Taxi in Turkey

Taxi in Turkey: Apps, Prices and How to Get One

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Turkey is one of the most interesting places to visit. with a diverse history and culture. But while you’re exploring Turkey, how do you get around

The easiest way to get from place to place is taking a Taxi in Turkey. But with so many apps to choose from, how do you know which one to use And how do you make sure the prices in Turkey are fair And where can you find a taxi near me

We will answer all of these questions in this blog post!

Taxi in Turkey

About Taxis in Turkey

Most people who visit Turkey take cabs from one location to another because it’s much easier than trying to figure out public transportation or finding a taxi app.

The biggest challenge is figuring out which cab company is reliable and trustworthy so that we don’t end up getting scammed or taken advantage of.

  1. The prices of Taxi in Turkey are calculated using meters that calculate kilometers and minutes, so you will need to know how far you’re going before getting into a taxi.
  2. If you want an estimate for your destination before heading out, apps like Taxi Fare Estimate can help by calculating approximate costs of taxis from major
  3. Drivers can be very chatty and will often try to speak English with you
  4. If you need help, drivers will contact a friend or family member who speaks English for you.
  5. You will need to pay any road tolls if your trip with the taxi includes traveling on a highway or a bridge that has a toll.
  6. When taking a taxi, make sure that the meter is on when getting into the car  – if it isn’t, then ask them to turn it on before starting your trip so that they know how much money they should charge you at the end of your journey.
  7. Using Taxi apps in Turkey will mostly be a better option than taking a regular taxi.

Getting Your Taxi in Turkey

There are 2 ways to get a taxi in Turkey:

By apps

If you are in a large/tourist city like Istanbul, Ankara or Bodrum you can easily use your mobile phone to order a taksi on app.

By calling a taxi

If you are in a smaller cities in Turkey like Eskisehir, Bilecik, Nevsehir or Artvin you will have to find a local Taxi office and call them to pick you up.

If you are in a hotel the receptionist can take care of this for you.

You can find some taxi buttons in the street, you can press the button and wait for a minute or so and the taxi will arrive to pick you up.

online taxi in istanbul
The Taxi button in Turkey

Calling a Turkish Taxi: “Taxi!” is more than enough for driver to stop his car, or you can wave at them from the street if they’re stopped somewhere and there’s no other people around. You’ll give your destination to him before entering the cab that includes major landmarks,  streets with crossroads etc. so he knows where to go without asking further questions about how to get there – this will save time vs giving full directions every single time when you call a taxi in Turkey.

How much are Taxi in Turkey Turkey Taxi Prices

The taxi prices in Turkey is different according to the city you will take taxi in.

Commercial taxis carry passengers with a special tariff in each province of Turkey.

This tariff usually consists of the first opening and the fee per kilometer. When a passenger wants to travel a certain distance by taxi, he is obliged to pay the taxi driver at the end of the journey, the price determined in accordance with this tariff.


As of 2023, the current yellow taxi opening fee in Istanbul is 12,65 TL and 8,51 TL per kilometer. For black colored ones, the opening is 21,51 TL, and 14,47 TL per km. Prices are valid for all Istanbul. Night and day rates are the same.

Taxi in Turkey 1 1


As of 2023, the current taximeter opening in Ankara is 12,00 TL, and 10,00 TL is charged per kilometer. Prices are valid for all Ankara. Night and day rates are the same.


As of 2023, the current taximeter opening in İzmir is 7,00 TL, and 13,00 TL is charged per kilometer. This tariff is valid for all Izmir. Night and day rates are the same.

Tips to avoid Taxi scams

Turkey is a very safe place to visit, but there are always a few bad apples. One way to avoid being scammed by Turkey taxis is to only take those that you call yourself and not flag them down on the street or at an airport.

There are many taxi scams that happen in Turkey and it’s important to know what they are because these scams could result in you paying more than necessary or not being able to get where you need to go at all!

You can also try using apps like Uber or Bitaksi in Turkey as they have a safety record and background checks for drivers from around Turkey.

– There are some taxi scams that are often targeted towards foreigners.

  • One scam that Turkey taxis often do is to take the longer route in order to charge more money, or they will tell you a flat rate and then when it ends up being higher than what was quoted, they may insist on paying with cash. This can also lead them into taking routes where there are tollgates so that passengers have to pay extra for both the ride and the tolls.
  • Always make sure that the taxi meter is on, you can say taksimetre açabilir misin i which means “can you open the taxi meter” if you notice the meter not working.
  • The taxi meter should be on the rear-view mirror on the down side, make sure that it is turned on.
  • It’s also a good idea to record the license plate of your taxi in Turkey so that you can report it if anything goes wrong.

