Transportation from Trabzon Airport to City Center .. Your Ful 19

Transportation from Trabzon Airport to City Center .. Your Full Guide 2023

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This is a full guide for transportation from Trabzon Airport to city center. Trabzon Airport is 5 km from the city center and 70 km from the city center of Rize. The airport, which is an important base for the Black Sea region, hosts many domestic and foreign tourists every year. Along with this increasing passenger traffic, transportation to the city center and the surrounding areas has also been perfected. Passengers can directly reach Trabzon city center and Giresun, Rize and Artvin districts from the airport.

From Trabzon Airport to the city center, Akçaabat, Çarşıbaşı, Vakfıkebir, Beşikdüzü and Of districts, Giresun’s Eynesil, Çavuşlu, Görele and Tirebolu districts, Rize city center and İyidere, Derepazarı, Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen and Fındıklı districts and Artvin’s HAVAŞ shuttle buses provide direct transportation services to Arhavi and Hopa districts. It is also possible to go to the city center from the airport by public transportation buses operated by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. There are also agency offices within the airport terminal building where passengers can rent a car or make private transfers.

Transportation from Trabzon Airport

Transportation from Trabzon Airport to City Center

Airport/City Center Transportation by Bus

There is no direct municipal public transportation bus from Trabzon Airport to the city center. City buses, on the other hand, run from the airport’s exit stop on the road. After a few minutes of walking, you can reach the airport exit and catch a bus to the city center. Bus lines 121, 122, 125, 139, 426, 476, and 501 stop here and travel to the city center. The journey will take about 10 minutes because the distance between the airport and the city center is short.

Trabzon Card for City Public Transport

If you plan to stay in Trabzon for a few days and plan to use public transportation for your inner city transportation, you can purchase a Metropol Trabzon Card and provide your transportation in an economical manner with all Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality public transportation vehicles and Private Public Buses. Trabzon Card can be purchased upon arrival in the city center at Card Processing Centers and Refill Dealers.

Furthermore, the Trabzon Kart mobile application allows you to learn the city bus route and times, as well as the closest Trabzon Card loading points to you based on your location. Users of IOS and Android devices can download the app from the link below.

Android and IOS

You can visit the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality transportation website to learn the current time and route information of the city bus lines .

Transportation to Airport/City Center by HAVAŞ

HAVAŞ shuttle buses will take you from Trabzon Airport to the city center. You can travel to various destinations using the HAVAŞ shuttles, which are popular among passengers due to the airport’s proximity to the city center. The HAVAŞ shuttles, which are organized according to all domestic flights, make it simple and easy to get to the city center. The HAVAŞ buses departing from the arrivals hall can take you to various points throughout the city and district settlements. Depending on traffic, the journey from the airport to Trabzon city center takes about 30 minutes.

Airport – Trabzon HAVAŞ Service Route: Airport – Tangent Road – Tanjant Erdoğdu Junction – Yavuz Selim Boulevard – Uzunkum – Beşirli

Transportation to Airport/Tirebolu by HAVAŞ

HAVAŞ shuttle buses can also take you directly from Trabzon Airport to Giresun’s Eynesil, avuşlu, Görele, and Tirebolu districts. HAVAŞ shuttle buses, which provide transportation services based on domestic flights, depart from the same stop as Trabzon buses. The buses can be found outside the arrivals hall. The trip from Trabzon Airport to Tirebolu takes about 2 hours.

Airport – Tirebolu (Giresun) HAVAŞ Service Route: Trabzon Airport – Akçaabat – Çarşıbaşı – Vakfıkebir – Beşikdüzü – Eynesil – Çavuşlu – Görele – Tirebolu

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Airport/Rize-Ardeşen-Hopa Transportation by HAVAŞ

Trabzon Airport, which is frequently used by passengers from Rize and Artvin, also offers direct access to the district centers located between the two cities. Shuttle buses to Artvin’s Hopa district, including Rize, depart from the same stop as buses to Trabzon and Eynesil. The flight from Trabzon Airport to Rize takes 1.5 hours, 2.5 hours to Ardeşen, and 3.5 hours to Hopa.

