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I am going to be sharing my experince about Amazon Turkey as a foriegner, I will also talk about problems that you may encounter while shopping on Amazon and the soultions.

What makes it a top-notch platform is its Prime subscription. Apart from giving me access to a plethora of exclusive offers, I also enjoy additional Prime Video and Prime Gaming services, adding real value to my user experience. Simply put, Amazon Turkey has become a trusted, all-rounder authority in e-retailing.

Amazon Turkey

My Experince in Shopping From Amazon Turkey

So I have bought hundreds of products from Amazon Turkey for 4 years now, it’s so simple and easy here are the steps I did:

  1. Click here to go to the website.
  2. Browse and choose the product you want.
  3. Click on the shopping cart tab to head to the payment screen.

Problems I Faced When Buying From Amazon Turkey And How I Solved Them

As a foreigner i faced some problems when shopping on Amazon Turkey and here is How I solved all of them:



Amazon Turkey is in Turkish language fully, there is no English, Russian, Bulgarian or Arabic translation, just Turkish, I speak Turkish fluently now but how about before I learn Turkish?

How I solved It?

The solution here is using Chrome, Edge or Safari, translate the page from the browser and the translation quality is pretty much ok for the shopping experience.

By using these techniques I was able to view Amazon Turkey in English without having any language problems.



Amazon Turkey only ships to addresses in Turkey, so if you don’t have a Turkish address you just simply can’t order from There.

How I solved It?

Turkey proxy address services solves this problem, you will pay a little extra but you will get an address in Turkey to get all your products deleivred to, you will get new packaging and shipping handeled for you.

amazon turkey

Returning Amazon Turkey Prodcuts

I have ordered hundreds of prodcuts and returned like 4-5 of them, some of them where lower quaility than i expected, other my size was not correct.

The return experince is very easy really:

  • I made a return request on Amazon Turkey app
  • I got a return code
  • Went to the cargo company with the code
  • Gave the product and packged it their
  • Got my refund back in 2 weeks.

Download Amazon Turkey Mobile application

Want to make your shopping experience even smoother? Well, you can simply download the Amazon Turkey app on your mobile. It’s available for both Android (click here to download) and IOS (click here to download). Now, you’re all set to shop on the go!

Amazon Prime Turkey

As an added bonus, I’m head over heels for Turkish Amazon Prime. It’s loaded with amazing shows – I mean, I’m literally watching The Grand Tour as I write this! So, it’s not just about shopping, but also about quality entertainment.

Amazon Turkey Prime is my best value choice. For a mere 39 TL monthly (around 1.5 USD), you not only enjoy free shipping and discounts but also get to binge-watch shows on Turkish Amazon Prime Video and enjoy gaming perks with Amazon Gaming. It’s an all-in-one pack at an unbeatable price!

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime Turkey right away! Just click here. Enjoy the best of shopping, video, and gaming all in one place!


Establishing a store on Amazon Turkey

Did you know you can easily open your own online store on Amazon Turkey? And the best part? It’s totally free!

To get started, click here and choose whether to sell in the Turkish or European market. Be prepared with your official business and banking details, as well as your Turkish tax office information, to ensure a quick and smooth setup.

Once your application is completed and approved, you’ll be contacted about your store’s status. After that, it’s all about promoting your products and setting competitive prices. Every 14 days post final sale, your payouts will be dispatched.

This makes selling on Amazon Turkey not just convenient, but a great way to reach out to customers both locally and globally!

Other Turkish online shopping websites

While Amazon Turkey is my ultimate choice, there are other noteworthy online Turkish shopping sites. I enjoy browsing and shopping from Trendyol and Hepsiburada. Also, N11 is another site I often visit for its varied range of products. It’s about finding the best deals across platforms!.

Abdullah Habib
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