Health Ministry Turkey

Health Ministry Turkey

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Health Ministry Turkey is the ministry responsible for proposing and implementing state policies on health, planning, providing health care, protecting patients, as well as caring for the disabled.

The Ministry of Health in Turkey also undertakes the process of protecting and improving public health, preventing diseases and epidemics, in addition to diagnostic and rehabilitation services.

Health Ministry Turkey

About the Turkish Ministry of Health

The Turkish Ministry of Health was established in 1920, with the birth of the Republic of Turkey, and has continued since then to provide its services to improve public health and the health system in Turkey.

The budget of the Turkish Ministry of Health in 2021 is about 78 billion Turkish liras, an increase of 31% over last year.

The emblem of the Ministry of Health in Turkey consists of 16 stars representing the number of Turkish empires throughout history, with a two-winged snake wrapped as a medical symbol.

The Turkish Ministry of Health is represented by the Sağlık Müdürlüğü Health Directorate.

Tasks of the Turkish Ministry of Health

In general, the Ministry of Health in Turkey is responsible for managing and supervising all health services in Turkey, as its most important tasks are:

  • Protect and improve public health, reduce disease risks and prevent them.
  • Conducting diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services.
  • Preventing public health risks and epidemics from entering the country.
  • Improving health education and research activities.
  • Verify the safe and high quality of medicines, special products and materials used in the production of medicines, cosmetics and medical devices used in health care services, and their delivery to the public and setting their prices.
  • To provide equal, high-quality and effective services across the country by providing and increasing productivity in the workforce and material resources, ensuring a balanced distribution of the health workforce across the country and cooperation among all stakeholders.
  • Managing the health system and defining policies related to planning and publishing health institutions to be opened by public and private legal entities and real persons throughout the country.

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Health Ministry Turkey

Agencies of the Ministry of Health Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Health belongs to many bodies that are spread throughout the Turkish Republic.

  • Board of Inspectors
  • General Directorate of General Hospitals
  • Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency
  • General Directorate of Border and Coastal Health in Turkey
  • General Directorate of Public Health
  • Internal audit unit
  • Strategic Development Department
  • General Directorate of Legal Services
  • General Directorate of Health Services
  • General Directorate of Emergency Health Services
  • General Directorate of Administrative Services
  • General Directorate of Health Promotion
  • General Directorate of Health Information Systems
  • General Directorate of Health Investments
  • Directorate General of the European Union and External Relations
  • Project Management Support Unit
  • Press and Public Relations Consulting
  • TGAP office

Powers of the Turkish Ministry of Health

  • International cooperation to serve the health sectors
  • Directing, monitoring, evaluating, encouraging, directing, controlling and imposing penalties
  • Planning and implementing health care services in emergency and disaster situations
  • Take measures to eliminate regional differences and ensure universal access to health care services.
  • Directing the practices and regulations of the relevant institutions and organizations regarding the social factors and determinants that directly or indirectly affect human health, and submitting the necessary notifications, in addition to imposing penalties.
  • Take all kinds of actions required by duty and service.
  • Determine drug prices

Contact the Turkish Ministry of Health

You can contact the Ministry of Health in Turkey at the following address:

Bilkent yerleşkesi, Üniversiteler mah. Dumlupınar bulvarı 6001. Cad. No: 9 Çankaya / Ankara 06800

You can also contact the Ministry on the following phone number:

+90 (312) 585 1000

You can also visit the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Health in English by clicking here.