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Marriage in Turkey 2021 : A full guide for the best marriage

If you are planning on getting married in Turkey, this guide will walk you through the paperwork and procedures involved in arranging a marriage in Turkey.

If you’re thinking of getting married in Turkey on the Bosporus or the Turkish Rivera, you’ll need to plan ahead of time for the necessary paperwork for a Turkish wedding.

Marriage in Turkey

About Marriage in Turkey

A man and woman who have completed the age of eighteen and have not been placed under guardianship by the court can marry without the consent or permission of another person.

There are no legal obstacles for foreign nationals to marry either a Turkish citizen or a foreign national in Turkey.

With its numerous beautiful locations, beaches, mountain and promenade sites, resorts, and magnificent city halls, Turkey provides many varied and interesting possibilities to married couples depending on their wedding venue choices.

The greatest and most beautiful part of getting married in Turkey is that couples may begin their honeymoon immediately after the ceremony by traveling to the closest vacation facilities in a very short period of time. One of the honeymoon choices might be a personalized trip or a cruise in the Aegean.

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Documents required to formally complete a civil marriage in Turkey

Both parties to be married can apply for marriage by applying to the municipality where one of the parties resides, either in person or through their attorney.

Go to one of the marriage departments of the municipalities, where the marriage declaration form is filled out in the registration office in the marriage department

The contract can also be used in countries other than Turkey, after translating the “family book” with a sworn translator in the same country, then attesting it by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then from the embassy of the country in which the “family book” will be used.

Getting married in Turkey Documents:

Documents Required from Turkish Citizens:

  • Republic of Turkey Identity Card
  • 5 biometric photos
  • Health report from Family Health Physician (Reports from private hospitals must be approved by the family health doctor)

Documents Required from Foreign Nationals:

  • Notarized copy of the passport with Turkish translation (applications of those whose passport, visa and residence period have expired will not be accepted)
  • 5 biometric photos
  • Health report from Family Health Physician
  • Photocopy of residence permit documents of those residing in Turkey;
  • Birth Certificate (Can be obtained from a foreign country or from the embassy of his/her country in Turkey)

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Cost of civil marriage in Turkey

Aside from embassy costs for translation and documentation, the cost of a civil marriage conducted by Turkish authorities is approximately 150 Turkish liras.

If you want your wedding to be held in one of the special wedding halls inside the local municipality wedding building, you may have to pay extra costs ranging from 350 to 1000 TL.

Translation and notarization for the papers is approximately 1000 TRY.

Getting married in Turkey blood test

A medical examination is required in Turkey before a couple can marry in Turkey.

Turkish Bureau of Marriages-approved medical facilities may conduct the examination.

Each marriage bureau will choose a different clinic for these exams.

Contact your chosen marriage bureau for the addresses of these clinics.

The applicant’s blood type, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis test results are all included in the medical examination report, which demonstrates that the applicant is clear of infectious diseases.

Religious marriage in Turkey

Religious marriages that are contracted under the supervision of the religious institution in Turkey are not fully recognized.

Although only civil marriages are recognized in Turkey, You can always have a religious celebrations after performing civil marriages based on the marriage laws in Turkey.

İf you are a Muslim you can have religious marriage in Turkey After the civil marriage is held, a religious wedding is held in the presence of an authorized religious official “Imam”.

You can ask the nearest Imam in mosque for more information.

The same goes for Christian and Jews who want to have a Religious marriage in Turkey, there are some churches in Istanbul that you may visit to arrange a Christian marriage.

For Jews there is a lot of synagogue in many Turkish cities that you can visit and ask a Rabai for a Jewish marriage in Turkey.

Prohibited marriages in Turkey

Prohibited marriages in Turkey are listed below:

  • Marriages between following Kinship:
    a- Between the upper lineage and the lower lineage; between siblings, uncles, aunts and nephews,
    b- Even if the marriage that formed the in-law kinship has ended, between one of the spouses and the other’s parent and lower lineage,
    c- Marriage between the adopter and the adopted child, or between one of them and the other’s descendants and spouse, is prohibited.
  • Second marriage:

A person who appears to be married according to the population registry cannot remarry. During the application, if the previous marriage is ended by death, divorce or for any reason by a court decision, the marriage obstacle is removed. However, remarriage cannot be made unless this situation is registered in the family registers.

  • A Woman in the waiting period after marriage ends

A woman who is divorced, whose marriage is nullified or whose husband has died cannot remarry unless three hundred days have passed from the date of her husband’s death or the court decision regarding the divorce or the nullity of marriage. However, if the woman gives birth before the three-hundred-day period expires, or if the court decides to shorten or abolish this period, the waiting period for the woman ends.

Second marriage in Turkey

Second marriage is strictly prohibited in Turkey.

According to Turkish penal code, you can get the following punishment if you married second marriage:

  • A person who, despite being married, marries someone else, is sentenced to imprisonment from six months to two years.
  • A person who, although he is not married, gets married to a person whom he knows to be married is also punished according to the provision of the above paragraph.
  • A person who gets married to another person by hiding his real identity is punished with imprisonment from three months to one year.

Denial of Marriage in Turkey

If the marriage officer identifies any of the marriage barriers listed in Article 15 of the Marriage Regulation as a result of examining the file, he refuses to allow the marriage.

Marriage cannot be made unless it is proved with documents that there is no obstacle to marriage determined by the parties. If the marriage barrier has arisen due to a lack of transaction in the population register, marriage cannot be made until this deficiency is completed.

Surname after marriage in Turkey

After the original surname of the wife is registered together with the husband’s surname, the woman can use her husband surname or add it to her own surname.

A woman who has two surnames before marriage can only benefit from one of these surnames.