Top 30 Turkish rugs brands .. Your full carpet guide 2023

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We will cover in this article the top 30 Turkish rugs brands including all kind of carpets and from all price ranges.

Everyone loves Turkish rugs, with their famous high quality and special designs combined with an affordable prices, buying a Turkish rugs becomes something essential for your house.

Turkish rugs

About Turkish rugs

Throughout history, Turkish rugs has been a household item utilized to address the requirement for a pleasant and warm floor. Although animal skins are the earliest carpets used in history, colors and patterns have been stitched on the carpets throughout time. According to some academics, Central Asian Turks created the earliest woven carpet models in history.

Turkish rugs or Ottoman carpets are still among the most sought-after carpet styles today. The carpet models are sold by world-famous carpet companies.

We will cover the top carpet brands and diverse carpet models. This list of carpet brand names is not sorted by any criterion.

The carpet brand at the top does not always represent the greatest carpet brand.

Top 30 Turkish rugs brands


Ikea is a world-renowned retailer of home furnishings that virtually everyone is familiar with. Except for specific furniture models, IKEA does not manufacture any of the things it offers. It also collaborates with several manufacturers on new carpet types. Ikea carpet models, on the other hand, guarantee that they are among the greatest carpet brands in terms of quality and style.

Ikea carpet models;

  • Large Carpets
  • Small Size Carpets
  • Ikea Children’s Carpet
  • Baby room rug
  • Mats

Ikea carpet kinds are available at ikea shops and on the ikea website. In terms of carpet costs, Ikea offers a diverse selection of carpets in a variety of styles, including ikea rug models, ikea runners, and ikea straw carpets.


Merinos Carpet, founded in 1970, is one of Turkey’s most well-known and finest carpet companies.

Merino carpets, which can be found in practically every house today, are the first carpets that spring to mind for consumers searching for quality and beauty.

Merino carpet types and pricing may vary from dealer to dealer due to the country’s extensive dealer network.

Merino carpet kinds are also available on a variety of e-commerce sites.

This brand’s most popular goods are merino runners and merino children’s carpet models.

INFORMATION: To prevent dust from gathering between the pile yarns and on the floor, maintain the carpet by cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner at regular intervals.

Although the costs of Merino carpets vary greatly, carpets for any budget, from cheap to costly, can be obtained.

Saray Halı

Saray Hal, which was founded in 1972, is one of the best Turkish rugs brands. It distributes carpets in Turkey via roughly 1000 dealers and exports carpets to 50 countries due to its great manufacturing capability.

Many sorts of carpets may be found in palace carpet models, particularly children’s carpets and living room carpets.

Palace carpet goods may be found in every home since the costs of palace carpets are affordable to everybody.


Dinarsu is a carpet company founded in Istanbul in 1955. Dinarsu produces wall-to-wall carpet models , living room carpets and runner models.

Dinarsu is one of the top quality carpet companies that spring to mind first in Turkey when it comes to wall-to-wall carpets. Although it is among the finest in this area, Dinarsu wall-to-wall carpet costs remain affordable to anyone.

Dinarsu Hal also manufactures synthetic grass carpet variants.

Dinarsu carpet models available at dinarsu shops and on Turkish online shopping websites:

  • Dinarsu Runner and Mat
  • Garden Synthetic Grass Carpet
  • Living Room Carpet
  • Wall to Wall Carpet

Enza Home

Enza Home is the home textile brand of Enza, a Yataş furniture company. Because Enza home carpet models are manufactured in suitable designs and ideas with enza furniture goods, you may pick from enza carpet models with confidence if you have enza furniture in your house.

Among the Enza carpet models are patchwork carpet, living room carpet, and kilim carpet.

Carpets should be maintained away from stoves and other heating equipment.


Mudo is a brand that mostly provides home furnishings. However, it is becoming more usual for firms that offer home goods, such as Ikea and Enza, to also sell carpets.

Mudo Concept shops offer home goods in addition to furniture. The carpet models, like other mudo items, are divided into collections that are appropriate for various styles.

This is sufficient to place the mudo brand among the greatest carpet brands.

Mudo carpets, rugs, and runner types are available in both real and online Mudo shops.

Turkish carpets


Since 2011, Evidea has been an e-commerce website specializing on home items. Evidea, which began opening physical shops in 2019, will have 7 locations in Istanbul and Tekirda by 2021.

Evidea carpet models include carpet models from a variety of manufacturers in this high school since it is not a carpet producer.

In other words, you may purchase carpets from different companies via the evidea website or shop.

Main Evidea carpet models:

  • Evidea carpet
  • Evidea rug
  • Evidea kitchen rug models

İpek Halı

Ipek Carpet, which started its operations in 1972, is among the best Turkish rugs brands . Silk carpet models, which are designed to adapt to every home, can be used with peace of mind for many years with their high quality.

Silk carpet prices, which do not strain the budgets as well as high quality, are at average levels.

Kuga Carpet

Kuga carpet is a carpet brand that is mainly sold on Turkish e-commerce sites. Among the Kuga carpet models, mainly post carpet models come to the fore. Those looking for cheap post carpet types such as round post carpets and post rugs can choose kuga carpets.

Padişah Halı

Padişah Halı is a carpet brand owned by Erdemolu Holding, which also owns the Merinos carpet brand. Sultan carpet variants may be found in every area of Turkey, thanks to almost 4000 different styles.

Sultan Carpet models include carpet varieties such as house carpets and bedroom carpets among the greatest carpet companies.

Sanat Halı

Sanat Hal, which was founded in 1985, is one of Turkey’s most well-known rugs brands. Among the most popular carpet models are art inside carpet, art nighttime carpet, and art luxury carpet.

