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Want to buy from Turkey online clothing stores We know you want the best, so we’ve done all the research for you for a list of our top Turkish Clothing online shops.

I have carefully selected these best Turkish clothing sites based on their return policy and customer service quality as well as their reputation in the fashion industry. The result is a list of websites that offer high quality products at affordable prices so you won’t have any problem finding something nice to wear for yourself or someone else no matter how tight your budget is!

Turkey online clothing

Advantages of buying from Turkey online clothing stores

Turkish clothing sites are a popular way to shop for stylish clothes at affordable prices. They have many features that make them stand out from the competition, such as:

Key Features of Turkish Clothing SitesDescription
Diversity and Different Price RangesTurkish clothing sites offer a wide range of styles and prices to cater to all shoppers’ preferences and budgets.
Wide Variety and Extensive Size RangeTurkish clothing sites provide a vast selection of clothes that fit all shapes and sizes, making shopping easier and more enjoyable.
Spread in Many CountriesTurkish clothes are popular worldwide and can be easily accessed through many online platforms.
Different Designs to Satisfy All TastesTurkish clothing is known for its diverse designs and styles that cater to all tastes and preferences.
Filter Functionality for Faster BrowsingMany Turkish clothing sites offer filters to make it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.
High Quality of FabricsTurkish clothing is distinguished by the high quality of its fabrics, which ensures durability and comfort.
Ease of Purchase and PaymentShopping on Turkish clothing sites is easy and straightforward, with a variety of payment options to choose from.
Transparent Shipping Cost EstimationsTurkish clothing sites provide clear shipping cost estimations, so shoppers know exactly how much they’ll pay for shipping when purchasing their items.
International ShippingMany Turkish clothing sites offer international shipping, making it easier for shoppers to receive their purchases in most Turkish provinces and many countries around the world.

Disadvantages of buying clothes from Turkey

Despite the obvious benefits of Turkey online clothes retailers, the consumer may encounter certain drawbacks. While some sites provide a large selection of clothing and an easy-to-use design, they can be costly when shipping is included in.

  • The option of international shipping is not available to some locations.
  • The possibility of facing difficulties in the payment process and making international transfers.
  • The quality of the shipped product may differs from what is displayed on the Internet.

A table of the best clothing shopping sites in Turkey

Turkey is known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving fashion industry, offering a variety of options for shopping and style enthusiasts.

Site NameCategoryDescription
TrendyolFashion and lifestyleOne of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms in Turkey, offering a wide range of fashion items, accessories, beauty products, and home decor from different brands and sellers.
LC WaikikiFashion and clothingA well-known Turkish fashion brand that sells affordable and stylish clothing for women, men, and children, as well as shoes, accessories, and home textiles. It has over 1000 stores worldwide and an online store that ships internationally.
ModanisaIslamic fashionA leading online retailer of modest and Islamic fashion, catering to women who prefer to dress conservatively and stylishly. It offers a diverse range of clothing, hijabs, shoes, and accessories from local and international designers.
MorhipoDepartment storeA Turkish online department store that sells fashion, beauty, home, and electronics products from different brands and categories. It also offers exclusive deals, discounts, and fast delivery.

If you’re looking to buy clothing online in Turkey, here’s a list of the best clothing shopping sites, sorted by category and description.

The best Turkish sites for clothes

LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is one of the most important Turkish clothing brands that offers high quality clothes at cheap prices.

LC Waikiki branches cover many countries around the world, the most important of which are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and Kuwait, in addition to Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe and many other countries.

It offers Turkish clothes for sale for men, women, and children up to 5 years old, in addition to some personal products and perfumes, which makes it one of the most famous Turkey online clothing stores.



Defacto is one of the best Turkish websites for clothes, as it provides easy purchase and shipping to all parts of Turkey.

Defacto clothes are known for their high quality and low prices, in addition to the variety of clothing designs.

Defacto also facilitates the process of returning the clothes that you ordered, in case it does not suit your taste or size, you can return it to the nearest Defacto branch, and receive the money on the payment method that you used.

Defacto store operates in many countries, the most important of which are: Iraq, Oman, Egypt, Belarus, Morocco, Tunisia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Georgia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria and Azerbaijan.



The Koton brand is one of the cheapest Turkish clothing brands with strong competitive prices that surpass most other Turkish clothing brands.

The Koton Turkish clothing and fashion brand was established in the 1990s, and has since expanded to be one of the biggest competitors in the Turkish market.

Coton offers men’s and women’s clothing, and for young children, in addition to some types of perfumes.



Trendyol is the largest e-commerce website in Turkey, as it monthly sells millions of products to many users.

Trendyol launched its own clothing brand for women and men. the clothes and dresses are known for their low prices and variety of designs.

Trendyol offers winter and summer clothes, as well as dresses, baby clothes and many other different types of clothes.



Dolap is one of the most important sites for buying Turkish used clothes, as it provides the ability to buy and sell used clothes easily.

You can buy clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories for all international brands from a cupboard, where you can choose the condition of the clothes you want to buy.

In addition to second-hand clothes in Turkey, Dolab offers a wide range of new and never-worn clothes from international brands in the fashion world such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, Burberry, Valentino.

You can shop from the Turkish Dolap website by clicking here.


Zara Turkey is one of the most important brands that offers the most luxurious and finest types of clothes in Turkey, as recently designed clothes have been prepared.

Zara owns factories in Turkey, which is the reason behind the lower average prices of Zara clothing in Turkey than in the world.

You can visit the official website by clicking here.


Morhipo offers a wide variety of clothes from all different brands. Where it’s considered as one of the largest applications for shopping and buying Turkish clothes.