Airport – Ardeşen – Rize – Hopa (Artvin) HAVAŞ Service Route: Trabzon Airport – Of – Iyidere – Derepazari – Rize – Çayeli – Pazar- Ardeşen – Fındıklı – Arhavi – Hopa

You can pay your ticket in cash to the driver in the bus.

For detailed information about bus departure times and routes to Trabzon, Giresun, Rize and Artvin districts, you can visit the official website of HAVAŞ .

Airport/City Center Transportation by Taxi

If you do not want to wait for the passenger shuttles upon arrival at Trabzon Airport, airport taxis are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taxis are available outside the airport’s arrivals hall. The cost of taxi transportation from the airport to the city center is 50 TL per person, per day.

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Airport/City Center Transportation by Private Transfer

You can reach your hotel, city center, or bus terminal directly from the airport with low-cost airport transfers. Private transfers are an excellent transportation option for those traveling with more than one person or with a large amount of luggage. Furthermore, you can make your reservation in advance with fixed tariffs, and upon arrival at the airport, you can be met by the driver at the exit of the arrivals lounge and quickly board your vehicle. Using the airport transfer option allows you to travel comfortably and safely.

Among the companies that provide private transfer services at Trabzon Airport are Akra Tur , Transfer 61 , Nas Oto , Sümela Tur , Kavi Tur , Ritur , Organica Tur , 61 Park Hotel , Şimşek Turizm and Zenofon Tur .

Trabzon Airport Car Rental Agencies

Transportation from Trabzon Airport

Trabzon, one of the most important Black Sea tourist cities, is the first choice of domestic and foreign tourists due to its proximity to surrounding cities and excellent transportation infrastructure. In Rize, places like Sümela Monastery, Uzungöl, and Ayder Plateau can be difficult to reach, especially during the summer. Renting a car would be an excellent way to avoid this. As a result, you will be able to travel directly from the airport to your hotel as well as to the surrounding areas on other days in a comfortable manner.

At Trabzon Airport , Trabzon Rent A Car , Garenta , Avis and Central Rent a Car provide car rental services. However, if you do not want to stick to them, there are agencies that provide more than one car rental service outside the airport and in the city center. Among them; Sixt , Budget , VIP Black Sea Car Rental , Rent Go , Ceyhun Rent a Car , Kumsal Rent a Car , Dilek Rent a Car , Sartes Rent a Car and Nas Otoexists. Be sure to give your flight date and time during car rental reservation.

How to Get from Trabzon to the Airport

You can take city public transportation buses from Trabzon Intercity Bus Terminal to Trabzon Airport. Buses 121, 122, 125, 139, 426, 476, and 501, which depart from various routes but also pass through the bus station, can take you to the airport. These bus lines, however, do not serve the airport. You can get off at the stop opposite the airport’s entrance and walk a short distance to the airport.

You can find the current time information of the bus lines running between the bus station and the airport route on the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality transportation websiteYou can also check bus routes via online map .

HAVAŞ shuttle buses are another option for transportation. HAVAŞ buses, on the other hand, depart from the city center. You can take city buses from the bus station to Beşirli, Yavuz Selim Boulevard, or Tanjant Erdodu Junction and then transfer to HAVAŞ buses to go directly to the airport.

City Center – Airport HAVAŞ Service Route: Beşirli – Uzunkum – Yavuz Selim Boulevard – Tanjant Erdoğdu Junction – Tangent Road – Airport

HAVAŞ shuttle buses pick up passengers in Trabzon city center from Beşirli, Uzunkum Hotel, Orhan Petrol Ofisi Front, Yavuz Selim Boulevard Migros Front, Tanjant Yolu (Across Trabzon Dershane) and Kiler Market Front.

HAVAŞ buses also provide direct transportation service from the Tirebolu district of Giresun to Trabzon Airport. The bus, which departs in front of the Tirebolu bus station, Kamil Koç office, stops at Görele, Çavuşlu and Eynesil, respectively, and goes to the airport.