Sanat Hal rug models may be viewed and bought at over 700 sales outlets around Turkey.

The firm has no direct online sales and cannot guarantee the art carpet models offered on e-commerce sites.

Brilliant Carpet

Brillant rug company is well-known for its curtain and carpet items. It is one of the top quality carpet companies that housewives can readily get because to its extensive dealer network.

Brilliant carpet models are available for viewing at sales outlets or via the Brilliant Virtual Store.


In 1994, Confetti Carpet joined the carpet business by making bathroom carpets. Unlike traditional carpet models, it now creates sectoral carpet models.

Confetti carpet include:

  • Mosque carpet models,
  • Artificial grass carpet,
  • Hotel carpet
  • Patterned children’s rugs

Angora Carpet

In compared to many other carpet firms, Angora carpet is a new carpet company, however it is one of the top carpet brands. Angora Carpet was established in 2001 and is well-known for its living room carpet and runner variants.

These stores offer angora carpet models, which are accessible across Turkey.

Step Carpet

When the greatest carpet brands or luxury carpet companies are discussed, step carpet is one of the ones that comes to mind. As a result, it is one of the most costly carpet brands.

Step contemporary carpet models are those that completely embody the notion of modern carpet companies.
Step carpet pricing may be found at shops in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin carpet is one of the top carpet brands in Turkey because it combines the force of the world-famous Pierre Cardin brand with carpet. Pierre Cardin carpet types are made with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials.

Many households have pierre cardin living room carpets and pierre cardin oval carpets thanks to its extensive sales network.


As most of us are aware, the Bellona brand is one of the top furniture brands in Turkey. However, many furniture companies now manufacture and sell not just furniture but also household textiles such as curtains, bedding, and rugs.

One of the greatest examples of this style is the Bellona carpet. Because of the extensive bellona distribution network, bellona carpet models are widely accessible and available.

Bella Maison

The Bella Maison brand offers shopping center storefronts and online home items. Bella Maison, which sells a wide range of home goods, is a popular company, particularly for its rug designs, despite the fact that it is not very extensive.

Balla Maison has more than ten storefronts and online sites where you can explore and purchase kilim models.

Koza Halı

Koza Carpet, which began carpet manufacturing in the 1980s, is one of our country’s most well-known carpet brands. Koza carpet types and pricing are created in line with Turkish rugs habits and economic structure.

Koza carpet models come in a variety of styles, including living room carpets, children’s carpets, mats, and rugs. Koza carpet costs are reasonable and easy on the wallet.

Payidar Halı

Not every carpet brand is available in a physical shop. Some companies solely make products for e-commerce. Payidar Carpet is a carpet company that does not have a physical location and sells its goods via huge e-commerce platforms.

On the most popular internet purchasing sites, you may get economical payidar carpet runner models.

Even though the Payidar carpet models are not of great quality, they are among the top carpet brands since they are widely accessible and affordable.

Bahariye Carpet

Bahariye Carpet, founded in 1980, is one of the oldest carpet enterprises. Among the Bahariye carpet styles are traditional living room carpets, cut runners, mosque carpets, thin carpets, rugs, and business carpets.

Bahariye carpets are available for purchase via their own carpet shops as well as huge e-commerce sites.

Halica Halı

Halica Carpet is a firm that makes Turkish rugs for numerous applications as well as household carpets. Hand woven carpet models, leather carpet models, custom design carpet models, wall-to-wall carpet models, and mosque carpet models are all available.

Madame Coco

Madame Coco is not a carpet brand, but it is a home goods brand that practically everyone is familiar with. In addition to various high-quality home items, historical carpet models, post carpet models, contemporary carpet models, ethnic patterned carpets, and velvet carpet products are available.

Madame Coco carpet items may be purchased via the brand’s own e-commerce portal, physical shops, or huge e-commerce sites.

Else Carpet

Else Carpet is a carpet company that uses 3D printing technology to create antibacterial carpets, anti-allergenic 3D carpet models, and 3D rugs.

Because of the infinite model possibilities and customizable manufacturing options, 3D carpet models are more practical than woven carpets. As a result, many individuals like it.

Hepsi Home

Hepsi home brand is a brand developed by Hepsiburada‘s e-commerce site for home décor items. Among the carpet kinds in Hepsiburada are post carpet models, shaggy carpet models, and rabbit hair carpets.

With their individual models, all household brands in the middle of the carpet price range are a good choice.


Vivense is an online store that offers home design and furnishings. The site sells items from several of the Turkish rugs companies on this list, as well as carpets under its own brand called vivense collection.

Vivense carpets:

  • vivense hand woven carpet
  • vivense rug
  • vivense baby rug
  • vivense children’s rug
  • vivense jute rug
  • vivense round carpet
  • vivense patchwork carpet

Artemis Carpet

Artemis carpet is one of the new carpet companies that debuted in 2012. Artemis carpet models, which generate carpets that are above average in terms of quality and pricing, may be purchased via the company’s sales locations or e-commerce sites.

Ayyıldız Carpet

Ayyldz carpet is a carpet company known for its geometric patterned contemporary carpets. Major e-commerce sites sell the brand’s carpet kinds.

Royal Carpet

Royal Carpet is a well-known carpet company that was founded in 2004 and is regarded as one of the top carpet companies.

Royal Carpet manufactures and distributes carpet items such as runners, rugs, carpets, and mats via its extensive sales network.

For individuals seeking for traditional carpet models, royal carpet models are among the top alternatives.

Cashmere Carpet

Kasmir Carpet is a carpet company founded in 2005 in Gaziantep. Classic living room carpets and oval carpet models are two of the most popular cashmere carpet designs.

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