Camping in Turkey

Camping in Turkey .. Best locations, equipment and more 2023

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Camping in Turkey is a really good choice for a perfect holiday. There are a lot of camping spots available and you can go to one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Turkey has diverse nature, including high mountains, Forests, sea coast and long beaches.

Camping in Turkey

About Camping in Turkey

When it comes to vacation planning, the first thing that springs to mind is five-star hotels or excursions. However, as cities get more crowded, many of us want to spend our vacations away from the crowds. As a result, camp culture is becoming more popular. Particularly among young folks.

The camping in Turkey culture, which has grown in popularity in recent years, provides a chance to reconnect with nature while also being less expensive than five-star hotels or excursions.

With its air, sea, sun, and environment, Turkey is also a camping heaven. There isn’t much to carry with you if you want to visit the coastline and unseen locations of our nation, which is unique with its natural and historical charms and unspoilt bays!

Camping equipment in Turkey


The supplies you’ll need for camping differ depending on the season.

To minimize discomfort and problems when camping in Turkey, you’ll need a backpack that’s waterproof, won’t break easily, and won’t harm your back no matter how hefty it is. Campers’ backpacks are similar to turtles’ homes, since they carry tents and other stuff on their backs.

Of course, the amount of days you want to camp should be taken into account while selecting a bag. If you want to camp for two or three days, 50-liter bags will suffice. However, for vacations lasting more than a week, 60 liters and higher are recommended. The most essential thing, of course, is to buy a camping bag that is appropriate for your body weight and height so that you do not damage yourself.

10-liter backpacks cost $3-4, 20-liter backpacks cost 6-7 dollars, 30-liter backpacks cost 12-15 dollars, 40-liter backpacks cost 15-20 dollars, 50-liter backpacks cost 20-25 dollars, and 60-liter backpacks cost 25-27 dollars.

Prices, however, rise in proportion to the amount and quality of the bag. Bags, for example, may be found for as little as $2 or as much as $100.


A tent is necessary component of a pleasant camping in Turkey. Camping tent costs vary depending on size, weight, climatic conditions, design, and simplicity of installation.

Choosing a tent based on the season is one of the most significant factors to consider. Three-season tents, for example, may be used mostly in the summer, late spring, and early fall.

4-season tents, on the other hand, may be used all year long as long as there is no hard winter. Even in the most adverse weather conditions, 5-season tents are an option.

Another thing to think about is the tent’s ventilation. Because you sleep in such a tight space, you may not be able to breathe adequately while inside the tent. Furthermore, foul odors may emerge in airtight tents. As a result, you should pay attention to the tent’s fabric quality.

Even if you are camping in Turkey in the summer, it is possible for it to rain unexpectedly.

As a result, the tent must be waterproof. Furthermore, the tent you choose should be storm-resistant.

The simplicity of installation, size, and weight of the camping tent are other critical considerations. If you are going by automobile, you might select a bigger and heavier tent. However, if you want to go by motorbike or on foot, you should choose tents constructed of tiny and light materials.

The better the quality of the tent, the higher the price. If you want to camp for an extended period of time, you should keep your budget a bit larger.

Tents at Decathlon Turkey start at 15$. the prices can go up to 200$ based on its size. F

Salewa tent costs range between 100-200$. Husky scissors tent costs start from 20$ if you’re seeking for a more economical tent.

For 40-50$, you may obtain a Makalu brand tent that can be used in all four seasons.


Camping gear

You must arrange your camping equipment in accordance with the season. Winter camps need thermal underwear, sleeping bags, cold-resistant shoes, and jackets.

If the weather is really hot, you may sleep on a mat or an air mattress. Of course, in such conditions, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, when camping in Turkey in summer.

Aside from that, if you can’t live without a light and a phone, the power bank will make your life simpler.

To manage your food and beverage tasks, you may get a thermos, fork, spoon, small pan, pocketknife, non-perishable food, and a smaller tube. Again, depending on the season, you may want to bring a cooler bag.

Let us remind you to include cleaning supplies such as towels, soap, wet wipes, and tissue paper in your camping in Turkey backpack.

Furthermore, you should carry anti-itch lotion and a first aid kit with you.

You can check our article for Online shopping in Turkey, to buy the best camping gear in Turkey online.

Camping areas in Turkey

Inbuku Forest Camp / Marmaris

There are a lot of places to camp in Marmaris. This is an exciting place to stay if you want to see nature in its harshest form rather than in a camping facility. We recommend Inbuku Forest Camp for this.

