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The best 10 poems of Yunus Emre poetry

Yunus Emre is one of the most famous Sufi religious Turkish poets, who lived in the third and fourteenth centuries, and Yunus Emre poetry was famous in the Turkish language, unlike what was known at that time in writing poetry in Persian or Arabic.

Yunus Emre poetry still remains popular today, some 700 years after his death, he wrote his poetry the same way he spoke to people in central and western Anatolia.

Yunus Emre poetry expresses deep personal mysticism, humanity and love for God. He was a contemporary of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, who settled in the same region.

Yunus Emre traveled and taught among the rural poor, sang his songs in Turkish for the general public.

First Poem

Allah permeates the whole world.
However, his truth was not revealed to anyone.
You better look for it in yourself.

The other world is out of sight.
Here on Earth we must live upright.
Exile is agony, pain and blight.
Nobody returns once they are gone.

Come on let us be friends for once,
let us make life easy for us,
let us be lovers and loved ones,
leave the earth to no one.

For you, what Yunus says is clear, what it
means in the ear of your heart:
We must all live the good life here,
because no one will continue to live here.

Yunus Emre Poetry (second poem)

If I rub my face on the ground, my
new moon will rise in the sky,
winter and summer become spring.
For me all holidays.

Never let any cloud cast
a shadow over the brilliant moonlight
that must never be dimmed:
from earth to sky sprinkled by a twinkle.

From the solitary heart cell
its luster comes out darkness.
How do you squeeze this
same cell depression with piercing rays?

I see my moon here on earth,
what am I going to do with all of the sky?
The rain of mercy poured on me
from this land where I fix my looks.

What if Jonah was a friend of
many who loved God.
Yunus, too, bends his head
as it is lit with God’s love

Yunus Emre poetry third poet

Knowledge is knowing
Knowledge is knowing yourself.
If you do not know yourself,
what is the use of this knowledge?

What is meant by the reading?
first reading is to know the truth
to read because you do not know

Do not say, I am reading and I know
Do not say that I have done many acts of obedience.
If you do not know the truth,
then you have come in vain to earth

The meaning of four books
in a certain letter thousand
if you do not know the thousand

What a reading!

Twenty-nine letters
read end-to-end
Would you say a thousand, Master?
What does it mean?

Yunus Emrah says to you, “Teacher,
if necessary, perform pilgrimage a thousand times.”

But if you ask me

pilgrimage to the heart is the best

Fourth poem

Listen to me, my dear friends,
love is like the sun.
A heart that does not feel love
is only a stone.

What can grow on stone hearts?
Although the tongue starts softly,
words come out of poison smoke and anger
and soon turn into war.

When in love, the soul burns,
melting like wax during ignition.
Stone hearts are like a
dark, rough winter , with all the warmth gone.

Men who know the truth of God are an ocean, the
devotees must drown in that sea;
Wise men too. They should dive in.
To bring out the best jewelry.

We have turned to the
Elders to find the pearls in the depths again;
Only a jeweler will know
what the value of those pearls is.

Muhammad came to realize God, and
he saw God’s truth in himself.
Providence is everywhere
as long as there are eyes to see.

Books are organized by wise men

Who put black words on white pages;
The chapters of my Bible are all
written in hearts that truly love.

Yunus Emre Poetry

Yunus Emre poetry Fifth poem

I came upon nations in the graves: the
mighty and the great lay there,
among them those of amazing courage.

Some were old and some young heroes:
ministers, teachers – everyone goes;
Their days are now stuck in the throes of night,
here they lie with other slaves of death.

The path they took was always straight.
With pen in hand, they knew how to write;
Their tongues, like nightingales, really sang.
They buried wise and brave people.

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Everything dear and low cried
when these heroic leaders died;
A broken bow in every grave
the valiant men fell like stray arrows.

Their horses opened a cloud of dust, the
drummers marched by them, beating loudly,
their strength had made the land and sea proud;
The noble masters now lay in the caves of death

Yunus Emre poetry his sixth poem

We have entered the house of perception,
we have seen the body.

The sky is whirling, the earth is multi-layered,
seventy thousand veils,
we have found the body.

Night and day, the planets, the
words written on the sacred tablets, the
hill that Moses climbed, the temple, the
trumpet of Israfil, we noticed in the body.
The Torah, the Psalms, the Bible, the Quran –
what these books
have to say, we are found in the body.

Everyone says these words from Jonah
are correct. The truth, wherever you want it.
We found everything inside the body.

The poems of Yunus, his seventh poem

Let’s say Allah’s name all the time.
Let’s see what my Lord does.
Let’s travel the road always.
Let’s see what my Lord does.

Just when you least expect it,
suddenly the veil is lifted.
The treatment arrives in time.
Let’s see what my Lord does.

What did Yunus do?
what did he do?
Finding a straight path, he
caught the hand of a guide.
Let’s see what my Lord does.

Yunus poems his eighth poem

Let the deaf listen to the silence.
The soul needs to understand it.

Without listening we understood.
Without understanding we made it.

In this way, the researcher’s wealth is poverty.

We loved, we became lovers.
We were loved, we became the beloved.
When you perish every moment by moment
who has the time to be bored?

God divided peoples into 72 languages ​​and boundaries emerged.

But poor Jonah fills the earth and the sky, and
hides every stone under him Moses.

Yunus the Dervish poems the ninth poem

Our laws differ from other laws.
Our religion is unparalleled.

Our laws differ from seventy-two sects.
We are guided by various signs,
in this world and in the hereafter.

Without cleansing of visible waters,
without movement of hands, feet or head
we worship

Whether in the Kaaba, in the mosque, or in ritual prayer,
each person carries his own illness.

Which signs indicate who? Nobody really knows.
Tomorrow it will become clear who has given up on religion.

Yunus, renew your soul, remember as a friend,
know this power. Listen to the ears of love.

Yunus poetry the tenth poem

The drink comes from the truth, we
drank it, Allah-u-Akbar.
And we sailed over the ocean of strength, and may

Beyond those hills and oak forests,
beyond those vineyards and gardens,
we passed by with health and joy, Allah-u-Akbar.

We’ve been dry, but we’re wet.
Wings grew and became birds,
we married each other and flew.


To which land we came,
in all hearts, in all of humanity,
we planted the meanings of Tabuk, which taught us, and may

Come here, let’s make peace,
let’s not be strangers to one another.
We carried
and trained the horse, Allah-u-Akbar.

We became a country that grew into a river.
We left and traveled in the sea,
then flooded, Allah-u-Akbar.

We became servants at the door of Tabituk.
Yonis al-Faqir (the poor), the raw, tasteless,
is finally cooked, Allah-u-Akbar.

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