changing so much in Turkish Lira terms due to currency fluctuations, but the price is usually the same in USD.

In general the prices are as follows:

Item DescriptionItem CategoryPrice (TL)Price (EUR)Price (USD)
Slim Fit Hooded JacketJackets999,99 TL€33.40$35.26
Regular Fit College Neck Bomber JacketJackets1299,99 TL€43.40$45.84
Comfort Fit SweatshirtSweatshirts599,99 TL€20.01$21.15
Jogger Chino PantsPants899,99 TL€30.01$31.73
Slim Fit Chino Canvas PantsPants499,99 TL€16.67$17.63
Tailored Fit Chino PantsPants799,99 TL€26.67$28.21
Pedro Slim Fit Regular Waist Narrow Leg JeansJeans499,99 TL€16.67$17.63
Sergio Regular Fit Regular Waist Straight Leg JeansJeans599,99 TL€20.01$21.15
Coool Bodycon Long Sleeve Shimmery Ribbed Maxi DressDresses499,99 TL€16.67$17.63
Regular Fit Pajama Neck Gabardine Short Sleeve 100% Cotton JumpsuitJumpsuits599,99 TL€20.01$21.15
Floral Heart Neck Relax Fit Mini JumpsuitJumpsuits349,99 TL€11.67$12.34
Bodycon Half Turtleneck Printed Mesh Mini Long Sleeve DressDresses499,99 TL€16.67$17.63
Straight Fit Half Turtleneck Ribbed Cashmere Midi Long Sleeve DressDresses499,99 TL€16.67$17.63
Straight Fit Square Neck Ethnic Patterned Crinkle Fabric Strappy Mini JumpsuitJumpsuits499,99 TL€16.67$17.63
This table displays the prices of various Defacto clothing items in Turkish Lira (TL), Euro (EUR), and US Dollars (USD) as of November 3, 2023. The exchange rates used for conversions are 1 TRY = 0.0334 EUR and 1 TRY = 0.03526 USD. Please note that exchange rates may vary, and it’s advisable to check the latest rates before making any transactions.

Defacto clothes

When it comes to quality, Defacto’s Clothing in Turkey surpasses most fast-fashion brands. They offer the best quality-to-price ratio in my opinion. I’ve tried their jackets, t-shirts, shirts, shoes, perfumes, and socks. All of them lived up to my expectations, and I’ve encountered no issues whatsoever. A top-notch choice for value shoppers.

Defacto Hijab Collection

The Hijab collection at Defacto is quite promising and visually appealing. You can explore their lovely selection by clicking here.

Defacto Hijab modest collection

Defacto size table

DeFacto provides a table of different sizes for women, men and children by measuring the sizes in centimeters and comparing them with the sizes of letters.

Defacto size guide comes as follows:

Defacto sizes for women

 Upper body

Neck (cm)3233343536373839
Chest width (cm)8286909498104110116
Waist (cm)6468727680869298

Lower body

Waist (cm)6468727680869298
Hip (cm)909498102106112118124

Upper body “plus size”

Chest width (cm)86909498102108114120
Waist (cm)68727680849096102
Neck (cm)3233343536373839

Lower body “plus size”

Waist (cm)68727680849096102
Hip (cm)9498102106110116122126

Shoe sizes

European Union3637383940
United kingdom34566,5
United States of America4,55,56,57,58
Foot length (cm)22,523,5242525,5

Defacto Sizes for men

Europe 2283032343638404040
United States of America343638404244464646
Chest width (cm)9296100104108112116122128
Waist (cm)8286909498102106112118
Hip (cm)96100104108112116120  
Neck circumference (cm)363840424446485154
Shoulder to shoulder (cm)4445464748495051,553
Sleeve length from shoulder (cm)54-5656-58 58-60 59-61 60-62 61-63 62-6362-6362-63

Shoe size table

European Union404142434445
United kingdom6,57,5899,510,5
United States of America899,510,51112
Foot length (cm)252626,527,52829

Boys’ size chart from 8-14 years old

8-9 age9-10 age10-11 age11-12 age12-13 age13-14 age14+ age
Length (cm)128-134134-140140-146146-152152-158158-164164-170
Chest (cm)64-6767-7070-7373-7676-7979-8282-85
Waist (cm)59,5-6161-62,562,5-6464-65,565,5-6767-68,568,5-70
Hip (cm)70,5-73,573,5-76,576,5-79,579,5-82,582,5-85,585,5-87,587,5-89,5
Neck circumference (cm)29,5-3030-3131-3232-3333-3434-3536

Table of sizes for girls 8-14 years old

Sizes8-9 age9-10 age10-11 age11-12 age12-13 age13-14 age14+ age
Length (cm)128-134134-140140-146146-152152-156156-160160
Chest (cm)66687073767982
Waist (cm)5960,56263,56566,568
Hip (cm)70727477808386
Neck (cm)29,53030,53131,53232,5

Table of sizes for children “male” from 2-14 years

Age2-3 age3-4 age4-5 age5-6 age6-7 age7-8 age8+ age8-9 age9-10 age10-11 age11-12 age12-13 age13-14 age14+ age
Length (cm)92-9898-104104-110110-116116-122122-128128 (+)128-134134-140140-146146-152152-158158-164164 (+)
Chest (cm)54565860,5636566,6687174,578828690
Hip (cm)57606264666869,57174,57882858992

Table of sizes for children “female” from 3 to 8 years

3-4 age4-5 age5-6 age6-7 age7-8 age8+ age
Length (cm)98-104104-110110-116116-122122-128128
Chest (cm)545658606265
Waist (cm)50,55253,55556,558
Hip (cm)586062646669

Contact Defacto

For any queries, you can contact the Defacto Turkey hotline at 0850 333 22 86.

If you are in a different country, you can choose your country from here.

If you’re outside of Turkey, choose your respective country from this list.

You can also visit Defacto’s main office in Turkey at the following address:
DeFacto Perakende Tic. Aş, DeFacto Plaza Basın Ekspres Yolu Bahariye Cad. No.31, 34303 Halkalı – Küçükçekmece / İSTANBUL.

Defacto clothing online

Defacto Clothing Franchise

Defacto is ambitiously growing its global presence, currently boasting over 500 stores worldwide. If interested in joining this expanding network, you can easily pursue a Defacto franchise in your country. The company will provide full support, from store planning and set up to operation and training.

For grabbing this opportunity, just fill in the form here and a Defacto representative will get back to you swiftly.

Defacto Jeans

Turkish clothing buying sites

Besides Defacto, Turkey contains many famous and reliable clothing brands, the most important of which are LC Waikiki and Koton Store.

In addition, you can buy directly from online shopping sites in Turkey, which are characterized by containing many different brands of Turkish clothing.

Wholesale clothes in Turkey

There are a lot of clothing suppliers that offers elegant and stylish clothes at a wholesale price.

You can find in our report a lot of different website that you can shop and buy wholesale clothing from turkey online.