Turkey’s Economic Pulse: Analyzing April 2024 Turnover Indices


I’ve been closely monitoring Turkey’s economic indicators. The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK Kurumsal (tuik.gov.tr)) has just released the turnover indices for April 2024, offering valuable insights into the country’s economic performance across various sectors. Let’s dive deep into this data and explore its implications for Turkey’s economy.

Overall Economic Performance

Annual Growth Overview

The total turnover index, encompassing industry, construction, trade, and services sectors, shows a remarkable year-on-year growth of 71.9% in April 2024. This substantial increase indicates a robust economic recovery and expansion compared to the previous year.

Sector-Specific Annual Changes

Here’s a breakdown of the annual changes in turnover indices for April 2024:

SectorAnnual Change (%)

All sectors demonstrated significant growth, with the services sector leading at an impressive 88.1% increase.

Detailed Sector Analysis

Services Sector

  • Annual Growth: 88.1%
  • Key Insights:
  • Strongest performance among all sectors
  • Suggests a strong rebound in consumer spending
  • Possible boost in tourism and hospitality industries

Construction Sector

  • Annual Growth: 78.4%
  • Key Insights:
  • Second-highest growth rate
  • Indicates renewed confidence in real estate investments
  • Possible increase in infrastructure projects

Trade Sector

  • Annual Growth: 72.7%
  • Key Insights:
  • Robust performance in both wholesale and retail
  • Reflects improved consumer confidence
  • Suggests increased spending power

Industry Sector

  • Annual Growth: 62.4%
  • Key Insights:
  • Lowest increase among all sectors, yet still strong
  • Potential challenges: supply chain disruptions, increased production costs

Monthly Trends

While annual figures show impressive growth, monthly changes provide insights into recent economic trends.

Monthly Changes Overview

SectorMonthly Change (%)

Analysis of Monthly Trends

  1. Overall Trend:
  • Total turnover index increased by 0.3% compared to March 2024
  • Indicates slight overall improvement in economic activity
  1. Sector-Specific Monthly Changes:
  • Services: Led growth with a 4.0% increase
  • Trade: Slight uptick of 0.7%, suggesting steady consumer activity
  • Industry: Minor decline of 0.2%, possibly due to seasonal factors
  • Construction: Significant drop of 9.0%, potential cause for concern

Implications and Outlook

Key Takeaways

  1. Services sector is leading the economic recovery
  2. Construction sector shows strong annual growth but faces short-term challenges
  3. Industry and trade sectors demonstrate steady performance with room for improvement

Future Considerations

  • Monitor whether monthly trends in construction and industry reverse
  • Watch if the services sector can maintain its strong momentum
  • Next release on July 11, 2024, will provide further insights

Recommendations for Policymakers and Investors

  • Support the thriving services sector
  • Address potential headwinds in construction and industry
  • Maintain a balanced approach, considering both short-term fluctuations and long-term trends


The April 2024 turnover indices paint a picture of an economy in robust recovery when viewed year-on-year. However, the more subdued monthly changes suggest that the pace of growth might be stabilizing.

While the year-on-year figures show impressive growth across all sectors, the monthly data reveals a more nuanced picture of Turkey’s economy. It’s essential to keep a close eye on these trends in the coming months to gauge the true direction of the country’s economic recovery and growth.

As we move forward, the focus should be on sustaining the momentum in high-performing sectors while addressing challenges in others. This balanced approach will be crucial for nurturing sustainable economic growth in Turkey.

Abdullah Habib
Abdullah Habib

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