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In this guide, I will be covering everything about Clothing Wholesale In Turkey, best wholesalers, where to buy? average prices in USD $ and more!

As a keen observer of the fashion industry, I find the Turkish clothing wholesale market compelling. Famous for quality fabrics and craftsmanship, Turkey is a global front-runner in clothing manufacturing and exports.

Clothing wholesale in Turkey


I have been checking out wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey and specifically in Istanbul for sometime.

In my search, I have followed the following criteria to make sure I only give you the most value and best wholesalers to do business with:

  • All the websites in this article has international shipping to most countries around the world
  • I only added trustworthy websites that have secure payment methods.

How Much Does Wholesale Clothes Cost In Turkey?

After conducting a bit of research, I’ve discovered some valuable insights about the prices of wholesale clothes in Turkey.

Item CategoryItem DescriptionPrice (USD)
DressesFuchsia Sandy Long Sleeve Midi20
Silver Glare Long Sleeve Mini20
Navy Blue Sandy 3/4 Sleeve Midi18
Beige Sandy 3/4 Sleeve Midi18
Green Satin Long Sleeve Maxi26
Green Satin Long Sleeve Mini20
Beige Satin Long Sleeve Maxi Overalls25
Black Sandy Long Sleeve Mini15
Maroon Velvet 3/4 Sleeve Mini18
Black Velvet 3/4 Sleeve Mini18
Purple Satin Long Sleeve Mini20
Black Satin Long Sleeve Mini20
Saten Elbise Gül Kurusu54.41 to 60.45
Saten Elbise Somon54.41 to 60.45
Saten Elbise Bordo54.41 to 60.45
Pul Payet Abiye (Various Colors)87.90 to 97.66
Baby and Boy SetsFIRFIRLI GIRL SETS4.56
Baskılı İkili Takım (Various Colors)56.50 to 62.78
SocksWholesale Mixed Men’s 12-Pack Booties9.43
Bolero Erkek 6’lı Süper Lüks Görünmez Siyah7.47
Bolero Erkek 6’lı Süper Lüks Görünmez Beyaz7.47
Men’s 6-Pack Super Luxurious Invisible7.47
Clothing wholesale in Turkey

Istanbul Wholesale Clothing Markets

I have analyzed some major wholesale centers in Istanbul. Here are some noteworthy points:

  • Merter Wholesale Center: The largest wholesale textile center in Istanbul, primarily exporting clothing. Here you’ll find a wide range of products for women, men, and children. Prices tend to be more affordable than Osmanbey but pricier than Güngören. Choice in accessories and evening wear, however, is limited.
  • Güngören Wholesale Center: Located just ten minutes away from Merter, Güngören offers more budget-friendly prices but slightly lower quality products. Despite not being as large as Merter, it houses hundreds of wholesale distributors, predominately catering to domestic consumers. Here you can find women’s clothing, plus sizes, and trendy youth apparel. Limited options are available for evening wear, wedding attire, and accessories.
  • Laleli Wholesale Center: Laleli is prime for its variety of daily and stylish clothing items, in addition to shoe and bag wholesalers. If you seek different models of slippers, shoes, belts, and bags, Laleli is a worthy exploration point. Several shops specialize in children’s wear.
  • Osmanbey Wholesale Center: A go-to for those seeking bridal, engagement, and evening wear. Alongside numerous formal women’s attire stores, it provides a significant number of men’s shirts and suit wholesalers. While Merter is a better choice for casual wear, Osmanbey is great for shoppers with higher budgets looking for sophisticated clothing, suits, and ties.

Comparing Clothing Wholesale

If you’re in the clothing business, here’s a quick guide for you. Istanbul is famed for luxury, fast fashion, sportswear, and accessories. Izmir excels in denim and casual wear. Head to Bursa for quality knitwear and hosiery. For home textiles and towels, Denizli is a popular destination.

Each city has a special focus, catering to various wholesale needs. I’ve found amazing pieces in each of these cities before!

CityMarket Focus
IstanbulLuxury, fast fashion, sportswear, and accessories
IzmirDenim, streetwear, and casual clothing
BursaKnitwear and hosiery
DenizliHome textiles and towels

Online Wholesale Women’s Clothing Turkey


Fervente, one of Turkey’s top wholesale clothing manufacturers, is a one-stop-shop for evening dresses and daily wear. With their own 4,000 m2 facility housing design, model, and manufacturing departments, they offer a unique range to fashion stores globally.

What’s impressive is that they keep up with the ever-changing trends, introducing 50 fresh fashion designs each week from around the world. Plus, they’ve got an efficient system in place; orders are typically ready to ship in just 7-10 days. Along my search, I’ve appreciated their variety and timely delivery.

The prices on FERVENT are in USD

The website sells Wholesale Clothing, Prom Dress, Evening Dress, Printed Dress, Casual Dress, Sequin Dress, White Dress, Black Dress and Plus Size Dress.

