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Credit cards in Turkey .. A full guide 2023

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Credit cards in Turkey – A full guide that will help you to know everything about credit cards in Turkey, how to apply as a foreigner What are the accepted credit cards And a lot more.

Credit cards are currently the preferred means of payment for both Turkish citizens and visitors from abroad, due to the convenience of being able to pay for goods without carrying cash

Credit cards in Turkey

About Credit Cards in Turkey

According to Interbank Card Center (BKM) data, 82.7 million credit cards were used in Turkey as of October 2021.

The Turkish credit card market is one of the largest in the world with a total of more than 35 million cards. The most popular credit card provider in Turkey is Garanti Bank.

Credit cards are accepted by nearly all governmental and private entities, and they are widely used as a payment method for goods and services. They can also be used to buy goods from abroad through foreign exchange transactions at banks, which provide the best rates for non-Turkish liras transactions.

Foreign companies such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express dominate this sector due to their international operations and partnerships with major retailers such as Carrefour, Gap and Nike.

Types of credit cards in Turkey

Cards that gives loyalty points

  • Bonus – Garanti BBVA
  • DenizBank Bonus Gold – DenizBank
  • Worldcard – Yapı Kredi
  • Enpara.com Kredi Kartı – Enpara.com
  • CardFinans – QNB Finansbank
  • Axess – Akbank
  • Maximum – İş Bankası

Cards that gives miles

  • Shop&Fly Platinum – Garanti BBVA
  • Wings – Akbank
  • Turkish airlines amex
  • Adios – Yapı Kredi
  • Maximiles – İş Bankası

Cards Without fees

  • ÜniversiTEB – CEPTETEB
  • TEB Bonus Card – TEB – Türk Ekonomi Bankası
  • Wings – Akbank
  • Axess – Akbank
  • Enpara.com Kredi Kartı – Enpara.com

Student credit carts in Turkey

  • ÜniversiTEB – CEPTETEB
  • Play – Yapı Kredi
  • Maximum Genç Kart – İş Bankası
  • Bonus Genç – Garanti BBVA

Commercial credit cards in Turkey

  • CardFinans KOBİ – QNB Finansbank
  • Garanti Bonus Business – Garanti BBVA
  • Axess Business – Akbank
  • Wings Business – Akbank
International banks in North Cyprus 1

Virtual Turkish credit card

A virtual card is a digital card that you can use to shop online. You can store your virtual card in mobile apps and use it for secure online shopping.

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A virtual card is not a physical card like any other card. Allows online and mobile payment. The main advantage is that you have full control over the amount of money you upload.

You can create or delete a virtual card at any time without going to the bank branch or filling out a form.

The main banks providing virtual card services in Turkey:

  • Yapi Kredi bank
  • Garanti Bank
  • İş Bank
  • Ziraat Bank
  • Odeabank
  • QNB Finansbank
  • Fibabank
  • Seker Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Akbank
  • Anadolubank
  • Turkish Economic Bank (TEB)
  • ING Bank

What are the advantages of having a credit card in Turkey

  • Meets urgent cash requirements
  • Prevents waste time with Change office
  • Provides the possibility of installments in purchases
  • Possibility to earn points as you use a credit card
  • Offers the bank a chance to make a more profitable purchase with special deals
  • Expenditures are easier to track

How to apply for a Turkish credit card

When it comes to applying for credit cards in Turkey, there are a lot of things to consider. But before we jump into the nitty-gritties, let’s take a moment to look at the Turkish credit card market and its key players.

Garanti Bank

You can apply immediately by providing phone number and identification number information, or let the customer representative call you.

Yapi Kredi

You can apply immediately by providing phone number and ID number information, the customer representative can call you or download the Yapı Kredi mobile app and apply for the card You can follow.

How to get a credit card in Turkey as a foreigner

Foreign nationals who live permanently in Turkey or reside in Turkey for a certain period of time (such as work permit) can apply for a credit card. Foreign nationals can apply for credit card processing to all banks in Turkey.

However, banks in Turkey are demanding guarantors from their foreign customers.

Banks wish to secure and minimize their risks through guarantors of the debts and liabilities that pose a risk to them as a result of the credit card to be taken.

