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Turkish Ministry of Education 2023

In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information about the Turkish Ministry of Education. Education is definitely one of the most important requirements for the development and survival of a society. The development in education is directly proportional to the development of the country.

The Turkish Ministry of Education is a vital institution responsible for shaping the education system in Turkey and ensuring that all students have access to quality education.

Turkish Ministry of Education

Duties of the Turkish Ministry of Education

  • The Ministry of National Education carries out the works related to national education. These processes take place in the form of execution, control and service. Every operation regarding assignment and training is set and executed here.
  • The first duty of the MEB is to protect Atatürk’s principles and reforms and to instill historical, cultural, moral, moral and national values ​​in students in this direction.
  • The duties such as giving and promoting free education to school-age children belong to the Ministry of National Education.
  • It is responsible for the supervision and follow-up of education and training institutions.
  • Meeting the financial needs of higher education students and meeting their nutrition are also among the duties of the MEB.
  • To carry out services related to physical education, sports and scouting education in schools.
  • To organize and carry out the education and training services for Turkish citizens abroad.
  • To determine the equivalence degrees of formal and non-formal education institutions other than higher education opened by other ministries, institutions and organizations, to prepare and approve programs and regulations together.
  • This ministry, which is responsible for education and training, and many regulations and decisions such as school holidays, opening-closing are also made in this ministry.

History of the Turkish Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education in Istanbul was abolished in 1923, and the Undersecretariat, the Higher Education Department, the Inspection Board, the Copyright and Translation Department, Private Office, and Documents Office units were added. The provincial structure was also divided into Educational Directorates and Educational Officers.

Since the establishment of our Republic, the Ministry of National Education has continued its activities under the following names. 

  • “Ministry of Education” between 1923-1935
  • “Ministry of Culture” between 1935-1941
  • “Ministry of Education” between 1941-1946
  • “Ministry of National Education” between 1946-1950
  • “Ministry of Education” between 1950-1960
  • “Ministry of National Education” between 1960-1983
  • “Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports” between 1983-1989
  • It has been working under the name of “Ministry of National Education” since 1989.

The organizational structure of the Ministry of National Education has undergone changes with various legal regulations, and its current structure has been determined by the Decree Law No. 652 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of National Education, which entered into force on 14.9.2011.

Bodies of the Turkish Ministry of Education

  • General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations
  • Press and Public Relations Consultancy
  • General Directorate of Information Technologies
  • General Directorate of Support Services
  • General Directorate of Religious Education
  • General Directorate of Lifelong Learning
  • General Directorate of Legal Services
  • Head of Internal Audit Unit
  • General Directorate of Construction and Real Estate
  • General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education
  • General Directorate of Secondary Education
  • General Directorate of Teacher Training and Development
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Examination Services Gn. art.
  • General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services
  • Private secretariat
  • General Directorate of Private Education Institutions
  • General Directorate of Personnel
  • Strategy Development Department
  • Board of Education and Discipline
  • Board of Inspectors
  • General Directorate of Basic Education
  • General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies
  • General Directorate of Higher Education and Foreign Education


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Contact Information

Address :  Atatürk Boulevard No: 98 Ministries/ANKARA

Telephone: 0312 4132680 – 0312 4132681 – 0312 4131838

Turkish Ministry of Defence

The Turkish Ministry of Defense is a government agency responsible for the defense of the Republic of Turkey. It is responsible for the management and oversight of the Turkish Armed Forces, which consists of the Turkish Army, Navy, and Air Force. The ministry is headquartered in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, and is led by the Minister of Defense, who is appointed by the President of Turkey.

Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism

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