You can contact FERVENT on the following:

Phone: +90 212 518 40 40

Or on the email:

[email protected]

Children Clothing wholesale in Turkey


Seviltoptangiyim is a major supplier of wholesale clothes in Bursa, Turkey, beginning in 1961. It has a huge collection of clothes around 6000 items.

While they have lots of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, they also have a nice selection of sportswear and socks.

You can buy from Seviltoptangiyim by clicking here. You can change the site language from the far right at the top.


Modacantoptan is a very good website for buying Wholesale Women’s clothing Turkey.

You can buy from Modacantoptan by clicking here. You can change the site language from the far right at the top.

Turkey dresses wholesale

Turkey dresses has a wide assortment of refined and fashionable dresses, all at a remarkably affordable price, owing to the country’s efficient transportation system and successful export capabilities.

Turkey dresses are both reasonably priced and present a range of refined and fashionable options to suit all preferences. Crafted with superior materials, these garments guarantee enduring quality.

They are made cheaply because of the country’s low production expenses. Turkey is also among the globe’s biggest exporters in this field, guaranteeing heightened affordability for buyers.

There are many famous sites for buying dresses online from Turkey at wholesale prices, the most important of which are:

  • Abiyefon
  • Shecca
  • Abiyenial
  • Zenne
  • Modamerve
  • Tesetturisland
  • Modaselvim
  • Rashid Bağzıbağlı

Wholesale children’s clothes Turkey


Malkocbebe, started its activities in Bursa in 1991 with the brand of Malkoç Bebe.

There are more than 15 thousand different baby and children clothes in Malkocbebe.

Malkocbebe, exports clothes from Turkey to more than 40 countries in 5 continents, especially the Arab countries and the Russian market.

You can buy from Malkocbebe by clicking here. You can change the site language from the far right at the top.

You can also reach on the following phone numbers:

+905315099714 For European market

+905425102584 For Arabic market

+905442596469 For Russian speaking market


Mnkkids is another good website that offers Wholesale children’s clothes Turkey for cheap prices.

You can buy from Mnkkids website by clicking here.

Wholesale clothing in Turkey

Wholesale baby clothes Turkey


Malkocbebe is not only good for children wholesale clothes but also baby bulk clothing for the good price and quality.


Payasbebe is a popular online platform where you can purchase wholesale baby clothes from Turkey.

Payas Wholesale has been operating in the wholesale industry for 48 years, focusing on delivering high-quality products, effective marketing strategies, and making sure customers are happy.

The company sells baby and children’s clothing throughout Turkey. They have over 250 different brands and offer 18,000 different products. They have a customer base of 7000 and employ over 50 people. The company is constantly striving to improve with their youthful and energetic approach.

You can buy from Payasbebe buy going to their official website. (You can change the language from the top right)

Wholesale baby clothes Turkey


Aydinlarbebe is another good website for buying online baby and children wholesale clothes from Turkey.

You can buy Wholesale baby clothes Turkey from Aydinlarbebe website by clicking here.

Wholesale Hijab Turkish clothing brands


Modamerve is one of the best Websites to buy Hijab dresses in Turkey.

The website has been operating since 2001 and since then, it has sold a lot of superior quality wedding dress that are fashionable and adhering to the teachings of Islam.

The site offers all the desired pieces of hijab clothing according to your desire and sells Turkish hijab clothes to all countries around the world.

Modamerve also sells Hijab Dresses, Hijab Evening Dress, Big Size, Tunic, Maternity Wear, Pants, Skirt Models, Hijab Jumper, Hijab Shirt, Hijab Swimsuit.

You can buy Turkish bridal hijab dress from Modamerve website by clicking here.

Socks wholesale in Turkey

Coraptoptancisi is one of the best Socks wholesale companies in Turkey, it was established in 2009 with the goal of providing modern, high-quality, and reasonably priced products.

In the sock industry, the company offers a wide variety of styles and colors of socks, including:

  • Women Socks
  • Men’s Socks
  • Kids Socks
  • Baby Socks
  • Wholesale Socks
  • Underwear
  • Pyjamas

General websites for wholesale in Turkey


For sourcing wholesale clothing in Turkey, Sahibinden might be just what you need. Just search for “Toplu Satış Giyiym” on the site and you’ll get to explore their wide range of offerings. It’s an open marketplace, facilitating direct interactions between buyer and vendor, eliminating middleman costs.

That said, as with any online platform, ensure you’re dealing with a reliable supplier. For queries, you’ll need to communicate with sellers directly in Turkish. I’ve bought several items through Sahibinden before; it’s proven to be a valuable resource for wholesalers seeking Turkish clothes.


Online Clothing Shopping In Turkey

Apart from the mentioned wholesale websites, you might want to explore some reputable online platforms. To make your online shopping experience easier, I’ve shared some of my favorite Turkish online shopping websites in this article, like Amazon, Trendyol, and N11.

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