Yapi Kredi Bank

Learn about the details of the Turkish Yapi Kredi Bank

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YapıKredi bankası is one of the largest private commercial banks in Turkey. It ranks fourth in the list of banks with the largest assets in Turkey.

Yapi Kredi Bank branches are spread all over the Republic of Turkey, As the number of its branches reaches 835, It serves more than 13 million customers.

Yapı Kredi Bank

The Turkish Koç family owns a large stake in the bank in partnership with the Italian UniCredit Group.

The bank’s assets until the end of the first quarter of 2020 amounted to 434.9 billion Turkish liras, The volume of loans on an annual basis provided by the bank until the first quarter of 2020 amounted to 336.3 billion Turkish liras.

• Services provided by Yapi Kredi Bank

The bank offers a number of distinguished banking services, most notably:

  1. pay bills
  2. Unlimited Banking
  3. Western Union Transfers
  4. credit cards
  5. discount cards
  6. insurance products
  7. Safe Deposit Funds Investment Products
  8. taxes
  9. Mortgage

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Yapi Kredi Bank also provides the possibility of speculation in the Turkish Stock Exchange and the purchase of all types of shares, In addition to its smart assistant, Which publishes periodic reports containing recommendations about the most popular stocks in the stock exchange with reports in Turkish explaining the reason for the recommendation.

Swift code yabi credit bank

To make international transfers to an account in Yapi Kredi Bank, you can use the bank’s Swift code: YAPITRISXXX

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• Credit Rating of Yapi Kredi Bank 2020

Fitch Rating

long-term foreign exchangeb +negative
Long-term local currencyb +stable
short term foreign exchangeB
short term local currencyB
feasibility ratingb +
Support Rating5
long-term nationalA + (tur)stable
unsecured debtb +

Moody’s rating

Long-term foreign currency depositsb 3negative
Long-term deposits in local currencyb 2negative
Short-term foreign exchange depositnot prime
local currency short term depositnot prime
National Domain AssessmentA2.tr
unsecured debtb 2

• Download Yapicredi Bank App

You can reach Yapi Kredi Bank by visiting the nearest branch to you. You can also visit the bank’s website by clicking here . You can also download the application, which supports English and Turkish languages, for the Android system and the İOS system .

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