Banks in Turkey see online credit card applications as a pre-approval and generally allow transactions by requesting the Turkish ID Number.

Applying for a credit card by going to any branch of any bank along with the documents provided below will enable you to have a Turkish credit card faster.

Documents for getting a credit card in Turkey

  • A documented net income
  • Passport
  • Residence Permit: Issued by Migration Administration.
  • Revenue Certificate: You must request this document certifying that you are a regular income holder by applying to the institution in which you work.
  • Invoice: Your electricity, water or gas invoice may be requested by you for address identification. It is important that it is recently dated.
  • Guarantor (It can be a deposit in the bank)

After the research and examinations the Turkish credit card application has been completed, the bank authorities will contact you.

What are the Turkish Banks Giving Credit Cards to Foreigners

Most Turkish banks issue a credit card for foreigners if they have stable income and meet certain conditions.

This list includes most important banks that issue credit cards in Turkey for foreigners:

Best credit cards in Turkey

Though there are many credit cards in Turkey, the best ones should be chosen according to the following different factors.

– İt is important to evaluate the credit cards rates and terms and conditions because they vary from card to card. The interest rates and annual fees also play a role in what makes a card better than another.

– Other Factors: Many people don’t know that there are many other factors that go into choosing a credit card. Other things you need to consider are whether or not the issuer allows balance transfers, how long it takes for any transactions to process, what kinds of rewards points they offer, etc.

Best 3 credit cards in Turkey

Can you use foreign credit cards in Turkey

When we travel to any country, it is both difficult and not safe to have a loaded amount of cash with us. In such cases, our biggest savior is credit cards and overseas debit cards.

Turkish citizens who live abroad and come to visit their country or tourists who come to Turkey often prefer to pay with credit cards or debit cards in Turkey.

You can use your foreign credit card in Turkey as long as it has Visa, Maestro, Master card, Diners club or American Express logo on it.

Although most foreign credit cards work in Turkey, fees can be a headache if you are planning to use your card on regular bases, and here comes one of the best alternatives for credit cards in Turkey.

The best alternative for credit cards in Turkey

Wise is the best alternative for credit cards in Turkey. It includes a full range of banking services including current accounts, debit cards, virtual cards for online shopping, and loans.

We are glad to introduce Wise as the leading banking company in Turkey.

We want to talk about Wise’s credit card services because it is an alternative for those who are looking to use credit cards without the typical high interest rates that come with other financial institutions.

What is Wise Debit Card

This card is referred to as TransferWise Borderless. It is an account that can be easily owned by a short membership process via the Internet.

A bank card is also physically sent to all European countries and many countries, especially the United States. Unfortunately, there is no physical card shipment to Turkey yet.

For example, with a Turk living in Germany having a TransferWise card, can give you a lot of advantages such as:

Up to £200 Monthly Free Withdrawal from ATMs

Money can be withdrawn with zero commission of up to £200 or £200 in other currencies without realizing what the country of destination is. This means that about 3600 lira can be withdrawn with zero commission during visits to Turkey.

Very Low Commission on Overseas Spending

Wise Borderless account can actually contain money in the local currency of many countries. If you often travel to Turkey, you can get services without paying any additional commission on Turkey visits by adding a TL balance with Euro to the same card.

Even if there is no balance of TL type, a 0.35% commission is taken. Thus, when converting money, it offers the chance to trade without losing money on the exchange rate like banks.


Which Foreign Credit or Debit Cards Are Used in Turkey

You can easily pay by credit or debit card in many parts of Turkey. Visa and MasterCard are accepted in a wide range of locations. American Express, on the other hand, accepts payment at luxury hotels and restaurants.

Before going abroad, it is useful to contact your bank and report your travel plans.

Thus, in the country where you are traveling, you will find out in advance which banks your bank has relations with.

This gives you a significant convenience in your travels. In addition, by notifying your bank before going to another country, you get rid of software that is activated to prevent fraud when you use a credit or debit card abroad.

If your bank is unaware of your travel plans and determines that you are shopping in another country, it may suspend your use of debit or credit cards.

Therefore, planning in advance is of great importance. However, online shopping is becoming more and more popular today, the probability of this happening is gradually decreasing.

If that’s your only card, you can question whether POS machines accept international cards, before eating in restaurants or shopping in stores.