Kanal D Turkey : Full Guide

As an avid viewer of Turkish television, I was eager to dive deeper into Kanal D, one of the country’s leading private broadcasters. Having entertained Turkish audiences since 1993 with its addictive selection of dramas, shows, and movies, Kanal D has grown into a ratings powerhouse and cultural phenomenon.

In this in-depth look at Kanal D Turkey, I’ll be covering:

  • Kanal D’s background and history
  • Its primetime drama series that Turkish audiences love
  • Other programming like news, reality competitions, and documentaries
  • How to watch Kanal D in Turkey on satellite, cable, and online
  • What the future outlook is for this leading Turkish channel

Whether you’re visiting Turkey or living here as an expat, read on for a helpful guide to discovering Kanal D.

Kanal D Turkey

A Brief History of Kanal D Turkey

Kanal D traces its origins back to 1993, when it was jointly founded by Turkish business tycoons Ayhan Şahenk and Aydın Doğan. The channel began test broadcasts that September before officially launching in December.

In the early years, Kanal D helped popularize Turkish television dramas that became hits across the Middle East and Balkans. The network quickly grew into one of Turkey’s “big four” national channels.

Kanal D modernized its operations over the years, moving to a new headquarters in 2004 and launching high definition (HD) programming in 2008 – a first for a Turkish nationwide broadcaster.

In 2018, following Aydın Doğan’s sale of his media assets, Kanal D was acquired by Demirören Holding. But the channel has retained its position as a ratings leader in Turkey.

Kanal D’s Addictive dramas and Other Notable Programs

As Turkey’s #1 channel for locally produced dramas, or “dizi”, Kanal D has helped catapult numerous series to domestic and international fame. Some of the biggest hit dizi to air on Kanal D include:

  • Aşk-ı Memnu – Iconic 2008 dizi based on a novel by Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil.
  • Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? – Groundbreaking drama from 2010-2012 that tackled sensitive issues.
  • İntikam – Gripping 2013 series about a woman seeking justice against her enemies.
  • Arka Sokaklar – Longest running police drama on Turkish TV, on the air since 2006.
  • Yargı – Recently finished legal thriller that was a rating hit in 2019-2022.

Beyond dizi, Kanal D also produces popular shows in other genres:

  • Kanal D Haber – Flagship newscast airing daily at 7 pm.
  • Gelinim Mutfakta – Long running cooking competition airing weekdays.
  • Arda’nın Mutfağı – Popular weekend cooking program hosted by Arda Türkmen.
  • Kanal D Belgesel Kuşağı – Diverse documentary programming.

This diverse mix of high-quality Turkish content has fueled Kanal D’s success.

Watching Kanal D in Turkey

For those visiting or living in Turkey eager to check out Kanal D, the channel is widely available on:

Satellite – Kanal D can be found on Turksat 4A. The HD feed is on 12245 H 27500 5/6.

Cable – Major cable operators like Digiturk (channel 25) and KabloTV (channel 58) carry Kanal D.

IPTV – Kanal D is on IPTV providers like Tivibu (channel 23) and Turkcell TV+ (channel 22).

Online – Live streaming available at kanald.com.tr, Requires Turkish TV provider account.

Kanal D’s broad distribution makes it easily accessible across Turkey on any major television service.

The Future for Turkey’s Leading Entertainment Channel

Looking ahead, Kanal D seems poised to continue leading the way as Turkey’s most-watched nationwide commercial broadcaster.

While competition is increasing, Kanal D’s hit dramas, long-running franchises and investment in high quality production will likely enable it to maintain its ratings dominance.

If Kanal D sticks to its successful formula of addictive dizi, news and light entertainment, it should retain its status as Turkey’s premier channel for locally-produced content.

For expats and foreigners looking to immerse themselves in Turkish popular culture, Kanal D remains essential viewing – both today and in the future.


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