You can download the Morhipo application by entering the official website from here, or click here for the Android system and here for the İOS system

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is one of the most important brands of clothes and accessories in Turkey, offering many different clothes for women and men.

You can shop from the Pierre Cardin website by clicking here.


Boyner Apparel is a Turkish retail company that mainly sells textile products. In 2013, it had 78 stores in 37 provinces in Turkey and employed about 5,200 people.

Boyner is known for its brands of clothing, and focuses on selling high quality, luxurious Turkish clothing.

You can visit Boyner’s official website by clicking here.

LTB jeans

LTB Jeans is a Turkish brand that is famous for providing the best types of jeans and clothes of all kinds, as it is famous for its wide outlets in European countries.

US Polo Assn

US Polo Assn is one of the best Turkish brands for clothing, as it is an American brand that is manufactured in Turkey according to agreements between the two parties.

Besides products for men, women and children, Polo sells many accessories and is characterized by the cheapest prices in Turkey compared to other countries.

You can visit the official US Polo Assn website by clicking here.

US Polo Assn Turkish wear


Ipekyol, which in Turkish means “Silk Road”, specializes in selling Turkish women’s clothing only, and it is characterized by selling high-quality, luxurious clothes.

Ipekyol’s clothing ranges from dresses, knitwear, t-shirts and many other products, that makes it one of the best Turkey online clothing stores for women.


Turkish hijab clothes online

Turkey is famous around the world for selling high quality hijab clothes that are in line with the provisions of Islamic laws.


Al-Safa and Marwa site is one of the largest and most famous sites for selling Turkish veiled clothes, as the site sells hijabs and headscarves in addition to abayas.

Sefamerve site also offers many different clothes suitable for veiled women, including sportswear, T-shirts, jackets, and many additional clothes.

Sefamerve is also one of the best sites for wholesale Turkish clothing for veiled women, where you can buy in bulk by clicking here, and filling in the form.

You can visit the Sefamerve website by clicking here .


Modamerve is one of the oldest Turkish websites for selling veiled clothes, and the site has been operating since 2001.

The site offers all the desired pieces of hijab clothing according to your desire and sells Turkish hijab clothes in all countries of the world.

Modamerve website sells abayas, trousers, skirts, trousers, hijab hats, jackets, jackets, shirts, and vests, in addition to many other clothes.

You can visit the Modamerve website by clicking here.

Turkey clothes wholesale online

Many people are looking to buy from Turkey clothes wholesale websites and establish a successful business, which can be easily achieved by purchasing at competitive wholesale prices from the Internet.

Turkey wholesale clothing is available at low prices, as some merchants offer children’s clothes that cost 2 Turkish liras per piece, in addition to men’s shirts, whose price may reach 9 Turkish liras.


You can buy wholesale clothes from Turkey easily through the Sahibinden website, as after entering the site, search for the word Toplu Satış Giyiym to show you all the clothes offered for wholesale.

Sahibinden is one of the best sites for wholesale Turkish clothing, as it contains thousands of products that are sold in bulk from the seller directly without an intermediary.

Contact the advertiser in Turkish and arrange payment and shipping.



Seviltoptangiyim is one of the most important wholesale clothing sites in Turkey, as it entered the wholesale and retail clothing sector in Bursa in 1961.

The company is considered one of the leaders in this sector with a total portfolio of 6000 products, which has been operating as a manufacturer for 40 years.

Seviltoptangiyim offers a wide variety of clothes for men, women and children, in addition to sportswear and socks.

You can buy from Seviltoptangiyim by clicking here. You can change the site language from the far right at the top.

Buying dress from Turkey online

There are many websites that sells dresses online. Buying a dress from Turkey online is very easy as there is fast international cargo services for most countries around the world.

You can buy from Turkish dress stores the following dresses:

  • Wedding dress
  • CAPE
  • PLUS SIZE dresses
  • SUIT
Hochzeitskleid aus der Türkei online

Best Turkish sites for online shopping

Besides Turkish clothing websites, Turkey is a huge market for e-commerce.

You can buy from many famous Turkish websites that sell different products in addition to clothes, most notably the Hebsiburada website.

Amazon Turkey is also considered one of the most important Turkish websites for online shopping, as the e-commerce giant entered the Turkish market in 2018.

Turkey also has N11 and GittiGidiyor, which offer many special offers and discounts.

How to buy wholesale clothes from Turkey online

You can easily buy Turkish clothes through the websites explained in the article, such as Seviltoptangiyim or Sahibinden, which provide many options for bulk purchase.

What are the most important features of Turkey online clothing stores

Clothing sites in Turkey are easy to buy from, with a wide variety of options that satisfy most tastes.

What is the best site for Turkish clothes

Trendyol is the best site for buying Turkish clothes, as it includes many different and varied brands of that makes it one of the most varied Turkey online clothing stores.

is there Turkish clothes international shipping

Yes, some websites offers international shipping for Turkish clothes around the world.

Are there any famous clothing brands from Turkey

Yes, Turkey is home to many famous clothing brands. Some examples include Mavi Jeans, Vakko, and Turkish fashion designers such as Dilek Hanif and Özgür Masur.

Is it common to bargain for clothing prices in Turkey

It is common to bargain for prices at markets and small stores in Turkey, but not at larger clothing chains or department stores.

What is the average cost of clothing in Turkey

The cost of clothing in Turkey can vary greatly depending on the brand and quality. In general, prices are lower than in Western Europe or North America, but higher than in some other countries in the region.

Do most clothing stores in Turkey have changing rooms

Yes, most clothing stores in Turkey have changing rooms where you can try on clothes before making a purchase.


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