Turkish Post .. A comprehensive guide to the services it provides with a history of 180 years

البريد التركي

The General Directorate of Turkish Post (Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı) PTT, is one of the most important bodies in Turkey that provide shipping services and financial payments.

The Turkish Post Authority is one of the oldest bodies established in Turkey, as its roots extend to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, and from then until now it continues to provide its services to all.

Turkish post

History of Turkish Post (Ottoman Era)

The Turkish Post was established on October 23, 1840 as a separate ministry to meet the postal needs of the Ottoman Empire citzens and foreigners as a result of the developments in the Tanzimat Decree in the era of Sultan AbdulMajid Khan the First.

The first post office was opened in the yard of the new Yeni cami mosque in Istanbul under the name of Postahane Amiri.

Turkish Post in the era of the Ottoman Empire

The Telegraph in the Ottoman Empire

After the invention of the telegraph in 1843 AD, 11 years later, the telegraph service began in the Ottoman Empire, and a separate Telegraph Directorate was established in 1855 to organize this service.

In 1871, the Postakhana and the Telegraph Directorate were merged and transferred to the Ministry of Post and Telegraph.

Parcels and remittances in the era of the Ottoman Empire

In 1876 AD, the international postal transport network was established, and in 1901 parcels and remittances began to be accepted through the Ministry of Post and Telegraph.

The history of telephone in the Ottoman Empire

After operating the first manual telephone exchange in Istanbul on May 23, 1909, the Ministry of Post and Telegraph was transformed into the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone in 1909, and in 1913 its name was changed to the General Directorate of Post, Telegraph and Telephone.

Ottoman Mail

History of Turkish Post (Republic Era)

The General Directorate of Post, Telegraph and Telephone Services, which was subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior in the early years of the Turkish Republic, was attached to the Ministry of Public Works to save budget in 1933, and to the Ministry of Transport in 1939.

The Turkish post continued its services and important role in the republic era.

In 2013, the Turkish Postal Service acquired the name “ Posta Telgraf Teşkilatı ” which means Turkish Postal and Telegraph Organization and is called for short PTT.

Turkish Post in the era of the Republic

Turkish post postal services

The Turkish Post Authority PTT provides two types of services:

Services within Turkey

Sending and receiving mail: With the exception of books, catalogs, newspapers and periodicals, it refers to all types of shipments, including telegram written on any physical medium or prepared in the form of an electronic message, which must be shipped and delivered to the address specified in the shipment.

Sending postcards: Photo cards, business cards, printed greeting and celebration cards, printed cards on New Year’s Eve and holidays cards can be sent.

Sending shipments and parcels: The Turkish Post Authority sends all shipments and parcels to all parts of the Turkish Republic, with APS Kurye service, provided that the maximum weight of the shipment is 2 kg.

Shipping service conditional on the recipient’s payment: it is the shipments that cover the items that will be sent to the mail provided that they are delivered to the recipient in exchange for a certain amount of money and the money collected is sent to the sender

The service of receiving the shipment from a specific address: The service of receiving the shipment from a predetermined address from the sender applies for an additional fee.

Air freight services:
If you want printed papers to be delivered to their destination more quickly, the sender may request an aviation service for their shipment. To perform this service, the special service fee indicated in the tariff must be paid in full in addition to the postage.

Postal services outside Turkey

Sending mail: This service includes sending written letters, postcards, printed papers, small shipments, or articles for the blind outside Turkey.

Notification service of arrival.

Shipping service and consignee payment.

Shipping of parcels.

Shipping services provided by Turkish Post

The Post Authority in Turkey offers shipping services at competitive prices that are divided into two parts:

Shipping within Turkey

The Turkish Post Authority provides shipping service inside Turkey for parcels with a maximum weight of thirty kilograms / liter.

There are many additional services available for shipping within Turkey, including: collecting the shipping price from the recipient, receiving the shipment from a specific address, informing the delivery, going and returning.

Shipping outside Turkey

Express shipping: This service is available for shipping from Turkey to 110 countries, which you can use for international shipments that you want to deliver to the recipient quickly. Most of the Middle East, European and American countries are included in this service.


Money transfer services provided by Turkish Post

Transfer of funds within Turkey:

By applying to any Turkish Post branch, you can send a money order instantly to the name or address you want in Turkish lira, in addition to the US dollar or the euro.

Post can deliver money within Turkey to homes or specific addresses, with a maximum of 5,000 Turkish liras for the transfer.

Transferring funds outside Turkey:

Funds can be transferred outside of Turkey with Turkish post to Azerbaijan and the Republic of Northern Cyprus by Electronic system.

Funds can also be transferred to the following countries via the EuroGiro system: Germany, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgarian, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Money can also be transferred to the following countries manually by visiting post branches: Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia (money order fax), Iran, State of Qatar, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Egypt, Moldova, Sudan, Syria.

PTT cars

Western Union transfers with Turkish post

International money transfers are sent from more than 2.000 branches of the Turkish Post Authority at the level of the Republic of Turkey, provided that money transfers reach the recipient within 30 minutes at the latest through this service.

Western Union transfers in Turkey can also be received from post offices by filling out a form and showing proof of identity to the postal employee, and receiving the transfer in US dollars or euros or what is equivalent to them in Turkish liras.

Wise is one of the best ways to transfer money in Turkey easily, quickly and safely, as it is characterized by its lower transfer fees than Western Union and banks.


Wise advantages

  • Wise is completely secure for all types of transfers.
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  • Transfer fees are straightforward, and there are no hidden Fees.
  • The conversion process is done easily on the Internet.
  • The funds are automatically transferred to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Wise has around 750 different currencies to transfer, including the Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, and Egyptian Pound.

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Tracking Turkish Post shipments

You can track the route of the Turkish mail shipment by clicking here in English and here in Turkish, then clicking on the search mark, which will take you to a list of dates and places to which your shipment is heading.

Turkish Post shipping rates

Turkish Post provides competitive cheap prices and the prices can be known accurately by specifying the required service and the country / city to be shipped to by clicking here .

Knowing the time taken to deliver the Turkish mail shipment

The shipment within Turkey usually takes between one to three days depending on the shipping distance, and the time taken for shipment varies from country to country, and you can know the exact time for shipment by specifying the country / city and the desired shipping service by clicking here .

Other services provided by the Turkish Postal Authority

The Turkish Post Company provides various other services, including the PTT online store, the Turkish Postal Bank, in addition to telegraph services, and the sale of postage stamps for hobbyists and collectors.

When was the Turkish Post Authority established

The Turkish Post was established in the year 1840 in the era of the Ottoman Caliphate under the name “Postakhana Amir” to provide its services to citizens and foreigners.

What are the services provided by Turkish Post

The Turkish Post Authority provides many services, most notably the shipment of letters and parcels, in addition to money transfers inside and outside Turkey.

Can money be transferred by Turkish post

Yes, Turkish Post provides money transfer services inside and outside Turkey in addition to Western Union service.

How can I receive a Western Union transfer from Turkish Post

You can receive the transfer by visiting the nearest post office, filling out a form and showing proof of identity, then you can then receive the transfer in dollars or Turkish lira.


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