A list of English speaking doctors in istanbul

Many foreigners who live in Turkey or visit the country for tourism experince enormous difficulties in interacting with doctors.

We think about you on Turkpidya. so we decided to create A list of english speaking doctors in istanbul to help you reach the most suitable English speaking doctor in Istanbul.

A list of English speaking doctors in istanbul

─░mportant Notes before reading the lists

  1. The list will be updated regularly so make sure to bookmark the page and Turkpidya and visit regulary whenever you want to check for English speaking doctors in ─░stanbul.
  2. This is A list of English speaking doctors in istanbul, other cites/language will have their own page in the future.
  3. You can always contact us if you need any more information.
  4. You can use the table of content in the beginning of the article to locate the specialization you are searching for.
  5. if You want to search for a specific sickness you can click CTRL+F on PC and then write in the search bar the name of the sickness or hospital you are searching for.
  6. On mobile you can simply click find in your browser settings and research any information you need.
  7. Muayenehane means a clinic in Turkish.
  8. You should contact your insurance company to get the details of the coverage for health cost and which hospital/clinic is included in your package.
  9. We wish you a healthy days stay safe and call “112” if you need an amublance.

English speaking doctors in Istanbul

English speaking Dentists in ─░stanbul:

Doctor NameHospital/ClinicNotes
Dt. Fikret AltanDi┼č Hekimi Fikret Altan Di┼č Klini─či
Dt. Mehmet Yi─čitDENT─░ST─░KLAL ATAK├ľY

Dt. Damla Zenar
Dent Dream Di┼č Klini─či
Dt. Serdar ├çeki├žARDENT A─č─▒z ve Di┼č Sa─čl─▒─č─▒ Poliklini─či
English and German speaking
Dt. Adnan Batu Batu A─č─▒z Ve Di┼č Sa─čl─▒─č─▒ Poliklini─čiArabic and German speaking
Dt. Serhan TavasSerhan Tavas Dental Klinik
Dt. ├ça─čda┼č Yak─▒nDENT─░ST─░KLAL ATAK├ľY
Dt. Ahmet Ki─č─▒l─▒Confident A─č─▒z Ve Di┼č Sa─čl─▒─č─▒ Merkezi

English speaking Gynecology and Obstetrics doctors in ─░stanbul:

Doctor NameHospital/ClinicNotes
Op. Dr. S├╝leyman Eserda─čHera Klinik ─░STANBULGerman and English speaking

Op. Dr. P─▒nar Kadiro─čullar─▒
Ac─▒badem Atakent Hastanesi
Op. Dr. Mehtap ┼×ent├╝rk ├çi├žek Op. Dr. Mehtap ┼×ent├╝rk ├ç─░├çEK Muayenehane
Dr. Meryem K├╝rek EkenHisar Hastenesi ├ťmraniye
Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu├ľzel Ota – Jinemed Hastanesi
Dr. Fatma Gen├žt├╝rk ├ľzerFatma ├ľzer Gen├žt├╝rk Muayenehanesi

English speaking General surgeon in ─░stanbul:

Doctor NameHospital/ClinicNotes
Op. Dr. Mehmet Durmu┼č KurtKozyata─č─▒ Central Hospital
Prof. Dr. G├╝ralp Onur CeyhanAc─▒badem Altunizade Hastanesi
German, French and English speaking

Op. Dr. ├ľzden Avc─▒ 
Pendik ┼×ifa Hastanesi
Prof. Dr. Korhan Tavilo─čluTavilo─člu ProktolojiEnglish and German speaking
Op. Dr. Y├╝cel Polat ├ľzel Florya Hastanesi
Prof. Dr. Emel Canbay Emel Canbay Muayenehanesi
English and ─░talian speaking
Do├ž. Dr. ├ťmit Ko├ž─░stinye ├ťniversitesi Hastanesi
Do├ž. Dr. B├╝lent ├çitgez─░stanbul Hamidiye ┼×i┼čli Etfal E─čitim Ve Ara┼čt─▒rma HastanesiEnglish and German speaking

