Many people wonder about Online pharmacy Turkey, does it exist? what products can an online pharmacy in Turkey sells?

And In the following article, we answer the most important questions About Turkey online pharmacy.

Online pharmacy Turkey

Is there Online pharmacy in Turkey?

There is no Online pharmacy in Turkey as a drug store that sells antibiotics and painkillers online, and why is that?

According to Article 24 of the law of pharmacies in Turkey:

Drugs cannot be sold on the internet or in any other electronic environment. A website cannot be opened on behalf of pharmacy, pharmacists and pharmacies.

The law clearly explains that whoever violate this law get’s the following punishment:

In the event that these acts are detected, an administrative fine from five thousand Turkish Liras to fifty thousand Turkish Liras is imposed on the pharmacist and the intermediary person or organization. The administrative fine to be imposed in case of repetition of the actions is twice the previous penalty.

Nevertheless Turkey is a thriving market for online shops and online trading as cosmetic products are sold everywhere online.

Online pharmacy Turkey cosmetic products

If you want to buy sunscreen, hand cream, perfume or simply a skin scrub you will have a lot of options to choose from online.

Although it’s illegal to open Turkey pharmacy online but it’s legal to establish an online shopping store that is not related in one way or another to a pharmacy in Turkey.

Many cosmetic products are sold online in websites such as Trendyol which offers great prices and a wide variety of Products to buy from.

Multivitamins, Whey proteins and many other products are also sold normally online.

turkey online pharmacy
A lot of different cosmetic products for personal care isolated on white

Famous online pharmacy in Turkey

There are a lot of famous online pharmacy turkey that as mentioned before are not really drug stores that sells prescribes medicine, but these pharmacies in Turkey sells only skin care, hair care, natural products, make up, sunscreen, baby products, perfumes, and oral care products.

Dermoeczanem, kozmela, evdeeczane and vitaminler are one of the most trusted online pharmacy Turkey.

Is there Online pharmacy in Turkey?

No, online pharmacies doesn’t exist in Turkey, but cosmetic products are sold online widely.

What kind of products do Turkey online pharmacy sell?

Online pharmacies and stores in Turkey sells a wide variety of brands and products such as skin care, hair care, natural products, make up, sunscreen, baby products, perfumes, and oral care products.

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