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Best Turkish Online Clothing Stores | Comparing Prices | Quality | Speed

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If you’re looking to buy clothes from online stores in Turkey, I’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best options for you.

I have chosen the best Turkish clothing websites by looking at their return policies, customer service and reputation in the fashion industry. As a result, I have compiled a list of sites that offer affordable and quality clothing options, ensuring that even those on a tight budget can find something stylish to wear for themselves or as a gift.

Online shopping stores in turkey

Comparing Turkish online clothing stores

Let’s begin with a table that summarizes my 6 years of experience ordering clothing online in Turkey.

StorePrice RangeReturn PolicyShipping SpeedQuality
LC WaikikiAffordable14 daysAverageGood
DefactoAffordable14 daysFastVery good
KotonVery affordable14 daysSlowAverage
TrendyolWide range14-30 daysFastVaries
DolapUsed/new brands7 daysFastHigh-end brands
ZaraHigher end30 daysVery slowExcellent
MorhipoWide range14 daysAverageVaries
Pierre CardinHigher end14 daysSlowExcellent
BoynerHigher end14 daysAverageVery good
LTBAffordable14 daysFastGood
US Polo AssnAffordable14 daysVery fastGood
IpekyolHigher end14 daysFastExcellent
Buying clothing from Turkey online

The best Turkish sites for clothes

LC Waikiki

I really like LC Waikiki because they have everything I want and need. Their clothes are really good quality, and it doesn’t cost a lot. I’ve bought things from LC Waikiki a few times and it was a really good experience.

  • The Prices where lower than stores I have been too by around 15%
  • I found sizes that was not available in the stores i have been too in Istanbul
shopping fro clothes online in Turkey


Defacto is ranked second on the list and, in my personal experience, it is one of the greatest online Turkish clothing stores.

I personally found Defacto clothing quality to be slightly better than that of LC Waikiki, and the prices are also comparable.

  • Defacto Online Store has been awesome; prices are again around 15% to 20% Cheaper than shopping in store
  • I got discount coupons when I signed up for the app; I am not sure if they’re always there.
clothes online in Turkey


I have only purchased from Koton a few times, and I noticed that the quality of their clothes is slightly lower compared to Defacto and LC Waikiki. However, the prices at Koton are more affordable.

Buying Clothes online in Turkey


I really like Trendyol because they offer a wide variety of clothing from different brands and at different price points. They have the biggest selection and the prices are generally reasonable. It’s my go-to online store for buying clothes in Turkey.



Dolap is a the most famous platform for purchasing second-hand clothes in Turkey, it offers a convenient way to buy and sell used clothes.

Dolab, provides a diverse selection of both used and brand new clothing from renowned international fashion brands including Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, Burberry, and Valentino.

Buying clothing in turkey


Zara is amazing; its clothing is of the highest quality, and its prices are more affordable compared to other countries. Furthermore, their online store is extremely user-friendly, offering English language options. I absolutely love it.

The only downside is the delivery time; it is really, really long. It took me about one week to ten days to receive my Zara order after ordering online.

You can visit the official website by clicking here.

Turkish original clothing online edited


Morhipo is good; it reminds me of Boyner, a famous Turkish shopping store. I get the feeling that it offers a wide range of brands that are not available on other Turkish websites.

You can download the Morhipo app by entering the official website from here, or click here for the Android system and here for the İOS system.

Turkish clothing online

Pierre Cardin

This is one of my favorite clothing stores in Turkey due to its superior quality compared to other brands. I loved buying from the store itself but the ordering online? Unfortunately, I had a negative experience when I tried to order from their online store using their app.

I was ordering a gift for someone dear to me during Kurban Bayram. However, not only did the gift arrive late, but the clothes also came in a completely different color and model. Perhaps it was due to the large number of orders during this busy period, but this was my experience. I returned the gift, although the return process was not very easy.

Buying clothing from Turkey


Boyner is well-known for its clothing brands and specializes in selling high-quality, luxurious Turkish clothing. I had ordered from Boyner a couple of years ago and received the order from the store. The experience was smooth and satisfying.

They provide a wide range of authentic and original brands.

You can visit Boyner’s official website by clicking here.

Online winter clothings from Turkey

LTB jeans

LTB Jeans, a famous Turkish brand, is well-known for offering a wide range of top-quality jeans and various types of clothing. It has gained popularity for its extensive presence in European countries through its numerous outlets.

LTB جينز 1

US Polo Assn

What can I say about US Polo Assn, an incredible online store, Its amazing, It offers great prices and substantial discounts, along with remarkably fast shipping.

You can visit the official US Polo Assn website by clicking here.

US Polo Assn Turkish wear


Ipekyol, known as “Silk Road” in Turkish, specializes exclusively in the sale of high-quality, luxurious Turkish women’s clothing.

I have ordered some gifts from Ipekyol a couple of times, and they arrived quickly and of good quality. The prices were also good, and the quality was great too


Turkey clothes wholesale online

Turkey wholesale clothes are great, prices start at 1 USD per piece, in addition to men’s shirts, whose price may reach 2 USD.

Take a look at my wholesale clothing article. It will undoubtedly provide you with all the answers you need regarding wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey.