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Nazim Hikmet poems are considered one of the most important and controversial modern Turkish poems, Nazim was born into a wealthy and influential family and was exiled from Turkey in the 1950s,

After spending many years in prison, Nazem Hikmet passed away to the Soviet Union, where he resided until his death, where the famous poet is counted on the Communist trend.

Nazem Hikmet poetry was banned from circulation in Turkey and stripped of Turkish citizenship due to his communist tendencies and belief in Marxist ideas, and in 2009 he was restored to Turkish citizenship by the AKP government.

Nazim Hikmet

First Poem of Nazim Hikmet poetry

Blue Eyed Giant, Little Lady and Honeysuckle

In blue eyes, a giant did reside, For a petite woman, his heart did confide. She dreamt of a home, small and neat, With a marble garden, where honeysuckle and blooms did meet.

A giant he was, in stature and heart, With enormous hands, ready to play their part. But to craft her dream, he did fail, A house, a door, where love could prevail.

In blue eyes, a giant’s tears did gleam, For a tiny woman, she was his dream. But she yearned for rest, for love’s simple beat, Tired of roads, where giants’ feet did meet.

“Goodbye,” said the giant, his heart did sore, As she chose a dwarf, with riches galore. In the marble garden, she found her lore, With honeysuckle blooms, by the open door.

Now the giant knows, in heartache and scorn, For loving giants, no grave is ever born. Only marble gardens, where memories are torn, And honeysuckle blooms, by the ever-open door.

Nazim Hikmet Blue Eyed Giant Poem Imgined

Nazim Hikmet poetry the second poem

Walnut tree

In the sea, my head’s a cloud, it’s clear to see, In Gulhane garden, a walnut tree is me. An old knot tightens, the tree sighs in the breeze, Neither you nor the police can tell, it’s me with ease.

In Gulhane Park, a hickory tree stands tall, With leaves as crisp as fish, answering nature’s call. Thorny like silk, they shimmer and shine, Tear them and wipe your tears, oh rose of mine.

With a hundred thousand hands, my papers extend, O Istanbul, by a hundred thousand touches you bend. With amazement, through a hundred thousand eyes I peer, O Istanbul, in awe, I hold you near.

My paper’s rhythm, a hundred thousand heartbeats start, In Gulhane Park, as the hickory tree, I play my part. Neither you nor the officers can truly see, The essence and spirit, of the tree that is me.

walnut tree nazim Hikmet poem - imagined

Nazim Hikmet poems third poem

Greetings to the working class in Turkey!

To Turkey’s working class, a greeting grand! May peace bloom like seeds across the land. In every strand, may nuts aplenty be, For brighter days are in your hands, you’ll see.

Days of justice, of glory, and of might, Where none are used by day, or starve by night. Days filled with bread, roses, and liberty, For the working class, a future bright and free.

To Turkey’s workers, who in squares do stand, With dreams of earth, books, and working hand. With crescent moon and star lighting the way, Your voice, your strength, will surely lead the day.

To our working class, who’ll conquer the foe, Against the sultanate of money, you’ll show. Against the dark, the fanatics, and their scheme, You’ll stand tall, and let freedom’s light beam.

So, to the working class of Turkey, we cheer, With hopes and dreams for a future clear. Good greetings, and may your strength never sway, For brighter tomorrows, and a better today.

Nazim Hikmet Poem imagined

Nazim Hikmet poems the fourth poem


Martyrs of martyrs, of national pride, Now’s the time from graves to rise. From Sakarya to Inonu, and Afyon’s wide, To Dumlupınar, where many did die.

In hands and binds, some martyrs did fall, yet their spirit remains, through it all. Great roots beneath, in blood you lay, Your sacrifices, we remember today.

While deep in earth, you find your rest, The enemy approaches, puts us to the test. Rise, oh martyrs, for we’ve been betrayed, Wake from your slumber, come to our aid!

Deep in the ground, where you’ve been asleep, Awaken now, for promises we must keep. Rise and rouse us, from this deep despair, For it’s time to breathe the free air.

