Vakko Turkey .. Your full guide 2023

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Vakko Turkey is one of the best Turkish luxury fashion brands that you can buy a lot of different products from.

You can buy a lot of different products from Vakko in Turkey, starting from scarves, ready-to-wear clothes and designer made clothes.

Vakko Turkey

About Vakko Turkey

Vakko Turkey is one of the most prestigious fashion and luxury brands in Turkey, that began as a tiny hat shop known as Şen Şapka (Merry Hats).

Back in 1934 Vitali Hakko started his own business as Şen Şapka (Merry Hats) that expanded quickly to become the Vakko brand, which produces turkish scarves based on the latest fashions.

What made the brand expand very quickly, is the decision to make only the best products for the customer. Besides, designs were Inspired by the mood of development and innovation in the country at that time.

Later on vakko decided to join the ready-to-wear industry, and go beyond hats, scarves and printed fabrics.

Vakko’s primary purpose as a fashion brand was to create collections that interpreted the latest trends while providing high quality, beautiful craftsmanship, and exceptional service.

Nowadays, Vakko Turkey has become one of the leading clothing brands not just in Turkey but also in the whole of Europe.

Today, the Vakko brand is well known for its products that include high-fashion luxury, scarves, men’s and women’s clothes and accessories. Couture and Vakkorama concept stores.

As the Vakko brand is highly committed to supporting the future of the  ready-to-wear industry, the administrators founded two pioneering initiatives: the Vakko ESMOD fashion academy and the Vitali Hakko creative industries library.

How to find a Vakko Turkey store

The Vakko headquarter building is now located in Istanbul. That was designed by renowned New York architecture firm.

Nowadays, Vakko brand owns 15 flagships, 35 fashion stores and two chocolate boutiques, as well as over 100 other outlets, wedding, and household stores.

In the following passages, some of Vakko brand stores will be demonstrated:

  1. Vakko Boutique “Clothing store”
    Address: Alpaslan Orgeneral Eşref Bitlis Bulvarı No:10, Kayseri Park Alışveriş Merkezi, 38030 Melikgazi/Kayseri, Turkey.
  2. Vakko Boutique “Clothing store”
    Address: Hunat Forum Kayseri Avm, Sivas Blv. 24/1, 38090 Melikgazi/Kayseri, Turkey.
  3. Vakko Boutique “Clothing store”
    Address:Harbiye, Abdi İpekçi Cd. No:43, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey.
  4. Vakko Boutique “Clothing store”
    Address: Levazım, Koru Sokağı No:2, 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey.
  5. Vakko Boutique “Women’s clothing store”
    Address: Suadiye, Bağdat Cd. No:422, 34740 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey.
  6. Vakko Boutique “Men’s clothing store”
    Address: Mustafa Kemal 2153. Sokak, CEPA AVM No:2, 06610 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey.
  7. Vakko Boutique “Clothing store”
    Address: Ziya Gökalp, Mall Of İstanbul Avm, Süleyman Demirel Blv No:7, 34306 İkitelli Osb/Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey.
  8. Vakko Boutique “Clothing store”
    Address: Çankaya, Atakule Avm, Çankaya No:1, 06690 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey.
  9. Vakko outlet “Clothing store”
    Address: Hobyar Mahallesi, Sultan Hamamı Cd. BahçekapıNo:8, 34107 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey.
  10. Vakko 365 “Clothing store”
    Address: Esentepe, Kanyon AVM, Büyükdere Cd. No:185, 34294 Şişli, Turkey.

Also you can visit the official website of Vakko Turkey to find out the nearest Vakko store to you. (click here to find your store)

Vakko 'n Turkey

Vakko Turkey products

Today, Vakko specializes in high-fashion luxury goods through its numerous collections and stores: “Vakko Scarves, Vakko Men and Vakko Women, Vakko Couture, V2K Designers, Vakko Wedding, Vakkorama concept stores, W Collection Menswear and Vakko Home”.

Vakko also offers its excellent quality to the food market with “Vakko Chocolate, Vakko Tea Atelier, Vakko Coffee Atelier”, as well as the high-end pastry concept Vakko Patisserie Petit Four and French restaurant Vakko Bistrot.

Also “Vakko Espace” ensures that Vakko quality is available to event organizers as well.

How to Buy from VakkoTurkey

There are many ways that enable you to buy Vakko turkey products. You can visit the official stores in which we mentioned before. Or you can visit the official website and get your order online.

  1. Visit the official website of VakkoTurkey.
  2. Then you have to register on the website using your personal email.
  3. Choose the product you want, then click the “add to cart” button. 
  4. Confirm the products you want in your cart to buy via clicking the “confirm cart” button.
  5. Your delivery address, phone number, personal email, delivery method, and payment information will be required.
  6. After fulfilling all information, an email will be sent to you for confirmation and to estimate the arrival of the product.

You can enter the discount coupon you want to use in the “Promotional Code” field next to the products you want to buy in the basket section.

Buying in Turkey with international shipping

Still can’t buy from Turkey? There is no international shipping We have your back here!

Did you know that it is now possible to shop online on Turkish websites without actually being in Turkey The article we have created will guide you, step by step, through the process of purchasing any product from Turkey. You will be able to order items directly from a Turkish store and have them shipped directly to your door!

Check out this article for tips on buying Turkish products abroad with worldwide delivery.

Vakko Turkey Discounts

As your shopping amount increases throughout the year, from Vakko, Vakko Boutique, Vakko Home, Vakko Wedding, Vakko Kioks, Vakko Chocolate, Vakkorama and V2K designers, your discount rate will increase.

  1. 5% for shopping between 10.000 – 30.000 TL.
  2. 10% for shopping between 30.000 – 75.000 TL.
  3. 15% for shopping between 75.000   – 200.000 TL.
  4. 20% for shopping between 200.000 – 400.000 TL.
  5. You can get a 25% discount for purchases of 400.000 TL or more.

Vakko card discounts are not available for discounted products. There is no discount on consignment products. Also It cannot be combined with a discount coupon or a different campaign.

How can you use a discount coupon

You can enter the discount coupon you want to use in the “Promotional Code” field next to the products you want to buy in the basket section. You can use a maximum of 1 discount coupon in an order. 

The discount coupon cannot be combined with other campaigns and the discount amount/rate defined for your coupon is applied to the non-discounted products in your basket.

Contacting Vakko Turkey

  • Phone (Customer Service):  +90 216 454 08 00
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Registration Number:  77032-35056 
  • Mersis Number:  0922003575000014 
  • Registered Electronic Mail Address: [email protected]

Also you can click here if you have any queries for Vakko, then use the FAQ “Frequently Asked Questions” by selecting the category that is most relevant to your question.

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