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Top Turkish Jeans & Denim Clothing Manufacturers | Top Turkish Jean Brands | Full Guide

Discover best Turkish jeans manufacturers, equipped with the latest technological machinery and skilled craftsmen who produce high-quality denim products, both for domestic consumption and international export.

These brands leverage the country’s rich textile heritage, blending traditional techniques with modern trends, to create distinctive denim pieces. For anyone looking to delve into the world of denim, understanding Turkey’s role is indispensable.

Turkish Jeans

Best 10 Jeans Brands in Turkey

1. Mavi Jeans

From its roots in the bustling city of Istanbul in 1991, Mavi Turkish Brand has grown to establish itself as a global denim powerhouse, exemplifying Turkish craftsmanship and style on the world stage.

  • Historical Roots: Mavi’s journey began in 1991, in Istanbul, and quickly expanded to become a recognized and beloved brand both domestically and internationally.
  • Global Reach: With its extensive network of over 5,500 POS and 440 mono-brand stores worldwide, Mavi has truly established its international footprint. In 2019 alone, they sold approximately 10 million denim items globally.
  • Retail Strategy: Mavi’s rapid growth in the retail sector commenced in 2008 in Turkey. By 2019, the brand proudly managed 314 directly operated mono-brand retail stores and had franchised stores totaling 381 within Turkey.
  • Quality & Strategy: Mavi has been steadfast in its commitment to superior quality. Its “Perfect Fit” strategy has enabled it to seamlessly cater to customer needs, ensuring a harmonious balance between premium quality and exceptional value.
  • Market Positioning: Positioned between the ‘core’ and ‘premium’ segments of the jeans market, Mavi has skillfully established its brand image, which is further solidified through collaborations with renowned designers, such as Adriano Goldschmied.
  • Recognition: In 2018, according to a GfK report, Mavi was recognized as the number one jeans brand in Turkey for top-of-mind awareness, boasting a staggering 58%.

2. Colin’s Jeans

One of the jewels of Eroglu Group, Colin’s Jeans stands tall as a beacon of modern design and comfort in the world of denim, resonating with both domestic and international audiences.

  • Group’s Legacy: Colin’s Jeans is a significant entity within the Eroglu Group, which also boasts another popular brand, LOFT.
  • Global Footprint: Colin’s Jeans has successfully marked its presence in 700 stores across 38 countries, proudly standing as a market leader in places like Russia.
  • Founding and Growth: Colin’s has been an integral part of Turkey’s fashion scene since 1992 and now employs around 5,500 dedicated individuals.
  • Brand Philosophy: Beyond just being a ready-made clothing brand, Colin’s believes in enriching people’s lives. Their ethos revolves around three pillars: INNOVATION, FIT, and QUALITY, aiming to offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability.
  • Product Range: Catering to a wide demographic, Colin’s offers an array of products ranging from jeans to t-shirts and outerwear for both men and women.

3. LTB Jeans

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A part of the CAK Group, LTB Jeans, originating from Eskisehir, showcases the intricate blend of traditional Turkish workmanship with a global vision, capturing the essence of modern denim fashion.

  • Group Overview: Established in 1948, the CAK Group is a diversified entity with interests in textiles, retail, chemistry, energy, and more, echoing its commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Expansion Vision: LTB’s strategic approach focuses on domestic and global growth. With an aim to appeal to every individual irrespective of age, gender, or color, LTB strives to become a global franchise.
  • Retail Strategy: Recognizing the importance of direct engagement with consumers, LTB has been investing in its own retail outlets, both domestically and globally. Today, they have 128 stores, 48 franchise stores in Turkey, 8 concept stores, and 112 franchise stores worldwide.
  • Global Presence: LTB’s denim resonates with customers in 71 countries, standing as a testament to its universal appeal and unmatched quality.

4. Cross Jeans

Cross Jeans, rooted in Turkey and flourishing in Europe, is a symphony of innovative design and traditional workmanship.

  • Origins: Founded in the early 1990s.
  • Brand Credibility: With over 3,200 Points of Sales and strong partners like Zalando and Amazon, it’s a force in European fashion.
  • Factory Location: Main production center in Tekirdag, Turkey.

