The Complete Guide to Health Insurance in Turkey 2023

We will cover in this article everything about Health insurance in Turkey, national, private and foreign heath insurance, prices and requirements.

Turkish Health Insurance is a necessity for all Turks living in Turkey. It is mandatory for Turkish citizens to have this type of insurance, it’s also required for foreigners in Turkey to have a health insurance covering the period they reside in the country.

Health insurance in Turkey

About health insurance in Turkey

A critical problem that affects more than just Turkey is selecting the finest possible health insurance plan. It’s a significant choice regardless of where you reside on the planet. Public hospitals, for the most part, do not offer comprehensive care to patients for free.

The option of whether to seek medical care in a private or public hospital is critical for foreign residents in Turkey. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages in terms of quality and physicians. Additionally, you should consider your location and health status, since different problems are best treated at different facilities. Certain public hospitals, for example, excel in providing x-ray services.

General Tips for Selecting Health Insurance in Turkey

There are many factors that may influence the choice of a good health insurance provider in Turkey. These include:

Affordability, suitability to your needs, deductibles, co-payments and coverage for out-of-pocket expenses.

Public VS private healthcare insurance in Turkey

As a foreigner, you may be eligible for government-sponsored insurance in Turkey, provided you possess a work permit or a student premit and apply to the local social security institution.

The great majority of health care services are provided by the government. As a foreigner residing in Turkey, paying a monthly fee to the SGK (Social Security Institution) entitles you to benefits even if you are jobless, so the SGK is a much better option than private insurance. If you are looking for a policy that covers everything in government hospitals.

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On the other hand, private health insurance is a little bit trickier, as the reimbursements are not pre-set by the government, and your right to treatment is limited to a specific list of private hospitals. Private health insurance in Turkey covers most of the private hospitals where most tourists will probably go when they have a bit more money, so private health care insurance is better option if you want more freedom to choose from private hospitals.

Public health insurance in Turkey

You can apply for SGK public health insurance if you live in another country legally.

You can apply for government-guaranteed loans through the Student Government Association, no matter how much money you have (SGK).

When you move to Turkey, your Turkish ID number will be linked to your insurance, so you can get free medical care in public hospitals, prescription drugs from pharmacies, and even discounts at some private clinics.

The SGK “public health insurance” covers the following medical treatments:

  • Emergencies
  • Accidents at work and occupational sickness
  • Diseases caused by viruses
  • Services for health prevention (substance use)
  • Extraordinary occurrences during childbirth
  • Cosmetic surgery considered medically required for women under the age of 39
  • Fertility therapy for women under the age of 39
  • A share of prescribed drugs
  • Dental

An ID number from Turkey is required to use the universal healthcare system in Turkey.

SGK need the following papers in order to process your insurance claim:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of residence.
  • Your current passport
  • A report from government hospital that proves you don’t have chronic conditions.

Obtaining your SGK insurance card is as simple as visiting the nearest SGK office and submitting the required paperwork.

It’s a tiring process, though, to obtain the health report that shows the previous health conditions you have as it took over one week of going to hospital everyday for me to get the report done and in order to avoid potential problems, its best you get it done as soon as possible.

The report is called “Sağlık Kurulu Rapor” and the SGK officials will direct you to the local hospitals in the city that you should go to.

Public health insurance Turkey

Public health insurance for the employed foreigners in Turkey

The government-run insurance schemes SGK and Bag-Kur provide free health care to the workers and self-employed. When you get a work visa and begin working in Turkey, your employee is required to register your information with the government-sponsored health insurance provider SGK.

The company pays the Social Security Administration on a monthly premium basis. As a result, the SGK public insurance system is mostly supported by employer payments on behalf of workers.

With SGK or Bag-Kur, you’ll get free access to public hospitals as well as prescription drug savings. Furthermore, employees’ immediate family members are entitled for free health care (spouses, parents and children under the age of 18).

Private healthcare insurance in Turkey

People who desire private health insurance must choose a private insurance plan. The three most well-known insurance firms are Aksigorta, Allianz, and Axa Sigorta.

They all feature 24/7 customer service and free ambulances. Many immigrants may pay monthly for private insurance. You will receive the greatest treatment in Turkey if you have private health insurance.

allianz health insurance turkey

Best health insurance for foreigners in Turkey

There are a lot of health insurance companies in Turkey that you can choose from, but the most popular are:

  • SGK (Government health insurance)
  • AXA health insurance Turkey
  • Allianz Turkey health insurance
  • Aksigorta

What Kind of Coverage Does a Turkish Healthcare Offer and How Much Would it Cost

The Turkish healthcare system offers full coverage in all the government hospitals, including inpatient and outpatient clinics with savings on medicine prices.

What are the Requirements for Obtaining Turkish Health Insurance

You need to be residing in Turkey and paying the monthly premium in order to obtain the Turkish general health insurance.

What are the foreign health insurance that works in Turkey

The following countries are included in healthcare insurance agreement in Turkey: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, TRNC-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Luxemburg and Croatia.

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