Gittigidiyor (ebay Turkey): The Complete Guide

Gittigidiyor was one of the oldest and most reliable Turkish e-commerce sites. Since the company was a subsidiary of the famous American multinational company, it was considered the “ebay Turkey” website.

With millions of products in its inventory and 85 million monthly visits, Gittigidiyor was a giant online shopping market that sold approximately one product per second in Turkey.


What Happened to Gittigidiyor?

Gittigidiyor Closed!

After carefully analyzing the competition and internal operations of eBay’s Turkish branch, it was decided to close GittiGidiyor. GittiGidiyor has not accepted new products as of June 20, 2022 and has stopped shopping completely as of July 18, 2022.

The “My Account” section remained open until September 5, 2022 to provide support for incomplete transactions, and customer service continued until September 30, 2022.

About Gittigidiyor

Gittigidiyor was a subsidiary of the famous ebay shopping site. The online store, which started in 2001, was one of Turkey’s oldest online shopping sites .

It was considered one of the most preferred e-commerce sites in Turkey with nearly 100 thousand dealers and 31 million registered users.

Gittigidiyor sold millions of products in a total of 50 categories, from electronics to decoration, from cosmetics to mother-baby products, from fashion to supermarkets.

The e-commerce site hosted hundreds of stores of major domestic and foreign brands, as well as SMEs and individual dealers.

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