Apps for Turkey Taxis

Thankfully, there are some taxi apps that will make your life a little bit easier when you’re visiting Turkey.

To start, you are going to need to download an app on your phone that will connect you to Turkey taxis. Three apps that we recommend are:


Bitaksi is the Turkish version of Uber and has some advantages over it as it is one of the best apps to get a Taxi in Turkey:

  • This app findslocal Turkish taxis near where you live so that it’s an easy way to get a ride when needed.
  • Want a taxi but don’t want to spend time waiting in the taxi line Then get BiTaksi, which uses GPS to find the nearest taxi, directs it to you, and drives you there in three minutes.
  • You can make contactless and secure payments by adding your card once in BiTaksi using Masterpass assurance. Additionally, you can use Istanbulkart, BKM Express, and cash.
  • The estimated fare calculation and trip calculation can be viewed without directions needed.
  • If you plan on sharing your route with your loved ones during your trip, the Link app has the ability to allow you to share your route live on the map while you’re on the go.
  • There are some promotional campaigns and discounts that you can get when you use Bitaksi for the first time.
  • There is also a pet option. It’s easier to get around with your pet with bitaksi.
  • You can trip safely with air insulating cabin and special air filters in bitaksi if you choose this option.

What are the available cities

Bitaksi is available in Istanbul and Anakra. and it’s considered as the best taxi app istanbul.

You can download Bitaksi app from here for android and here for IOS.

taxi app istanbul

Uber Turkey

The first app is Uber, which has a lot of cars and drivers in Turkey. If you use this service to order your taxi, then the driver will come pick you up within minutes.

Uber is used in Turkey a lot by taxi drivers, you can expect a yellow taxi car to come pick you up.

What are the available cities

Uber is available in Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum.

You can download Uber Turkey from here for android and here for IOS.


Istanbul’s municipality built an online taxi service, called iTaksi, to help both customers and taxi drivers which is on of the most famous Turkey taxi app in Istanbul.

  • Depending on your needs, iTaksi provides three (3) different vehicle options. Traditional yellow taxis, turquoise taxis for more comfortable rides, and black taxis for the most luxurious taxi rides are all available.
  • With iTaksi, you can calculate the estimated fare for your trip ahead of time. Before calling a taxi, go to the “Calculate Fare” menu to find out the estimated duration and fare for your trip.
  • Without having to search for or wait for a taxi, the nearest one will be directed to you at the touch of a button.
  • You have three options for payment: cash, credit card, or istanbulkartTM. Before calling a taxi, you can select a payment method and view the trip fare on the app at the end of your journey. You only have to enter your credit card information once.
  • Following the completion of the trip, you can rate and review the driver and the ride.
  • You can speed up the taxi calling process by saving frequently used addresses to the “Favorite Addresses” section.
  • iTaksi vehicles are outfitted with dual cameras that capture and store video without audio, ensuring safety.

What are the available cities

Itaksi is only available in Istanbul.

You can download Itaksi from here for android and here for IOS.


Taxi apps can really help when you’re visiting Turkey because they will take away some of the confusion around figuring out routes or which companies are reliable without additional cost! Turkey also has many beautiful sites for tourists as well as a rich history and culture – it’s important for anyone visiting there (or any other country) that they know how taxis work in order to make their stay more enjoyable! We hope these tips will provide enough information about Turkey’s unique customs for travelers.

Rent a car in Turkey

If you are staying for a longer period in Turkey, or want to have more freedom in getting around, then renting a car will be a better option than Turkey taxis. Turkey has many beautiful sites to see, and a rich history and culture that makes it worth visiting for travelers from all over the world!

You can choose the car you want to book from Rentalcars which offers the best rates by searching all car rental locations, by entering the city and the time of delivery and pick-up.

Is there Taxi app in Antalya

No, Unfortunately there is no Taxi apps in Antalya but you can still get taxis by a lot of other methods.

Are there taxis in Turkey

Yes, there are taxis in Turkey. Turkey is a country and has its own taxi system. The cabs in Turkey are typically cheaper than taxis in the United States or other countries. There are many apps to order Turkish taxi. Some of these apps include uber, Bitaksi and Itaksi.

Is there Yandex taxi in Turkey

Turkey doesn’t have Yandex Taxi app.

Can I ride in an airport shuttle bus or shared mini buses for cheaper fares than a normal Turkey Taxi

Yes, You can take airport shuttle bus for a cheaper fare if you wanted to do so.

Is it safe to take taxi in Turkey

Yes, it’s safe it’s totally safe to take a taxi in Turkey, but you should take care of some scams that we mentioned in our article.