ASELSAN… a giant in the Turkish Weapon industry

 ASELSAN is an important Turkish company, owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, and one of the largest Turkish arms companies.

Aselsan is one of the leading companies in the Turkish defense industries due to its huge production volume. The company is considered one of the top 100 defense industries companies in the world.

Aselsan achieved high profitability according to the latest statistics, as it managed to achieve total revenues from January 2020 to June of the same year amounting to 5.2 billion Turkish liras, an increase of 13% compared to the same period last year.

Aselsan Company

Aselsan history

The Turkish Army Foundation established the Aselsan Company in 1975, following the arms embargo imposed on Turkey due to the peace process in Cyprus led by the Turkish army in 1974.

Due to the Turkish army’s need for the weapons and equipment necessary to carry out its tasks, and to gain independence in arms production, Aselsan was established in a clear challenge to the arms embargo.

Aselsan weapons

In early 1979 after a period of investment, Aselsan started its production at the facilities Macunkoy in Ankara and since then, Aselsan has expanded its product range and customers, which mostly relies on local research and development, locally trained personnel, and in cooperation with other Turkish research institutions and universities.

Aselsan developed rapidly as it delivered its first products to the Turkish Armed Forces in 1980, and began exporting in 1983.

Aselsan company activities

Aselsan is active in the fields of design, development, production, system integration and after-sales services for military communication systems, radar systems, electronic warfare systems, photoelectric systems, navigation systems, aircraft electronics systems, weapons systems, command control communications computer systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, marine systems, unmanned systems, and systems Collecting fees and traffic.

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The fields in which Aselsan operates can be summarized in the following points:

Communication and information technology

Defense Systems Technologies

Microelectronics, direction and optics

Radars and electronic warfare systems

Transportation, Security, Energy and Automation Systems

Aselsan newest weapons

The most important achievements of Aselsan

Delivery of the Stinger weapon platform system to the Dutch Army completed.

Sale of fixed weapons platforms for the Pakistani Navy.

Selling high tech radios to the United States of America for the use of general departments / units.

Future sales of surveillance systems within the scope of European Union projects.

Soldiers of personnel radios for the Azerbaijani army.

Execution of the contract for the design, development and production of modules for the A400M Missile Warning System.

Supplying thermal vision systems for the Malaysian Army.

Sale of tactical radios for the Pakistani army.

Supply of command control training and testing system for the Kazakh Armed Forces.

Aselsan armoerd veicle

Aselsan business fields and products

Military communication systems

Aselsan designs, manufactures and integrates military standard-compliant products and systems to meet land, sea and air communications requirements.

Public safety communication systems

Aselsan solutions meet the digital wireless communication needs of different groups of users.

Space technologies

Aselsan develops and delivers satellite communication systems to enable secure and uninterrupted communication between command control centers and units in the tactical field.

Encryption and information security systems

Carries out design and development activities in the fields of information security, cryptography and cybersecurity in order to meet the requirements of national and international government agencies, military and civil authorities.

Information Technology Systems

Information Technology Systems aim to design and develop modern, affordable IT projects to meet the needs of the military, public and private sectors in Turkey and abroad.

Photovoltaic systems

Provide the capabilities of the air, sea, land and special forces of binoculars and photoelectric equipment

Navigation systems and avionics
Marine systems

Aselsan is involved in many projects including the design, development and integration of marine systems, in particular combat systems for underwater and surface platforms.

Air and missile defense systems

provideing system level solutions using national resources to the maximum extent.

Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence Systems

A wide range of products in the fields of surveillance, intelligence, fire support, etc.

Unmanned systems

the company designs and manufactures unmanned systems, which will be widely used on the battlefield in the future, and the company products are not limited to aircraft only, but also extend to the marine and land domain.

Protection systems

Aselsan is involved in the development and production of border security, coast guard, facility security, city and community security systems.

Weapon systems

Thanks to its unique design the Turkish leading company develops and manufactures weapons systems that can be used on various land and sea platforms.

Radar systems
Electronic warfare systems

It offers users unique and integrated solutions by ensuring that these systems work in coordination with other systems on the platform.

Transportation systems

Aselsan designs, develops and builds innovative custom solutions, subsystems and critical components for platform movement on railways, roads and public networks.

Traffic and automation systems

The Traffic and Automation Systems business line consists of designing, developing and deploying electronic toll collection systems, advanced traffic management systems and automation systems.

Warfare microwave products

Designing and manufacturing technologically important microwave products for radar and electronic warfare systems in designated special areas.

Contact Information

You can visit the official Aselsan website by clicking here.

Adress: Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mahallesi 296. Cadde No: 16, 06200 Yenimahalle-Ankara, TURKEY

phone number: +90312592100

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