Names and types of fish in Turkey .. Your full guide to Turkish fish 2023

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There are a lot of different types of delicious fish in Turkey that are sold in most Turkish markets.

In this article, we will cover the names of the most famous Turkish fishes.

fish in Turkey

Names of fish in Turkey

Sea bream (Çipura)

Çipura is a type of Turkish fish This fish is one of the most satisfying choices for Turkish markets due to its delicious taste and proper weight.

It is generally fished on the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Seabream weighing 180 grams or more is also called ‘lidaki’. It is worth noting that the name of this fish is pronounced in Turkish with the following “cipuura”.

Çipura fish in Tukey

Turkish sea bass (Levrek)

Levrek is a Turkish fish When the hot summer months come, sea bass is one of the most delicious fish you can taste fresh. This species is usually found on the coasts of the Mediterranean, Black, and Aegean seas. It is characterized as a low-fat meat with a delicious taste.

The name of this fish is pronounced “levrik” in Turkish.

Levrek fish Turkey

Scorpionfish (akrip)

Akrip fish is a type of Turkish fish This fish is immediately distinguished from other species by its red color on fish counters. But it is not rich in meat like seabass and bream.

Care must be taken when hunting them because they have a spine on their outer surface, which can cause a rash if you are careless about it. The name of this fish is pronounced in Turkish “Akrip”.

Red mullet (kefal)

Kefal is one of the fish in Turkey species that is distinguished from other fish by its red color, which is interspersed with yellow at the area of ​​​​the fins.

Their length usually ranges from 17 to 20 cm. So if you are a fan of big fish like bream and sea bass, then red mullet might not be the right choice for you, but if you give it a chance with salads and appetizers, you won’t regret it.

Blue fish Turkey (lufer)

Lufer is a type of Turkish fish The blue fish is known for its teeth sharp enough to break whatever it wants, and it is also known as the “Queen of the Seas”.

This fish has an irresistible interest in shiny things. That’s why shiny and well polished lures ar eimportant when fishing for Lufer.

Mackerel (kolyoz)

Kolyoz is a Mackerel Turkish fish it’s one of the types of fish that is well known to the residents of Istanbul.

The small mackerel that amateur fishermen catch in the Marmara is also called shrub. But larger species can be found in the Black Sea.

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Note that this species is most intense between November and February.

Haddock (Mezgit)

Mezgit is a type of Turkish fish Haddock is a type of fish that children love due to its similarity to chicken meat.

Served and cooked in slices. It can also be made using cornmeal. Its length is about 20-40 cm. It is abundant in the waters of the Black Sea and Marmara. In Turkish, it is pronounced “mizket”.

mezgit fish in Turkey