Transportation in Istanbul: All Vehicles | Prices in Both ₺ and $| Complete Guide 2023

Transportation in Istanbul is a subject that everyone here must master due to the heavy traffic.

Let’s take a closer look at the means and types of transportation in Istanbul, which completely cover all regions of Istanbul, are affordable and accompany magnificent views.

Transportation in Istanbul

Transportation in Istanbul

In most areas of Istanbul, IETT is in charge of transportation. You should get an Istanbulkart to enjoy the city to the fullest, wherever IETT manages it. This card can be used for all types of transportation in Istanbul. These are, respectively:

  • Bus
  • Metrobus
  • Metro
  • Marmaray
  • Sea ​​transport
  • Cable car
  • Tram

You can buy Istanbulkart at major transportation stations and nearby kiosks. You can also opt for disposable cards, but we recommend purchasing a reusable card and loading it as needed. By using Istanbulkart, you can save money by taking advantage of discounts and other advantages during transfers.

How do I get Istanbulkart?

You can get Istanbulkart from the Biletmatik device. However, like many other transactions today, you can apply for Istanbulkart online via this link .

If you want to get an anonymous Istanbul Card, you can buy a physical card from markets and kiosks or apply for a scheduled transportation card online.

If you want to have an Istanbul Card in your own name or if you fall into special categories such as student, teacher, or retiree, you must register with the system. You can apply to have a discounted, blue or free Istanbulcard by submitting the necessary documents online. This can be easily done without the need for a physical application.

The different ticket fees used in IETT vehicles as of November 2023 are as follows:

Fee TypePrice (TL)Price (USD)
Full Electronic Ticket Fee150.52
Student Electronic Ticket Fee7.320.25
Teacher Electronic Ticket Fee10.740.37
Full Subscription Fee117740.98
Student Subscription Fee2127.39
Metrobus Full Ticket Price22.250.77
Marmaray Short Distance150.52
Marmaray Long Distance331.15

Means of Transportation in Istanbul


Transportation in Istanbul

Of course, buses are one of the first vehicles that come to mind when it comes to transportation. There are bus lines in Istanbul that go to every point of the city.

It operates on certain lines and has certain stops.

The longest bus line in Istanbul is 500T. It runs on a 73-kilometer line and consists of 67 stops.


It is one of the fastest means of transportation in Istanbul, and therefore its cost is slightly higher than the normal fare. By swiping your card at the money-refund machines at the stop where you get off, you only pay for the distance you travel.

Metrobus lines are as follows:

Line NameLine LengthNumber of StationsTravel Duration (One Way)
Avcılar-Zincirlikuyu30 km2660 min.
Avcılar-Söğütlüçeşme42 km3380 min.
Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu40km3780 min.
Beylikdüzü-Cevizlibağ29 km2660 min.
Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme52 km44100 min.
Zincirlikuyu-Söğütlüçeşme11.5 km825 min.
Transportation in Istanbul


Transportation in Istanbul

A metro train is a means of public transportation that operates underground in Istanbul.

Merto lines in Istanbul are:

  • M1A:  Yenikapı – Bus Terminal – Atatürk Airport Metro Line
  • M1B:  Yenikapı – Bus Terminal – Kirazlı Metro Line
  • M2:  Yenikapı – Taksim – Hacıosman Metro Line
  • M3:  Başakşehir Metrokent – ​​Kirazlı – Olympic Metro Line
  • M4:  Kadıköy – Kartal – Pendik Tavşantepe Metro Line
  • M5:  Üsküdar – Ümraniye – Çekmeköy Metro Line
  • M6:  Levent – ​​Boğaziçi University Hisarüstü Metro Line
  • M7:  Mecidiyeköy – Mahmutbey Metro Line
  • M8:  Bostancı-Dudullu-Parseller Metro Line
  • M9:  Ataköy-Olimpiyat Metro Line
  • M10:  Pendik-SGH Metro Line 
  • M11:  Gayrettepe – Istanbul Airport Metro Line
Transportation in Istanbul


Tram is a means of transportation independent of traffic, with its own rails and therefore a special road. Tram lines in Istanbul are as follows:

  • T1 – Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line
  • T3 – Kadıköy-Moda Tram Line
  • T4 – Topkapi-Mescid-i Selam Tram Line
  • T5 – Eminönü-Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Terminal Tram Line


Transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul is the only city in the world with a sea passing through the middle of the city. This poetic city can definitely be enjoyed on the ferry. Getting on the ferry with a bagel, drinking a glass of tea on the ferry, and feeding the seagulls coming behind the ferry with that bagel is perhaps the most pleasant ritual you can do in Istanbul.

Apart from this romantic function, the ferry takes Istanbulites away from traffic. It makes it possible to quickly reach places that would take a long time to get from one place to another by car or public transportation. In addition, this is the only way to get to and from the islands by public transportation. Transportation by ferry is also provided with single-use tickets or Istanbulkart.

