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Top 10 Turkish Ceramic Tiles Brands | Tiles | Sanitaryware | Comprehensive Overview

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Turkey has been a significant hub for ceramics for centuries, deeply rooted in its rich history and tradition of craftsmanship. In the modern era, the country has continued to assert its dominance, with several brands emerging to offer a vast range of products, from tiles and sanitaryware to advanced ceramic solutions.

For individuals keen on understanding the contemporary Turkish ceramic landscape, this guide delves into the top brands and manufacturers that have shaped the industry. Whether you’re an industry professional, a home renovator, or simply a ceramic enthusiast, this guide is tailored to equip you with an in-depth understanding of Turkey’s ceramic prowess.

Turkish Ceramic Tiles Brands

Turkish Ceramic Tiles Brands

1. NG Kutahya Ceramics

  • Origin: Established in the heart of Turkey during the vibrant 1960s, NG Kutahya Seramik embarked on a journey to revolutionize the ceramic industry.
  • Mission: Striving for industry leadership through unmatched quality, service, and innovation.
  • Production Spectrum: From floor-wall tiles to glazed porcelain and the captivating glass mosaics, their production scale ranges from modest 10cmx20cm dimensions to the majestic 120cmx240cm.
  • Highlight Collections: The Origitile Collection, a blend of digital artistry and craftsmanship, and the hand-made glass mosaics named Brezza stand testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity and quality.
  • Achievement: Not only do they run Turkey’s largest ceramics factory, but they also boast the creation of the world’s largest ceramic tile.

2. Kale Ceramic Tiles

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  • Historical Roots: Kale Group’s journey began in 1957 with Canakkale Ceramic Factories Corporation, setting the foundation for Turkey’s burgeoning ceramics industry.
  • Diverse Ventures: Today, they spread their expertise across various sectors including machinery, defense, energy, and many more.
  • International Footprint: Marked as Europe’s 3rd and the world’s 12th largest ceramics manufacturer, Kale Group’s reach spans from Turkey to Italy and Russia.
  • Brands under the Umbrella:
    • Canakkale Ceramics – Specializing in ceramic tiles.
    • Kale Banyo – A one-stop solution for bathroom ceramics, faucets, and furniture.
    • Kalebodur – Renowned for ceramic tiles and poolside accessories.
  • Philanthropy: Under the guidance of founder Ibrahim Bodur, Kale Group has invested in community betterment, emphasizing education, health, and culture.

3. Vitra (By Eczacibasi Group)

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  • Beginning: Vitra’s legacy started in 1958, becoming Turkey’s pioneer in producing ceramic sanitaryware.
  • Global Expansion: Their hunger for international excellence led to key acquisitions like Engers Keramik, Villeroy & Boch AG’s Tiles Department, and luxury bathroom furniture producer Burgbad.
  • Products Offered: Ranging from wall and floor tiles with varied textures like wood, marble, and stone to a diverse range of bathroom furniture and accessories.
  • Recognition: Today, VitrA stands tall as a global brand, celebrated by top designers and architects worldwide.

4. Bien Ceramics

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  • Origin: Stemming from the diversified Ercan Group of Companies, Bien Ceramics has firmly rooted itself in both the Turkish and global building materials scene.
  • Mission: With a vision that transcends typical design paradigms, Bien is driven by an eco-conscious approach, fostering harmonious coexistence with nature.
  • Production Spectrum: Operating from their robust facilities in Bilecik and Bozüyük, they present an expansive range from wall tiles to the innovative 20mm technical porcelain tiles.
  • Highlight Collections: A commendable variety of over 100 product lines showcases their unparalleled design finesse, with each collection echoing the brand’s commitment to excellence.
  • Achievement: Apart from being Turkey’s first to leverage digital technology in tile production, they export a significant 35% of their output to nearly 70 countries, truly becoming a global ceramic ambassador.

5. Ege Seramik Tiles

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  • Origin: Birthed in Izmir in 1972 by the visionary İbrahim Polat, Ege Seramik has grown from humble beginnings to a dominant industry player.
  • Mission: To continue pushing the envelope by fusing traditional methods with avant-garde technologies, striving for “Perfect Nature, Perfect Beauty.”
  • Production Spectrum: Their expansive facility in Kemalpaşa, Izmir, has a remarkable production capacity that caters to various tiling needs.
  • Highlight Collections: Their “Digital Tile by Ege Seramik” line, introduced in 2009, represents their commitment to technological advancements and authentic design replication.
  • Achievement: Apart from pioneering digital printing technology in the Turkish Ceramic Sector, Ege Seramik’s shares have been a part of the Stock Market Istanbul since 1992, showcasing their economic prowess and trustworthiness.

