Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology

Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology 2023

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Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology is of great importance for Turkey. The reason for this, as in other countries, is related to the development of industry and technology that it has developed and maintained.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology

Duties of The Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology

The Ministry, which will carry out studies that will determine industrial policies and strategies, will prepare and implement the administrative and technical regulations for industrial products and produce industrial statistics and analyzes by keeping the registry of industrial enterprises.

The Ministry cooperates with relevant institutions and organizations in order to determine science, technology and innovation policies in line with economic development, social development and national security objectives.

Industry-oriented research, development and innovation programs and projects, activities and investments to be made within this scope will be supported, incentive measures are implemented and regulations and inspections are carried out on these issues.

The Ministry supports up to all of the projects required and deemed appropriate for the activities of the organized industrial zones, all the infrastructures of the industrial sites and up to 70% of the superstructure facilities.

In order to ensure that investment incentives are effectively regulated for the benefit of the country’s economy, it works on the preparation of the necessary legislation, coordinates the development agencies and carries out the related transactions.

The Ministry, by carrying out the necessary studies to increase the competitiveness of the information sector, authorizes the companies that will supply the public information projects in line with the qualifications or standards they must meet, and cancels or temporarily suspends the authorization in accordance with technical criteria.

It also has the authority to determine the procedures and principles to be followed by public institutions and contractors in the execution of contracts regarding public IT projects.

Bodies of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology

  1. R&D Incentives Gen. Manager
  2. European Union and Foreign Relations Gen. Manager
  3. Press and Public Relations Consultancy
  4. Information Processing Department
  5. General Directorate of Legal Services
  6. Internal Audit Department
  7. Development Agencies Gen. Manager
  8. Metrology and Industrial Product Safety Gen. Manager
  9. General Directorate of National Technology
  10. Private secretariat
  11. Guidance and Inspection Department
  12. General Directorate of Industrial Zones
  13. General Directorate of Industry
  14. Strategic Studies and Efficiency Gen. Manager
  15. Strategy Development Department
  16. Incentive Practice and Foreign Capital Gen. Manager
  17. General Directorate of Management Services

Applications of Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology


Ministry of Techno-Investment has put into practice the “Technological Product Investment Support Programme”, which is a serious support program for the commercialization and investment of high-tech products that will emerge. The program is the first in Turkey.


R&D and Design Centers, Technology Development Zones, Technological Product Investment Support Program, Technological Product Experience Certificate, Pre-Competitive Cooperation, Investment in Technology, Investment in the Future.


Entrepreneur Information System; It is the collection and integration of data related to the activities of public institutions and organizations.


It is a private or public institution authorized within the framework of the principles set forth in this Law and the relevant technical regulation, to carry out conformity assessment activities within the framework of one or more technical regulations.


Within the scope of the system, it is aimed to automate the activities carried out at the operational level for the managerial information flow, which creates a heavy workload, and to process the information needed in the decision-making phase in a timely manner, with the desired content and quality.


Fuel Meters, Taximeter and Tachograph Devices; It is the application that allows the owner of the measuring instrument to follow the inspection times of their devices and to see the other information of the measuring instruments registered in the system.


To inspect or have the product inspected, whether it is safe or not, in the supply to the market or distribution, and in use, in compliance with the relevant technical regulation; Ensuring that unsafe products are made safe includes the activity that imposes sanctions when necessary.


It is aimed to reach the information of the enterprises and products operating in the LONCA Industry sector. You can access product information of businesses and businesses operating in the industrial sector in Turkey.

Development Library

Development Library, various plans, programs and analyzes etc. made by development agencies since its establishment. It is an application that provides access to studies from a single platform.


KAYS is an integrated, modular and centralized management information system in which financial, administrative and support processes of development agencies are carried out.

Investment Support

It is an application that enables investors to access incentive robot, information on government supports, investor dictionary, pre-feasibility reports on prominent investment issues of provinces and regions, and questions and answers regarding investments from a single platform.


he results of the Urban and Rural Settlement Systems Research in Turkey (YER-SIS) project, which examines in depth the socio-economic relations, service size and impact areas of all settlements from villages to metropolises in our country, and the data used in the study are interactively with geographic information system (GIS) based maps. is shown.

Digital Efficiency Library

Digital Efficiency Library is an application that includes more than 700 books and publications on productivity, in which publications on the subject are gathered under a single roof in order to raise awareness about productivity.

Productivity Project Awards

“Productivity Project Awards” are organized every year to spread awareness of efficiency, increase knowledge and experience sharing between institutions and organizations, announce the projects carried out to the public, promote the benefits of the implemented projects, and encourage new projects.


E-Journal is the portal where the monthly publication of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Key magazine, is presented to the readers electronically (including the magazine archive).


HAMLE is the only support and incentives provided by the Ministry and its affiliates/related institutions in order to increase the production of medium-high and high technology, high value-added products and products of critical importance for the development of these sectors, and to bring new production opportunities and capabilities to our country in this context. It is a special program that is managed from the window.


LABS is the portal where laboratories and private sector organizations cooperate with each other for joint R&D and innovation projects, primarily by taking inventory of laboratories used in our country, according to service areas and provinces, according to test, device and personnel infrastructures, keeping them up-to-date and listing them in a public search engine.

Contact information

  • Address: Mustafa Kemal District Dumlupınar Boulevard (Eskişehir Road 7.km) 2151. Street No:154/A 06530 Çankaya/ANKARA
  • Phone: 444 6 100 (Working hours are between 8:45-12:30 and 13:30-17:15 on weekdays.)
  • Email: [email protected]

Turkish Ministry of Defence

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