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Fish markets in Turkey .. Your full guide 2022

Fish markets in Turkey offers great place to buy the most delicious fishes with a wide vareity.

Turkey has a lot of different kinds of sea fish that come from the mediterranean, the black and marmara sea.

Fish markets in Turkey

About Fish markets in Turkey

Turkey has been interested in establishing fish markets in all its coastal cities, as it is a country on four seas, which is manifested in the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Marmara Sea.

In addition to the large number of lakes in it, which made it a vital center for fishing, as well as made the fish trade one of the important pillars of the Turkish national economy. In this article, we will learn about the most important fish markets in Turkey.

It may be in the form of a building that includes dozens of shops selling fresh and frozen fish, or in the open air.

The fishermen bring the fish as soon as they are caught and sell it fresh. When wandering in the fish market, you hear the voices of shop owners calling to sell fish, which makes the customer confused, because of the style and beautiful presentation of the fresh fish.

But before buying fish, make sure that the fish’s skin, scales and eyes are shiny, and fresh fish usually smells of the sea.

Vendors in the market clean the fish and bring it up for sale, which is bought by small restaurants around the market. Which prepares a plate of fresh fried or grilled fish for those who want to eat a quick meal.

It is also remarkable that there are many vegetable vendors who sell salad supplies, to shorten the visitor’s way to buy fish and salad supplies together without bothering.

Best fish markets in Turkey

The displayed fish varies according to the type and size of the fish and the method of fishing, and their prices vary according to the same classification, so the price of hooked fish increases compared to those that use nets or other fishing methods.

But in general, sea bass occupies the first place in the demand market, because it contains a lot of meat and little bones, and it can be served grilled or fried in restaurants and homes, and it can also be cooked in the oven, but grilling remains the most common method.

Salmon is the second largest in the demand list. Salmon is characterized by its delicious taste and distinctive color, and it can be prepared in the oven with vegetables.

Tuna fish occupies the third place in the demand market, and is abundant in the winter season, when the demand for it increases during that period.

There are many other seasonal fish species in the Turkish fish market such as prawns that are displayed throughout the year after proper preservation.

Beşiktaş Balık Pazarı Market

It is located in the city of Istanbul. It is a large square selling fresh fish and seafood from the waters of the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea.

Kadıköy Balık Pazarı Market

Located in the Asian wing of Istanbul, it is a stall selling fresh fish and seafood. And there are places for cleaning and cooking fish. This is in addition to finding many restaurants besides the market to cook fish in the very distinctive Turkish way.

Bebek Balıkevi Market

It is located in Istanbul in the upscale neighborhood of Bebek on the Bosphorus, catering to the needs of Istanbul’s wealthy. Shrimp, oysters, salmon and fish are available at this market, which are very expensive depending on the seasons.

There is also salted fish roe, caviar and mullet. Also spread near the market restaurants to cook food.

Üsküdar Balıkçılar Çarşısı Market

It is also located on the Asian side of Istanbul in the Uskudar neighborhood, and there are closed places, and stalls selling fresh fish, the most important of which is bream.

The fish market in Turkey is mainly concentrated in Istanbul. As it is one of the coastal cities overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, so it enjoys the presence of fresh fish all year round. The culture of cooking fish in all its forms is widespread in Istanbul. It is worth noting that fish is a large and important part of Turkish cuisine.

Alacati bazaar

It is located in Izmir and the fish market opens daily at half past ten in the morning. Not only did he sell fish, but there were also places to sell fresh fruits and vegetables that the villagers brought from their natural farms. In addition to specialty local foods, as well as textile products, fabrics and accessories.

Names and types of fishes in Turkey

We have covered a the names and types most popular fishes in Turkey

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