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Bim market

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Bim Market is one of the most famous Turkish supermarkets for selling food, beverages and products, as the BIM brand has spread in many countries around the world.

Not only in Turkey, but BIM Market has branches in Egypt, and Morocco, in addition to many investments elsewhere.

Beam Market

History of Bim Market

Bim market first opened its doors in 1995 with only 21 stores, the market’s strategy was centered around providing basic food products and consumer goods at the best prices and highest quality.

In 1997 the first BiM brand products were introduced in Turkey, under the name Dost milk, and in the same year the 100th store was opened.

In 2003, the total sales of Bim stores amounted to one billion Turkish liras annually, and a year later, the number of BIM stores in the Turkey reached a thousand stores.

In 2013 Beam Market opened its first branch in the Republic of Egypt in April.

Bim Market in Egypt

Bim Egypt market started operating since 2013 and has met with great success as the number of its branches so far in Egypt has reached more than 300 branches distributed over the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Sharkia, Fayoum, Gharbia, Ismailia, Minya, Suez, Menoufia, Qalyubia and Dakahlia .

How does the BIM Market offers low prices

The BIM store adopts the big discount or hard discount strategy which relies on offering the buyer low prices in addition to high quality.

BIM works to discount prices for its customers by keeping operating costs at their lowest level; This approach relies on three main factors:

Accelerate decision-making and implementation processes by establishing a dynamic logistical and information network between regional offices and warehouses with a decentralized organizational structure.

Avoid any unnecessary expenses to increase product prices.

Determine the range of products sold in the store with approximately 750 products only, to review the quality standards in the most effective way and to ensure that the products reach the customer at the best possible price.

Providing a modest store design, focusing on product quality and providing cheap prices by contracting with suppliers of the BIM chain of stores.

Inside Bim Market

Jobs at BİM Market

Bim Markets employs approximately 51 thousand full-time and part-time employees, due to the fact that the store owns a large and huge number of branches.

Many jobs are provided by Bim in warehousing, office operations and cashier positions.

Employment opportunities are provided for at least high school graduates, male and female, and you can apply for jobs in BIM branches in Turkey by clicking here .

If you want to apply for jobs in Market Bim in Egypt, you can apply by sending your CV to the following email address: [email protected] .

To apply for jobs in Bim Market branches in Morocco, send your CV to the following address:  [email protected] 


Rent shop for BIM stores

The market opens its branches only through its own facilities and does not have any applications for selling franchises or trademark rights.

If you own a store, you can generate income by renting the shop to the Bim store, as this method provides stable and guaranteed income with distinct rental offers.

You can fill out the application form to get your store rental offers by clicking here in case you are in Turkey.

In the event that you have a store in Egypt and want to rent it, you can fill out the form in renting a store for BİM market in Egypt to rent your store and guarantee a permanent and continuous return.

But if you have a store in Morocco, you can click to rent a store to Bim market in Morocco .

Investing in Bim Market

You can invest in the BIM store by buying market shares that are listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange BIST 100, as the market share provides high profit returns.

In the event that you want to buy Market Beam shares, you can do so easily through Yapı Kredi Bank, which provides its customers with the service of buying shares on the Turkish Stock Exchange very easily and at low prices.

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You can view all information related to investing in the BIM store in English through the official website of the market, which can be accessed by clicking here .