Pierre Cardin Turkey

Pierre Cardin Turkey is a French men’s and women’s clothing and accessories store that offers many types of different clothes.

Pierre Cardin has all kinds of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, belts, formal wear, and hats.

Pierre Cardin Turkey

About Pierre Cardin Turkey

Pierre Cardin founded the iconic clothing brand in 1950, to become one of the greatest fashion empires of all time by channeling international fashion with its original and unusual designs.

Pierre Cardin stores have opened in many countries of the world, from America to China, where the brand produces all kinds of clothes in addition to clothes and perfumes.

The Pierre Cardin brand entered Turkey in 1993, with an agreement with the Aydinli Group, as the first brand to join the group.

Pierre Cardin Turkey brand combines quality, comfort, strength and perfection in design, in addition to reasonable prices.

Pierre Cardin clothes

Pierre Cardin offers different types of clothing with original designs and high quality fabrics.

Pierre Cardin Turkey website offers various types of women’s and men’s clothing, the most important of which are sweatshirts, jackets, T-shirts, pullovers, shirts, fabric pants, jeans, sportswear, chino pants, shorts, formal clothes, beachwear, sports pants, jackets and coats, clothes Underwear, pajamas, socks, and nightwear.

You can also buy many accessories from Pierre Cardin, the most important of which are belts, wallets, hats, winter gloves, neckties, watches, and sunglasses.

 Pierre Cardin Clothes Turkey

Pierre Cardin size table

Pierre Cardin website provides a table of different sizes for women, men and children by measuring the sizes in centimeters and comparing them with the sizes of letters, as the table contains all the available sizes.

Sizes of women’s clothing

 Upper body

Neck (cm)3233343536373839
Chest width (cm)8286909498104110116
Waist (cm)6468727680869298

Lower body

Waist (cm)6468727680869298
Hip (cm)909498102106112118124

Upper body “plus size”

Chest width (cm)86909498102108114120
Waist (cm)68727680849096102
Neck (cm)3233343536373839

Lower body “plus size”

Waist (cm)68727680849096102
Hip (cm)9498102106110116122126

Shoe sizes

European Union3637383940
United kingdom34566,5
United States of America4,55,56,57,58
Foot length (cm)22,523,5242525,5

Men size

Europe 2283032343638404040
United States of America343638404244464646
Chest width (cm)9296100104108112116122128
Waist (cm)8286909498102106112118
Hip (cm)96100104108112116120  
Neck circumference (cm)363840424446485154
Shoulder to shoulder (cm)4445464748495051,553
Sleeve length from shoulder (cm)54-5656-58 58-60 59-61 60-62 61-63 62-6362-6362-63

Shoe size table

European Union404142434445
United kingdom6,57,5899,510,5
United States of America899,510,51112
Foot length (cm)252626,527,52829

Boys’ size chart from 8-14 years old

8-9 age9-10 age10-11 age11-12 age12-13 age13-14 age14+ age
Length (cm)128-134134-140140-146146-152152-158158-164164-170
Chest (cm)64-6767-7070-7373-7676-7979-8282-85
Waist (cm)59,5-6161-62,562,5-6464-65,565,5-6767-68,568,5-70
Hip (cm)70,5-73,573,5-76,576,5-79,579,5-82,582,5-85,585,5-87,587,5-89,5
Neck circumference (cm)29,5-3030-3131-3232-3333-3434-3536

Table of sizes of clothes for girls 8-14 years old

Sizes8-9 age9-10 age10-11 age11-12 age12-13 age13-14 age14+ age
Length (cm)128-134134-140140-146146-152152-156156-160160
Chest (cm)66687073767982
Waist (cm)5960,56263,56566,568
Hip (cm)70727477808386
Neck (cm)29,53030,53131,53232,5

Table of sizes clothes for “male” children from 2-14 years

Age2-3 age3-4 age4-5 age5-6 age6-7 age7-8 age8+ age8-9 age9-10 age10-11 age11-12 age12-13 age13-14 age14+ age
Length (cm)92-9898-104104-110110-116116-122122-128128 (+)128-134134-140140-146146-152152-158158-164164 (+)
Chest (cm)54565860,5636566,6687174,578828690
Hip (cm)57606264666869,57174,57882858992

Table for “female” children 3-8 years

3-4 age4-5 age5-6 age6-7 age7-8 age8+ age
Length (cm)98-104104-110110-116116-122122-128128
Chest (cm)545658606265
Waist (cm)50,55253,55556,558
Hip (cm)586062646669

Baby clothing size chart

SizeLengththe weightChest widthWidth of the waistWidth of the pelvis
New Baby50cm2,5-3363634
0-1 month50cm3-4,538,538,537
0-3 months50-56cm4,5-6,5434342
3-6 month56-62cm6,5-845,54544,75
6-9 months62-68cm8–94746,547,5
9-12 months68-74cm9–1049,548,7550
12-18 months80-86cm10–1150,7549,7551,5
18-24 months86-92CM11-12,552,550,553
24-36 months92-98CM12,5-14,554,2552,556

Buying from Pierre Cardin Turkey website

You can buy from the Pierre Cardin Turkey by visiting the official website of  the famous clothing brand.

After entering the site, search for the clothes you want to buy in Turkish , from women’s, men’s or children’s clothes, or shoes and accessories.

  • Choose the clothes you want to buy, then choose the right size for you.
  • After choosing the clothes, click on Sepete Ekle to add to the cart.
  • Check the products you have added then click on Sepetim at the top.
  • Click on the word Alişverişi Tamamla .
  • Then log in.
  • Enter your address in Turkey.
  • After completing the payment process, the clothes will be shipped to you as soon as possible.
  • You can track your order by clicking here and typing the order number and email.
Pierre Cardin Turkey

Currently, Pierre Cardin shipping is only available inside Turkey, as the site does not provide the ability to international shipping

Buying in Turkey with international shipping

Still can’t buy in Turkey? There is no international shipping? We have your back here!

Did you know that it is now possible to shop online on Turkish websites without actually being in Turkey? The article we have created will guide you, step by step, through the process of purchasing any product from Turkey. You will be able to order items directly from a Turkısh store and have them shipped directly to your door!

Check out this article for tips on buying Turkish products abroad with worldwide delivery.

Contact Pierre Cardin Turkey

You can contact Pierre Cardin for clothing in Turkey through one of the following means:

Customers service

444 60 44


You can send a message by filling in your details and then clicking on Gönder.

Pierre Cardin discounts Turkey

Pierre Cardin offers many discounts to buyers on various clothes and accessories during the seasons and holidays, where you can see the latest offers by entering the home page of the site.

Buying from Turkey online

Besides Pierre Cardin, there are many famous Turkish sites that you can buy products from, most notably the Amazon site.

Hepsiburada is also one  of the most important Turkish websites for online shopping, besides N11 and GittiGidiyor.

Online clothes stores in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest markets for producing clothes around the world, as it is characterized by the production of high quality clothes.

Turkey contains many famous and reliable clothing brands, the most important of which are  LC Waikiki,  Defacto and koton.