These are all the ferry lines in Istanbul:

Kadıköy – Kabataş
Kadıköy – Karaköy – Eminönü
Üsküdar – Karaköy – Eminönü
Kadıköy – Beşiktaş
Kadıköy – Karaköy – Beşiktaş
Halıcı Line
Aşiyan – Anadolu Hisarı – Küçüksu Ring Line
Üsküdar – Aşiyan
Kadıköy – Kasımpaşa – Fener – Hasköy – Sütlüce – Eyüpsultan Line
Beşiktaş – Kabataş – Karaköy – Kasımpaşa – Sütlüce – Eyüpsultan Line
Çengelköy – Kabataş Line
Bostancı – Moda – Kadıköy – Kabataş Line
Arriving from the Bosphorus – Departure to the Bosphorus
Anadolukavağı – Rumelikavağı – Sarıyer
Küçüksu – Beşiktaş – Kabataş
Çengelköy – İstinye
Kadıköy – Sarıyer
Anadolukavağı – Üsküdar
Ortaköy – Üsküdar – Kadıköy
Rumelikavağı – Eminönü
Küçüksu – İstinye
Bebek – Emirgan
Beykoz – Sariyer
Ortaköy – Beşiktaş – Eminönü
Kabataş – Islands
Islands – Beşiktaş
Bostancı – Adalar Ring Line
Maltepe – Büyükada – Heybeliada – Burgazada – Kınalıada Line

IBB Sea Taxi

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IMM) Sea Taxi service has a capacity of 10 people and can only be booked through the IMM Sea Taxi application. This service is available any day of the week, any time of the day.

Reservations can be made up to 5 days in advance. Payments are made with credit or debit cards defined in the application. Pier attendants during the day and Sea Taxi personnel at night assist the passengers.

IBB Sea Taxi fare tariff as of November 2023 is as follows:

Distance (miles)Price per mile (TL)Price per mile (USD)


Minibuses in Istanbul are independent of IETT. Each minibus has its own line but no stops. You can take the minibus from anywhere on the line. Minibuses in Istanbul are very crowded, especially during commuting and leaving hours.

There are a total of 123 minibus lines in Istanbul.

While university, master’s, and doctoral students also provide discounted transportation at IETT, the oldest high school students can benefit from discounted prices on minibuses.


This is a private transportation service only available in Turkey. It says “DOLMUŞ” on it. The reason why it is called a minibus is that the vehicle departs regardless of the hour when it reaches its passenger capacity at the departure point.

It has a maximum capacity of 8 people and has a specific route. It is a yellow vehicle. It is more expensive than a minibus, but more comfortable.


Transportation in Istanbul

It is the most difficult and most expensive means of transportation in Istanbul. Unfortunately, the number of taxis in Istanbul is low compared to the population. However, many taxi drivers state that they do not want to travel short distances or do not want to go to places where there is a risk of traffic, and do not pick up passengers, causing victimization.

There are applications that allow you to call a taxi and show the approximate cost when you enter the departure point and destination. It is very useful to avoid being defrauded by taxi drivers.

Taxi pricing in November 2023 is as follows.

Fee TypePrice (TL)Price (USD)
Taximeter opening fee19,170.67
Yellow taxi distance fee13.750.48
Yellow taxi timetable fee152.735.32
Yellow taxi hop-on-hop-off fee702.44

Intercity Bus

These are large buses used for intercity transportation. There are three bus terminals in Istanbul: Esenler, Alibeyköy and Dudullu. There are bus services from Istanbul to all cities in Turkey.

Fast train

The stops of the intercity high-speed train in Istanbul are as follows:

  • Halkalı
  • Bakırköy
  • Söğütlüçeşme
  • Bostancı
  • Pendik

The high-speed train leaving Istanbul goes to the following provinces:

  • Ankara
  • Eskisehir
  • Izmit
  • Konya
  • Karaman

Airports in Istanbul

Istanbul Airport

The largest and newest airport in Istanbul is Istanbul Airport. Transportation here is provided by the following public transportation services.

IETT Lines:

  • H-1 Mahmutbey Metro – Istanbul Airport Line
  • H-2 Mecidiyeköy – Istanbul Airport Line
  • H-3 Halkalı – Istanbul Airport Line
  • H-4 Ataturk Airport – Istanbul Airport Line

Subway line:

(M11) Kağıthane – Istanbul Airport Metro


  • İST-1 Yenikapı – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-2 Tüyap – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-3 Bus Terminal – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-4 Bakırköy – Istanbul Airport Line
  • İST-5 Beşiktaş – Istanbul Airport Line
  • İST-6 Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Terminal – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-7 Kadıköy – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-8 Pendik – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-9 Haciosman – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-10 Sancaktepe – Istanbul Airport Line
  • İST-11 Arnavutköy – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-12 Kemerburgaz – Istanbul Airport Line
  • İST-13 Sarıyer – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-14 Başakşehir – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-15 Bahçeşehir – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-16 Mahmutbey Metro – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-17 Halkalı – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-18 Mecidiyeköy – Istanbul Airport Line
  • IST-19 Taksim – Istanbul Airport Line

Sabiha Gökçen Airport

IETT Lines:

  • E9 – Bostancı – Sabiha Gökçen Airport
  • E10 – Kadıköy – Kurtköy – Sabiha Gökçen Airport
  • E11 – Kadıköy – Sabiha Gökçen Airport
  • 16S – Sabiha Gökçen Airport – Metrobus Uzunçayır
  • MR60 – Pendik YHT – Sabiha Gökçen Airport
  • 130H – Naval Academy – Sabiha Gökçen Airport
  • 132H – Pendik YHT – Sabiha Gökçen Airport
  • 131C – Sultanbeyli/Necip Fazıl Metro – Sabiha Gökçen Airport
  • 122H – 4.Levent – ​​Yenişehir – Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Subway line:

M4 Kadıköy – Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro

HAVAİST Stop Locations:

  • Taksim
  • Kadikoy
  • Yenisahra

Important Recommendations

You can use Google Maps to find exact bus stops and times.

Apart from this, the Moovit transportation application can also be used in Istanbul.

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