Thermal Springs in Turkey .. A full guide 2023

الينابيع الحرارية في تركيا

During this post, we’ll talk about Thermal Springs in Turkey, We’ll also look at spas and thermal facilities in Turkey. There are hot water springs that are a form of relaxation and well-being. We’ll show you how thermal tourism came to be.

Turkey, which is in the world’s most important geothermal area, has the most natural thermal water resources in Europe and is one of the top seven countries in the world. Turkish cities are known all over the world for their hot springs.

Thermal Springs in Turkey

About Thermal Springs in Turkey

Thermal tourism, sometimes known as “spa tourism,” is a kind of tourism. This sort of tourism includes visits to facilities that contain beneficial minerals and offer thermal waters that are warmer than 20 degrees.

Thermal springs have long been a part of our culture. For thousands of years, natural thermal waters have been employed as an alternative therapy approach. Today, interest in this type of tourism has grown as a result of increased opportunities and easier access to these resources.

Thermal tourism, one of the categories of alternative tourism, is a reflection of the phenomena of “calmness from water.” Because the target audience for this tranquility is between the ages of 25 and 75, the demands and relaxation techniques of the young and middle-aged vary. As an example:

  • Therapy Through Exercise
  • Massage
  • balneotherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • Thermal Treatment

History of thermal tourism

People have used thermal and mineral waters to relax since the beginning of time.  Many artifacts show that people in Anatolian countries used thermal springs.

Archaeological studies show that hot water was used more than 5000 years ago. It is thought that people from cultures like the Persians, Romans, Turks, and Vikings used these natural resources to relax and get back to their old selves.

In Anatolia, for example, places called thermal springs and drinking water have been around since the Romans, and they were built by them. Also, it is thought that geothermal water helped the Seljuks and Ottomans.

History of geothermal water might lead us to visit places that have therapeutic waters, so we can look back on that. Let’s look at some of the most important hot springs in Turkey.

Best Thermal water springs in Turkey

Turkey has a lot of hot water sources because of its geological make-up. Central Anatolia and the Aegean region have a lot of thermal resources that are worth a lot. Some of the places in Turkey that have a lot of hot and mineral water are:

Pamukkale thermal pools

With its hot springs and medicinal waters, Pamukkale thermal pools is a famous destination for thermal tourism. The city, which is rich in subsurface resources and mineral springs, is also well-known for its Pamukkale Travertines. Karahayt Thermals, Akköy Mud Spas, Tekkeköy Spas, Babacik Spa, Kzldere Spa, and Yenice Kamara Spa are some of the region’s well-known hot springs.

If you are looking for healing, Pamukkale thermal springs can assist you with their facilities in several places. Take a breath at Denizli if you wish to benefit from the influence of thermal waters.

Pamukkale thermal pools

Ankara (Haymana Kaplıcaları)

Haymana Thermal Springs, which are in Ankara’s Haymana neighborhood, are thought to be one of the most important therapeutic resources not only in Turkey, but also around the world. People have used the Haymana thermal springs for healing since the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman eras. They have a long history and are thought to have the best thermal water in Turkey.

When water comes from hot springs, it has sodium, magnesium, and bicarbonate in it. This mineral-rich water is supposed to help treat a number of different illnesses.

The place, which is good for respiratory and rheumatic problems, is one of our country’s thermal stops.

Afyon (Afyonkarahisar Kaplıcaları)

It’s one of the first cities that comes to mind when we think of Turkish cities with hot springs. This area is often chosen because of the many thermal facilities and the high quality of the water. Because the facilities here are close to the city center is another reason why people choose this place.

The hot springs in the area have been healing people since the Byzantine Empire, and now more and more people are coming to see them. Hüdai Mud Baths, Mer Hot Springs, Heybeli Hot Springs, and Gecek are the most well-known hot springs in Turkey. They are visited by thousands of tourists every summer and winter.

Nevsehir (Kozaklı Kaplıcaları)

The thermal springs are one of the best places in Turkey to go for thermal tourism. They are in the Kozakl district of Nevşehir. Kozakl, which is in the middle of Turkey, has more than 20 attractions and thermal hotels.

There is 93-degree water coming up from the depths of the earth, which makes the Kozakl Thermal Springs a popular place for health tourism. The water is rich in salt and calcium.

Travelers who choose to stay in Kozakl, which is near Nevşehir and Kayseri, can also visit the famous Cappadocia region with the Erciyes Ski Center and enjoy a thermal holiday there as well.


Yalova is a well-known spa resort in Turkey and the Marmara Region. The therapeutic waters of Yalova thermal springs, Turkey’s first and foremost thermal springs, are employed particularly in the treatment of rheumatic disorders.

Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk famously told Yalova, “This will be the water city of the future,” emphasizing the significance of this location. The region’s history, which many local and international visitors come for the precious hot spring water, is also quite ancient.

Yalova hot springs, located in a wide forest region, is an appealing stop not only for its curative waters, but also for its oxygen-rich pure air.

Manisa (Kurşunlu Kaplıcaları)

Kurşunlu Thermal Springs, situated inside the limits of Manisa’s Salihli district, is one of Turkey’s most well-known and frequented thermal springs.

Aside from the medicinal properties of Kurşunlu Thermal Spring water, there is also a natural beauty that draws visitors here.

This is the spot to go if you want to enjoy a thermal vacation away from the city and in a unique setting.

Dalian, Mugla Thermal springs

A wonderful city located in the Turkish province of Mugla, where there are daily trips to Koycegiz Lake, where there are healing mud baths,

It is one of the most popular activities for tourists in Dalian, especially European tourists;

To enjoy the therapeutic mud under the golden rays of the sun and to bathe from the hot springs of the Sultan in the area.

Kutahya (Yoncalı Kaplıcaları)

Yoncal Thermal Springs, situated west of Kütahya, is a noteworthy visit because of its physical treatment and rehabilitation facility. Yoncal’s hot springs and baths have a long history dating back to the Seljuk dynasty.

The natural spring water contains beneficial amounts of sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. Yoncal Thermal Springs is reported to be beneficial for calcification and joint rheumatism, as well as other joint ailments, traumatic diseases, and sports disorders.

Eskişehir Thermal springs

Eskişehir is an ancient city built in BC by the Greeks on the shores of the Borsuk River.

It is about 233 km away from the city of Ankara.

The city is famous for its hot water, which cures many diseases.


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