5. Sarp Jeans

Emerging from the beautiful city of Izmir in 1983, Sarp Jeans encapsulates Turkish artistry and craftsmanship.

  • Company Evolution: Transitioned from domestic sales to export in 1986, serving prominent European brands.

6. Loft Jeans

Loft Jeans, a signature brand from Istanbul, brings urban aesthetics to the denim world, appealing to the modern and trendy.

  • Location: Based in Istanbul, the heart of Turkey’s fashion scene.

7. Rodi Jeans

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Rodi Jeans, rooted in Istanbul, represents the contemporary blend of the city’s age-old elegance and modern-day fashion pulse.

Introduction: The Humble Beginnings of a Denim Giant
Tello Jeans started with small opportunities in 1992 but has grown into a major player in Turkey’s denim industry, showcasing the spirit of persistence and growth.

  • Origins: It launched its first jeans production in January 1992, initially catering to domestic markets.

9. Rodrigo Jeans

From the vibrant streets of Istanbul, Rodrigo Jeans brings forth collections that cater to those who love to make a statement with their attire.

  • Location: Based in Istanbul, a melting pot of diverse cultures and styles.

10. Keepout Jeans

Established in 1996 under the umbrella of BA-TU TEKSTIL, Keepout Jeans is dedicated to young trendsetters who have an eye for fresh and innovative denim wear.

  • Origins: Created in 1996, aimed at catering to a youthful audience passionate about jeanswear.
  • Brand Philosophy: A blend of new trends and Turkish craftsmanship, making it a favorite among the young and the young at heart.

Top 8 Turkish Jeans & Denim Clothing Manufacturers

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1. Baykan Denim

At the helm of the global denim scene since 1998, Baykan Denim has been crafting designs that resonate with people worldwide. Their portfolio is a testament to their global reach and inspirational touch.

  • Products: Renowned for their flexible short lead-time services, Baykan provides regular (5-6 weeks) and super-fast (3-4 weeks) production.
  • Factory Insights:
    • A vast 60,000m² production area fortified with the latest machinery.
    • Equipped with a fabric warehouse, test labs, and sections for sampling, cutting, sewing, washing, finishing, and packaging.

2. Kuzgunlar Textile / Denim Producer

A torchbearer in the denim world, Kuzgunlar Textile boasts a legacy of over 20 years. The brand is synonymous with sustainable and top-notch denim production.

  • Infrastructure: Two state-of-the-art facilities in Istanbul and Kastamonu, Turkey.
  • Key Figures:
    • Production Team: 170
    • Administrative Team: 30
  • Services: Spanning modeling, cutting, sewing, finishing, and packing. Notably, washing is outsourced.

3. Rasen Textile Denim

Pioneers in fusing creativity with denim, Rasen Textile is passionate about environment-conscious production. Their dedication to sustainability is as strong as their denim fibers.

  • Eco-conscious Initiatives: They prioritize cleaning wastewater and championing R&D across their four factories for a sustainable future.

4. Akkus Textile Jeans

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Established by the Akkuş family in 1993, this brand has consistently climbed the ladder of success, launching brands such as Defray and Monter.

  • Facilities: Two major factories – one in Istanbul with 300 employees and another in Mardin with 400, showcasing the brand’s vastness.
  • Global Footprint: With esteemed clients like Zara, Mango, and DRDENIM, Akkuş Textile has undoubtedly made its mark on the international stage.

5. Eltan Denim

For over 28 years, Eltan Denim has been the guiding star in the denim universe. Their vast experience encompasses R&D, fabric sourcing, style development, sewing, and exportation, making them a one-stop solution in the denim world.

6. Fatto Group Textile

Beginning as a humble establishment in 1986, Fatto Group has grown exponentially, crafting a unique path in the Turkish textile export market.

  • Roots: Located in the heart of Istanbul, in Uskudar.
  • Services: Fatto offers comprehensive solutions encompassing manufacturing, design, and market analysis, catering to the global textile industry’s demands.

7. Guc Textile

Over two decades deep into denim, Guc Textile is the name when it comes to adding unmatched value to denim.

8. Jeanci Jeans Manufacturer

Jeanci is an exporting titan, delivering predominantly washed textile garments, including denim, canvas, and gabardine, to Europe and beyond.