Youtube premium Turkey .. Prices, Plans and discounts 2023


Youtube premium Turkey is one of the best way to watch videos and Youtube and listen to music for cheap prices.

We’ll look at everything YouTube Premium has to offer and how to decide if it’s right for you.

Youtube Premium Benefits Turkey

There are no ads on YouTube videos

The best thing about YouTube Premium is that it does not show any ads on YouTube videos. So, like, there are other ways to get around those annoying ads on YouTube, but YouTube does not really approve of them and the creators do not get paid for their hard work. So basically, there are not any ads on any device, like smart TVs, gaming consoles, or your phone.

Ad blockers are, like, a big reason why YouTube wants to jack up the price of its service. YouTube has been the go-to place for finding free movies for, like, forever. But dang, it is expensive to keep and stream all those videos. If people keep saying no to ads, YouTube’s gotta figure out different ways to make money.

We totally get how annoying ads can be, especially when you gotta sit through a 15-second commercial just to watch a 30-second YouTube video. That is why we do not put ads on our website. Do you want them to bounce? You can totally pay for YouTube Premium in a way that helps out both the service and the awesome people who make the videos you love watching.

So, like, YouTube takes the cash it gets from peeps who pay for Premium and splits it up between the channels those peeps watch. So, like, when you watch your fave channels with Premium, they make money that they would not have gotten from ads.

Youtube Music Turkey

It includes a YouTube Premium membership, as well as access to YouTube Music Premium. If you are unfamiliar with YouTube Music, it is a service that allows you to listen to music on the move. This took the role of Google Play Music when it was phased out in late 2020.

There is no charge to use YouTube Music or any other service that lets you listen to music online. In addition, you get ad-free access, the ability to play music in the background, and the ability to download music so you can listen to it when you’re not at home.

If you already have YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium in Turkey will cost you $1.4 per month. This significantly improves the service’s value. If you don’t already have a membership to Spotify, Apple Music, or another service, you may acquire two subscriptions at once and enjoy them both.

Downloads Video and Background Play

You can save videos to your iPhone or Android phone and view them when you aren’t connected to the Internet. This is useful if you have a restricted data plan and want to view movies on the move or in situations where the internet is unavailable, such as on a plane.

Unlimited access to YouTube Originals

Even if you don’t mind viewing advertising on YouTube, there are a few more benefits that may make YouTube Premium worthwhile. One of the initial advantages of subscribing for YouTube Premium was the ability to watch YouTube Originals, a collection of programmes created by YouTube.

YouTube, on the other hand, has lately made many of its own programmes freely accessible to all users. Free users may now view YouTube Originals videos with advertisements in the same way that they can watch any other video. Some episodes may not be accessible to watch at any particular moment, but the bulk of Originals programming, in our experience, are available to everyone.

There are some benefits to being a YouTube Premium member, though. Subscribers can also watch all the episodes of a show as soon as they are released. They can also see things like deleted scenes and director’s cuts.

See what’s new on the YouTube Originals page. Some Premium videos are only available to people who pay for them.

You can use other programmes on your phone while viewing videos and listening to music on YouTube; your phone can remain on in the background and continue to play music or video even while the phone screen is locked. To take use of this function, you must pay a monthly fee in order to listen to uninterrupted and ad-free music. The pricing of a YouTube Premium subscription in 2022 is as follows:

  • Youtube Premium Family membership price: 59.99 TL (2.2 USD)
  • Youtube Premium Individual membership price: 29.99 TL (1.1 USD)
  • Youtube Premium Student Membership price: 19.99 TL (0.80 USD)

How to Become a Youtube Premium Member in Turkey

To become a Youtube Premium member, go to your profile on your computer or mobile device and click on the Youtube Premium tab in the premium membership area here.

  • The packages will be listed in the tab that will appear.
  • The first month is free for you to try.
  • It offers the chance to examine its features in more detail during the trial period.
  • If you like the application after the trial period, you can choose a package by subscribing.

Youtube premium family Turkey

In order for a family to benefit from the Youtube Premium package, they must be at the same home address.

Up to 5 people can use this package. In order to have the Youtube Premium family application, you need to create a family group on Youtube.

Every 12 months, family groupings may be changed, and each family member’s picture, name, surname, and e-mail address must be recorded. When compared to other subscription pricing, the Youtube Premium family plan is the most affordable, costing just 25.99 TL.

Is YouTube Premium Worth It in Turkey An Honest Review

If you’re on the fence about whether to sign up for YouTube Premium in Turkey, you’re not alone. There are some factors to consider when considering the worth of youtube premium include:

  • How often you use YouTube and whether you find ads to be a nuisance
  • Whether you frequently watch videos on the go or in areas without reliable internet
  • How important access to exclusive content is to you
  • Whether the background play feature is something you would use often

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