Tirebolu – Airport HAVAŞ Service Route: Tirebolu – Görele – Çavuşlu – Eynesil – Beşikdüzü – Vakfıkebir – Çarşıbaşı – Akçaabat – Airport

The departure times of HAVAŞ shuttle buses from the stops on the route from Tirebolu city center to Trabzon Airport are as follows;

  • Tirebolu: 03.00, 05.00, 09.00, 14.30 and 17.00
  • Gorel : 03.20, 05.20, 09.20, 14.50 and 17.20
  • Sergeant: 03.25, 05.25, 09.25, 14.55 and 17.25
  • Eynesil: 03.30, 05.30, 09.30, 15.00 and 17.30
  • Besikduzu: 03.35, 05.35, 09.35, 15.05 and 17.35
  • Vakfikebir: 03.40, 05.40, 09.40, 15.10 and 17.40
  • Çarşıbaşı: 03.45, 05.45, 09.45, 15.45 and 17.45
  • Akcaabat: 04.00, 06.00, 10.00, 15.30 and 18.00

HAVAŞ shuttle buses pick up passengers from the following stops on the route from Tirebolu to Trabzon Airport;

  • Tirebolu bus station in front of Kamil Koç office
  • Görele bus station
  • Sergeant overpass
  • Eynesil lights junction
  • Opposite of Beşikdüzü bus station, in front of Kilim Furniture
  • Vakfikebir bus station
  • In front of Çarşıbaşı Bellona Furniture
  • Akcaabat Ak Mosque received an overpass

HAVAŞ shuttle buses connect Hopa and Arhavi districts of Artvin, Rize city center, and Ardeşen to Trabzon Airport. The shuttle bus from Hopa to the airport takes the following route.

Hopa – Ardeşen – Rize – Airport HAVAŞ Service Route: Hopa – Arhavi – Fındıklı – Ardeşen – Pazar – Çayeli – Rize – Derepazarı – Iyidere – Of – Airport

HAVAŞ shuttle buses departure times from the stops on the route from Hopa city center to Trabzon Airport are as follows;

  • Hopa: 01.00, 03.30, 04.30, 08.00, 13.00, 14.30 and 16.30
  • Arhavi: 01.15, 03.45, 04.45, 08.15, 13.15, 14.45 and 16.45
  • Fındıklı: 01.30, 04.00, 05.00, 08.30, 13.30, 15.00 and 17.00
  • Ardeşen: 02.00, 04.30, 05.30, 09.00, 14.00, 15.30 and 17.30
  • Sunday: 02.10, 04.40, 05.40, 09.10, 14.10, 15.40 and 17.40
  • Çayeli: 02.30, 05.00, 06.00, 09.30, 14.30, 16.00 and 18.00
  • Rize: 03.00, 05.30, 06.30, 10.00, 15.00, 16.30 and 18.30
  • Derepazarı: 03.05, 05.35, 06.35, 10.05, 15.05, 16.35 and 18.35
  • Iyidere: 03.10, 05.40, 06.40, 10.10, 15.10, 15.10, 16.40 and 18.40
  • Of: 03.20, 05.50, 06.50, 10.20, 15.20, 16.50 and 18.50

HAVAŞ shuttle buses pick up passengers from the following stops on the route from Hopa to Trabzon Airport;

  • Opposite Hopa Chamber of Commerce (opposite Edfa Tourism)
  • Opposite Arhavi Performance Center (Opposite Nature Sports Club)
  • Opposite Fındıklı Community Health Center
  • Ardesen Hacışahinoğlu Petrol
  • In front of the Market Athens Cafe
  • Çayeli Çiçek Taksi is opposite the bus stop
  • Rize city center in front of the library
  • Derepazarı underpass exit opposite PTT
  • Opposite Iyidere Municipality (Iyidere bridge)
  • Opposite Of Military Branch

You can pay your fare in cash to the driver in the bus. You must be at the bus departure points at least 2 hours before the flight departure time in Trabzon city center, and at least 3 hours before the Rize and Artvin districts.

Since HAVAŞ shuttle buses from Trabzon city center, Tirebolu, Rize and Hopa to Trabzon Airport are arranged according to domestic flights, they are going to reorganize the flights according to possible flight cancellations and changes. For this reason, you can get information by calling the Call Center line at 0850 222 0 487 before your trip so that you do not experience any grievances .