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Established in 1991, The Vakif Bank New York Branch offers financial services to the Turkish community living in the United States of America.

Vakif Bank New York Branch offers a fast and convenient routes for the Turkish family to transfer funds and helps Turkish companies in the US to meet their financial needs.

Vakif Bank New York Branch
The image is not for a New York branch it’s for Vakif bank

Sevices Vakif Bank New York Branch provides

The vakifbank USA services have been developing and diversifying amid the rising Turkish population and its financial needs. Vakif Bank U.S branch has become a leader in banking among Turkey and the United States.

Vakif Bank in New York offers the following services:

Commercial accounts (The bank doesn’t offer personal accounts)

Transfer Cash from the U.S to Turkey (There is some limitations)

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Domistic Transfer in the U.S

Internet Banking


Commercial Loans and line of credit

letters of credit

International Money Transfer Through Vakif Bank New York Branch

If you are sending a transfer via cash or with ‘US Postal Money Order’ to Turkey, you can send up to $2,500.00 at a time.

The bank would request income documentation if the overall value of the transfer is greater than $15,000.00 in a one-year term.

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The restrictions set out above are not applicable if you will be making a transfer through a Cashier’s check.

Opening a business account in Vakif Bank New York Branch

You will need the flowing documents if you want to open an account in the bank in case you are Limited Liability Company:

Application form

Signature Card

Articles of Organization

Operating Agreement

Business Tax ID Number

Valid picture ID copies of shareholders and authorized persons

Last 3 months of bank statements

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In case of Corporation you will need the following:

Application Form

Signature Card

Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation


Business Tax ID Number

Valid picture ID copies of shareholders and authorized persons

Last 3 months of bank statements

SWIFT code for Vakif Bank New York Branch

To make international transfers to an account in Vakif Bank New York Branch, you can use the bank’s Swift code, which is: TVBAUS33

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And the Routing (ABA) Number is: 026012713

Money transfer in Turkey

Wise is one of the best ways to transfer money in Turkey easily, quickly and safely, as it is characterized by its lower transfer fees than Western Union and banks.

Wise advantages

  • Wise is completely secure for all types of transfers.
  • You can send money outside of Turkey about eight times cheaper than with traditional methods.
  • Transfer fees are straightforward, and there are no hidden Fees.
  • The conversion process is done easily on the Internet.
  • The funds are automatically transferred to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Wise has around 750 different currencies to transfer, including the Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, and Egyptian Pound.

You can transfer via Wise directly online and easier than Western Union and banks by clicking here.

Important Notices About The bank

Although Vakif Bnak in New york is technically a branch of the main bank in Turkey it has some limitations.

There is no personal accounts in the bank

You can’t acess your information in the New York branch through any Vakif bank in Turkey.

If you have an account in Vakif Bank in Turkey you can’t access this account information through the New York branch.

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Deposits at VakıfBank New York Branch are not FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured.

You can’t Pay your Turkish Card debt through the bank directly, it can only be done by wire transfer subjected to a remittance fee.

You can’t Buy Turkish government Bonds through New York branch.

Vakif Bank In New York Working Hours

The Bank Operates every day during the week except on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

The Working Hours for the Bank starts from 09:00 AM until 05:00 PM

Contacting Vakif Bank in America

You may contact the bank branch in New York with the following contact infomration:

You can visit the official website of the bank by Clicking Here.

Address: 1177 Avenue of Americas, 36th Floor New York, NY 10036

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Telephone Number: (212) 621 – 9400

Fax Number: (212) 707 – 8745

The Location of the Bank on Google Maps

Can i open a personal bank account in Vakif Bank New york

No, You can’t. the bank only offers commercial accounts.

Can i make money transfer to Turkey through Vakif Bank In new york

Yes, You can. the bank offers to transfer money to Turkey and you can learn more about the limits of transfer through our article.

Are deposits at Vakif bank New York branch FDIC insured

No, The deposits at Vakif Bank in New York are not FDIC insured.


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