English speaking Orthopedics and Traumatology in ─░stanbul:

Doctor NameHospital/ClinicNotes
Prof. Dr. Nevzat Selim G├Âkay FULYA AKADEM─░
Prof. Dr. U─čur HaklarKNEE CLINIC

Prof. Dr. Neslihan Aksu
Neslihan Aksu Muayenehanesi
Op. Dr. G├Âk├že M─▒k GM Yeti┼čkin ve Pediyatrik Ortopedi Klini─čiEnglish and French speaking
Do├ž. Dr. Sinan Kahraman┼×i┼čli Florence Nightingale HastanesiThe doctor has a really good reviews but the hospital itself got to many complains beware!
 Dr. Akif Albayrak Emel Canbay Muayenehanesi
Dr. Serhat MutluSerhat Mutlu Muayenehanesi
Op. Dr. Halit Ziya Postalc─▒ Op. Dr. Ziya Postalc─▒ Muayenehanesi

English speaking Ear Nose Throat doctors in ─░stanbul:

Doctor NameHospital/ClinicNotes
Op. Dr. Aytekin Uzer├ľzel Nisa Hastanesi
Dr. Se├žkin Ulusoy─░stanbulesthe Rinoplasti

Op. Dr. Bahad─▒r Baykal 
Bahadir Baykal MuayenehanesiEnglish, German and italian speaking
Dr. ├ľ─čr. ├ťyesi Ahmet Alt─▒nta┼čAhmet Alt─▒nta┼č Muayenehanesi
Op. Dr. Cem ErdurakCem Erdurak muayenehanesi
Prof. Dr. Teoman DalProf. Dr. Teoman Dal Muayenehanesi
Prof. Dr. Fatma T├╝lin KayhanFatma T├╝lin Kayhan Muayenehanesi
Do├ž. Dr. Yavuz Selim Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m├ľzel Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

English speaking Psychiatrist in ─░stanbul:

Doctor NameHospital/ClinicNotes
Dr. ├ľ─čr. ├ťyesi Zengibar ├ľzarslanAdel Psikolojik Dan─▒┼čmanl─▒k Merkezi
Uzm. Dr. Elvan ├çi├žek├žiMODA Psikiyatri&Psikoterapi Merkezi

Uzm. Dr. Burak Toprak
Burak Toprak Psikiyatri & Psikoterapi Klini─či
Uzm. Dr. Canda┼č K─▒l─▒├žCanda┼č K─▒l─▒├ž Muayenehanesi
Uzm. Dr. Ebru Damla Bostanc─▒Ba─čdat Psikiyatri
Dr. ├ľ─čr. ├ťyesi Filiz ┼×├╝kr├╝ G├╝rb├╝zBeykent Psikoterapi MerkeziEnglish and ─░talian speaking
Psk. Dr. Levent SoyluLevent 195 Plaza B├╝y├╝kdere
Uzm. Dr. G├╝l┼čah Meral ├ľzg├╝rG├╝l┼čah Meral ├ľzg├╝r Muayenehanesi

English speaking Brain and Nerve Surgons in ─░stanbul:

Doctor NameHospital/ClinicNotes
Op. Dr. Mehmet Kulal─▒├ľzel Rumeli Hastanesi
Op. Dr. Tekin ├ľzcanOp. Dr. Tekin ├ľZCAN (Muayenehane)

Prof. Dr. Hidayet Akdemir
Prof. Dr. Hidayet Akdemir Muayenehanesi
Op. Dr. M. Levent DenizMarmara A─čr─▒ MerkeziEnglish and German speaking
Op. Dr. Aybars AkkorAkkor Sa─čl─▒kEnglish and German speaking
Do├ž. Dr. A┼čk─▒n ┼×ekerMedical Park Bah├želievler Hastanesi
Prof. Dr. Kenan Ko├žAc─▒badem Atakent Hastanesi
Do├ž. Dr. Pulat Ak─▒n Sabanc─▒Op. Dr. Ziya Postalc─▒ Muayenehanesi

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