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N11 is a popular shopping website in Turkey that sells many different products, from clothes and accessories to electronic devices.

N11 website is known for offering highly discounted coupons when purchasing any product, and its product variety is greater than other Turkish shopping sites.

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My Experince in Shopping From N11 Turkey

During my seven-year stay in Turkey, I’ve become a regular shopper at N11.com. This platform has consistently provided me with everything, from smartphones to cosmetics and clothes.

My experience with N11 has been particularly great. The ease of use, vast product selection, and prompt delivery have all contributed to my preference for N11.com. It stands out as a trusted online marketplace in Turkey.

Here is how i bought from N11 over all these years:

  1. Click here to go to the website.
  2. Browse and Choose the product you want.
  3. Click on the shopping cart on the top right witht he word (Sepetim) to head to the payment screen.

Problems I Faced When Buying From N11 Turkey And How I Solved Them

As an expat in Turkey, I initially faced challenges shopping on N11, but I’ve found ways to navigate these hurdles successfully.

Language Barrier:
The main site operates strictly in Turkish, creating a language barrier. My early days before mastering Turkish were tough.

Browser translation tools became my lifesaver. By translating pages in Chrome and Edge, I was able to shop with ease. Accessing N11 Turkey in English became a easy.

Shipping Restrictions:
Without a Turkish address, you can’t buy, a serious drawback for foreigners. This technique became my key to access N11 Turkey in English. No more language problems!

I resolved this by using Turkish proxy address services. Although there’s an extra fee, they provide a local address for deliveries and assist with repackaging and forwarding, smoothing out the entire process.

By tackling these issues, I’ve turned N11 into a go-to shopping hub, just as convenient as anywhere else.

About N11 Website

N11 website is a part of Doğuş Group, which brings thousands of brands and stores together with millions of customers in cooperation with South Korea’s SK Group.

This shopping site contains millions of different products in different areas such as clothing, electronics and built-in kitchens.

N11 has been selling hundreds of thousands of products every month since 2013.

The number of N11 site members is approximately 15 million and the sales volume on the site reaches billions of Turkish lira annually.

How Can I Buy From N11 Website?

You can buy it from N11 by clicking here , then select the product you want to buy and click on the shopping cart to go to the payment screen.

After completing the payment, the product you purchased will be sent to you in a short time.

How Can I Sell on N11?

N11 provides many advantages for opening and selling stores. The most important one:

  • The profit you earn will be deposited into your account after 7 days.
  • Thanks to the agreements made by N11 with shipping companies, you can send your orders at very reasonable prices.
  • You can add a maximum of 1000 products to your store on N11.
  • You can reach the right buyers by using different advertising models on the N11 advertising platform, thus increasing your sales.
  • You can benefit from professional, free photography of your products at the Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Antalya regional directorates.
  • With the N11 guarantee, you can start exporting with a single click and have the opportunity to double your sales by expanding into foreign markets.
  • You can sell in different categories through the same store without having to open different stores.

You can open a store on N11 by clicking here and filling in your information, and then start selling.

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N11 Site Coupons

N11 offers various discount coupons that you can have in your account after completing any purchase.

You can log in and access the coupons in your account by clicking here .

Download N11 App

You can download the N11 app by clicking here for Android system and here for iOS system. After downloading, you can enter the application, log in and start shopping immediately.

Abdullah Habib
Abdullah Habib

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