Martyrs of martyrs, of national esteem, Now’s the time to awaken from the dream!

Nazim Hikmet poems the fifth poem

Your eyes

Your eyes, oh your eyes, they truly shine, Whether in prison or hospital, always divine. Always in the sun, they gleam so free, Like the end of May, by the Antalya sea.

Your eyes, oh your eyes, they’ve wept before, Naked they stood, their depth I adore. Like a child’s gaze, so pure and fun, Yet, not a day passed without the sun.

Your eyes, oh your eyes, they gleam so bright, Seeing sorrow, yet filled with light. Joyful and wise, in their mythical play, They bring magic to the world every day.

Your eyes, oh your eyes, like autumn’s embrace, Like Bursa chestnuts, and summer’s soft grace. Like Istanbul’s charm, through seasons they gleam, In every moment, in every dream.

Your eyes, oh your eyes, they promise a day, When people as siblings, will find their way. With your eyes, my rose, the world will see, A vision of unity, of love and glee.

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Nazim Hikmet Poem Your Eyes Imagined

The sixth poem of Nazim Hikmet poems

The Longing

A century’s gone, your face I’ve not seen, Wrap around your waist, let no space be between. In your eyes, let no standstill lie, From enlightened souls, questions shy away, nigh.

For a hundred years, in the town she stays, Awaiting my return, through nights and days. On the same branch, our fates did dance, From the same limb, we took our chance.

A hundred years between us do span, Yet the bond remains, as it began. In the twilight, through years so long, I still run to where I belong.

Nazim Hikmet poems the seventh poem

My beloved one

Beloved, if falsehood from my lips should spill, Let my tongue break, its voice grow still. Never to say “I love you”, in joy or sadness, For truth in love is the root of gladness.

Beloved, if deceit I pen to you, Let my hand wither, its touch eschew. To hold you close, may it never have the chance, For truth in embrace is love’s truest dance.

And if my eyes lie, looking at you so dear, Let tears flow, each one crystal clear. May they never again see your radiant view, For truth in sight is love’s purest hue.

Nazim Hikmet eyes poem imagined

Nazim Hikmet poems the eighth poem

Traitor to the homeland

In headlines bold and stark, Hikmet’s betrayal leaves its mark. “America aids with pounds so grand,” While Admiral Willemson, with a smile, takes a stand.

Hikmet claims, with a voice so true, “We’re but a shadow under red, white, and blue.” Accusations fly, “Hikmet’s betrayal!” they decry, Yet, he stands firm, never batting an eye.

“Yes, I am the traitor,” Hikmet does proclaim, “If loving my homeland brings such shame.” “If your homeland is gold, and wealth untold, Then my betrayal, bravely, I’ll hold.”

For if homeland is but profit and gain, If patriotism’s price is another’s pain, If it means hunger, cold, and despair, Then, “I am the traitor,” Hikmet declares.

“If your flags fly on the backs of the weak, If your pride thrives while others’ futures are bleak, If homeland means bases, bombs, and might, Then my betrayal shines ever bright.”

For in the end, with conviction and heart, Hikmet’s voice rises, setting him apart. In summer’s heat, the headlines do say, “Hikmet’s betrayal continues today.”

Nazim Hikmet poetry is the ninth poem

If you are a cloud

Above the sea, a cloud does gleam, Beside a ship of silvered beam. Inside, a fish of golden hue, Lies midst the moss of deepest blue.

On the shore, a man does stand, Thoughts deep, feet sinking in the sand. Should I be the cloud so high? Or perhaps the ship, sailing by?

Should I be the fish, swimming free? Or the moss, the sea’s decree? Neither this, nor that, nor them, Not just a part, but the whole gem.

For I must be the sea, my son, With its clouds, ships, and the sun. With its fish and algae that sway, For in its entirety, I wish to stay.

Nazim hikmet Cloud Poem imagined

Nazim Hikmet poems the tenth poem

Blue harbor

I’m drained, my captain, do not wait.

Let another scribe the logbook state.

At Çınarlı Dome, in Blue Harbor’s gate

You cannot bring me to that destined fate.

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