People can camp in both cars, as well as with tents, in the area. It has room for 140 tents. If you want to go fishing, swim in the sea, or ride a bike in the Inbuku Forest Camp area, you can do so. The Inbuku Forest Camp is open all year in the area, and you can stay there.

Turkey camping sites

Butterfly Valley / Oludeniz

Butterfly Valley is one of the world’s most famous valleys, as well as one of the most remarkable discoveries in recent years. It’s a challenging camping area in Fethiye, where you may swim and enjoy nature in an oxygen-rich atmosphere, in a secluded cove that’s difficult to access.

While accomplishing all of this, you should take pleasure in the exhilaration of parachuting. Butterfly Valley can accommodate 125 people in tents. Additionally, the campground offers diving training programs.

During certain hours of the day, power, showers, and toilets are provided for free, and the campsite is available on a daily basis for a fee. If you have guests who are uncomfortable in tents, you may direct them to adjacent bungalows.

Butterfly Valley is without a doubt one of the spots that will claim the top spot among Turkey’s best tent camping areas.

camping oludeniz Turkey

Yazılı Kanyon / Isparta

Yazılı Kanyon is situated inside Isparta’s province limits. Camping in the area is more pleasant than the other options we’ve discussed.

If you were unable to carry food with you, you may profit from the canyon’s fish farms and small restaurant.

The restaurant often provide ‘Self-catering’ services. Small excursions of the canyon may be taken to see the bridges and historical inscriptions. You may also find fantastic swimming spots.

Turkey camping sites

Borçka Karagöl / Artvin

This camping spot in Karagöl, which is surrounded by lush greenery, gives its guests a variety of natural beauty throughout the year. In the camping area, there is a municipality-owned facilities. Even if there is a facility, you should always be prepared by stating whatever occurs. It draws notice with its dense forest cover and diverse flora, and it is one of the few sites in our area where you may camp in Turkey.

Borçka Karagöl is considred as one of the best camping places in Turkey

Borcka Karagol 1

Köprülü Canyon / Antalya

Köprülü Canyon, which is protected inside national park camping areas, has the world’s richest plant diversity.

You can camp in the canyon inside Antalya with your tents or caravan. Of course, you have the option of selecting a camping spot.

You can stay in one of the camping areas between Olukköprü at the canyon’s end, Karabük Village between Olukköprü, Beşkonak Village on the edge of the Köprüçay River, Altnyaka Village, and Selge Ancient City, or you can stay briefly in all of these areas and experience different states of nature during your vacation.

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In the canyon, you can also buy tents and camping supplies. Rafting may be included into your camping days at Köprülü Canyon.

Camping in Antalya

Camping in Istanbul

Istanbul is a busy city. There are museums, parks, museums, architectural sites and restaurants to visit. But what about an escape from the chaos Istanbul’s outskirts offer this in abundance.

If you want to experience Istanbul from a different perspective, camping in Istanbul can provide that opportunity. You don’t have to worry about accommodation or transportation, just pitch your tent and go explore the city!

Doğada Yaşam Okulu, Kilyos

 Located on 400 decares of land near Kilyos and complete with its own beach and educational forest, is one of Istanbul’s most popular campsites, particularly during the summer.

There is a camping area, a caravan park, a beach, and a survival track at Doğada Yaşam Okulu, Kilyos.

Camping places in Istanbul

Seferoğulları Camping Ağva

Seferoğulları Camping , which is 1.5 hours away from Istanbul, built on 10 acres of land in Agva’s Kurfallı Village, in the forest and with its own beach, is one of the most preferred camping areas among Istanbul camping sites in summer and winter.

In Seferoğulları Camping, which takes its name from the Seferoğulları family in the famous Yeşilçam movie Tosun Paşa ; There are camping area, recreation area, beach and bungalows.

camping in istanbul

Price of Camping areas in Turkey

The rentals for camping grounds are less expensive than those for motels. For 3-4 dollars per day, you may hire a tenting spot. If you don’t have a tent, you may rent one for a little additional money.

Is it safe to camp in Turkey

Camping is a popular activity in Turkey, and it is generally safe to do so. The most important safety precautions to take are not to leave valuables in the tent and to be aware of the risks of forest fires.

Where can you camp in Turkey

Camping is permitted in Turkey in designated camping areas and in the countryside, we mentioned a lot of camp sites in Istanbul and different places in Turkey.

Which country is best for camping

Turkey is one of the best countries for camping, with astonishingly beautiful and different nature, and affordable prices, You can always find a spot to have an unforgettable camping experience.

Is there free camping in Turkey

Yes, You can camp for free in some camping sites in Turkey, but camping in general is affordable camping places in Turkey, as you will pay no more than 5$ for a fully prepared camping site.