6. Seranit

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  • Origin: As a torchbearer of innovative production methodologies, Seranit has consistently set benchmarks in the porcelain tile domain.
  • Mission: To shape the future of tiling by incessantly integrating cutting-edge technologies, thus redefining standards in the industry.
  • Production Spectrum: Not only did they establish Turkey’s first technical porcelain factory, but their range also includes the pioneering technical porcelain sizes, showcasing versatility and innovation.
  • Highlight Collections: Their distinctive offerings like the Super White series and the diverse range in non-standard dimensions, coupled with varied finishes, set them apart.
  • Achievement: Their reputation as trendsetters is cemented by their contributions in exterior façade application techniques, making them a preferred brand in numerous monumental projects.

7. Creavit Ceramics

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  • Origin: The brainchild of the esteemed Çanakcılar Corporate Group, Creavit began its journey in the 1960s, crafting squatting pans in a modest workshop.
  • Mission: To design products that are synonymous with aesthetics, quality, and sustainability, fueled by half a century of industry experience.
  • Production Spectrum: Creavit boasts comprehensive offerings, from ceramic sanitaryware, faucets to concealed cisterns, emphasizing innovation and versatility.
  • Highlight Collections: Their extensive bathroom concept, underpinned by an expansive product range, showcases their commitment to holistic interior solutions.
  • Achievement: With two major production sites in Zonguldak, they stand as a beacon of technology, quality, and capacity, contributing significantly to Turkey’s maritime trade in the Black Sea region.

8. Seramiksan

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  • Origin: Incepted in the vibrant 1990s by the pillars of Bloksan A.Ş., Seramiksan, located in the industrious Manisa Turgutlu region, commenced ceramic production in 1994 with an ambitious 1.5 million m2.
  • Mission: With a vision that transcends geographical boundaries, Seramiksan aims to be a world-renowned brand, integrating superior technology with aesthetic prowess.
  • Production Spectrum: From flooring and wall tiles to glazed granite, exterior cladding, and building chemical products, their expanse touches nearly every facet of the industry. Their noteworthy contribution to the sanitary ware segment, with production facilities unparalleled globally in terms of technical finesse and energy efficiency, reflects their commitment to innovation.
  • Highlight Collections: Their initial foray into production started with flooring tiles, while their venture Dekosan, established in 2005, serves both domestic and international ceramic creators in design and product enhancement.
  • Achievement: Elevating their game continually, Seramiksan launched one of the world’s few advanced porcelain tile production units in 2016, boasting an impressive capacity of 5.5 million m2.

9. Yurtbay Ceramic

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  • Origin: The formidable journey of Yurtbay began with Mr. Zeki Yurtbay, who dabbled in trade at his father’s store and took charge of brick production as a teenager. Despite challenges, he established the brick factory in Zonguldak in 1955, which, through perseverance, led to further industrial endeavors.
  • Mission: Yurtbay, grounded in a rich history of trade and production, aspires to be a touchstone of quality and innovation in the ceramic realm.
  • Production Spectrum: Venturing beyond brick manufacturing, the family leaped into the ceramic industry in 1995 with the establishment of the Yurtbay Seramik Eskişehir Plant, manifesting their expansive vision.
  • Highlight Collections: While the details of their specific collections remain vast and varied, their legacy is embedded in every tile they produce, reflecting the rich history of the Yurtbay family’s industrious journey.
  • Achievement: Overcoming adversities, Yurtbay has carved a niche for itself in the global economy, with the family’s well-rooted industrial legacy shining brightly.

10. Usak Ceramic

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  • Origin: Usak Seramik sprouted in 1972 and swiftly embarked on test productions by 1974. The company took pride in producing top-tier ceramics during its time, especially when it ventured into ceramic wall tile production in 1991.
  • Mission: Fueled by years of expertise, Usak Ceramic is dedicated to delivering exceptional ceramic products, bridging the chasm between traditional values and modern innovations.
  • Production Spectrum: Having expanded its capacity over the years, Usak Seramik’s offerings range from the finest floor tiles to wall ceramics, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.
  • Highlight Collections: The brand’s rich history is evident in each tile, with collections echoing the fusion of decades-long expertise with contemporary design trends.
  • Achievement: The synergy between Usak Seramik’s 30-year legacy and Tanislar Group’s avant-garde vision, post their collaboration in 2004, has catapulted the brand amongst the top 600 industrial enterprises.


Turkey boasts a rich history in ceramics, and in recent times, several key brands have risen to prominence in the industry. These brands, originating from different parts of the country, have unique stories, missions, and achievements. The range of products offered spans from floor-wall tiles, glazed porcelain, and captivating mosaics, to sanitaryware and building chemical products.

From the largest ceramics factory in Turkey to pioneering manufacturing techniques where products are untouched by human hands, these brands have achieved significant milestones. This guide offers a comprehensive look into the top Turkish ceramic tiles brands and manufacturers, encapsulating their essence for both enthusiasts and professionals.