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For consumers and businesses alike, navigating through the multitude of options available in the Turkish door manufacturing sector can be a challenging task. By focusing on key elements such as material quality, design versatility, and manufacturing precision, potential buyers can decipher the myriad of choices available, ensuring the selection of doors that perfectly align with their specific needs and preferences.

Door Manufacturers in Turkey

Door Price in Turkey

This table presents only the average prices of certain doors in Turkey and does not reflect final pricing, serving solely for educational purposes.

Door TypePrice Range
Wooden Doors100-150$
Steel Doors300-550$
Exterior Doors450 – 900$

Wooden Door Manufacturers in Turkey

1. Variodor

Delve into the exquisiteness and practicality of Variodor, a brand acclaimed for manufacturing supreme quality MDF monoblock interior doors in Turkey. Anchored by Yildiz Entegre, Variodor exemplifies a fusion of aesthetic appeal and functional durability, offering an alternative to massive doors, with a range of features that cater to different spatial needs and stylistic preferences.

Product Highlights:

  • Versatility in design, suitable for varied living spaces
  • Notable features: magnetic and silent locking system, fire resistance, and sound insulation
  • A user-friendly door solution with diverse product quality and variety

2. Dortek

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Elevating Turkish craftsmanship, Dortek, stationed in the heart of Istanbul, signifies an amalgamation of style, safety, and sturdiness in door manufacturing. Dortek’s catalog is an exhibit of a splendid variety of doors, each piece curated with meticulous attention to detail, thereby ensuring each entrance is both safe and stylish.

Door Categories:

  • Interior Doors: Enhancing indoor aesthetics
  • Entrance Doors: Combining robustness with elegance
  • Fire Rated Doors: Ensuring safety with quality

3. Artella Doors

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Artella Doors, a subsidiary of the Aslandag group, traces back to the 1980s, blossoming into a leading figure in door manufacturing and supply in Turkey. Steeped in tradition yet embracing modern design principles, Artella manifests as the epitome of elegance in wooden doors, while also venturing into steel doors and other products under varied labels.

4. Best Door Turkey

Established in 2005 and nestled near Istanbul, Tekirdag, Best Door asserts its stature as a top-tier Turkish wooden doors manufacturer, operating out of a sprawling 20,000 sqm manufacturing plant. With a potent blend of traditional Turkish woodworking and modern design sensibilities, Best Door crafts doors that are not merely entryways but statements of style and quality.

Key Offerings Include:

  • Wood-veneered Doors
  • Melamine-faced and PVC-faced Doors
  • Lacquered Doors and Combo Series
  • Molded Panel Doors

5. Isdoor

Hailing from Corum, Turkey, Isdoor (Sefer Forest Products) has, for over 36 years, been crafting a narrative of success and quality in the realm of membrane doors. Scaling from local craftsmanship to garnering recognition across Europe, Isdoor seamlessly marries technology and artistry, advancing towards a global footprint, all while maintaining adherence to international standards and consistent developmental strides.

Showroom Details:

  • Location: İkitelli OSB Keresteciler Sitesi 21. Blok No: 15 Başakşehir / İstanbul
  • Contact: +90 533 418 84 22 | Email

6. Atadoor

Experience the manufacturing marvel at Atadoor, where every wooden door is a testament to the seamless integration of modern CNC and traditional woodworking machinery, ensuring each piece is crafted to perfection, embodying robustness and aesthetic finesse in equal measure.

Steel Door & Security Door Manufacturers in Turkey

1. Kale Kilit Steel Doors

Kale Kilit, a pivotal player in Turkey’s locks and doors industry, has triumphantly secured its place as one of the country’s top business groups through persistent innovation and a relentless pursuit of quality. With a historical journey decorated with steadfastly safeguarding various premises, the brand gleams with trust and durability in its products.

  • Lines of Doors Manufactured:
    • Modern Doors
    • Classic Doors
    • Project Doors
    • Fire Doors

2. Sur Steel Doors

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Sur, sowing seeds back in 1974, burgeoned into a company renowned for manufacturing stalwart steel doors. Rooted deeply in traditions of quality, this company meshes functionality and aesthetic appeal, presenting doors that not only safeguard but also adorn one’s space splendidly.

  • Notable Manufactured Doors:
    • Fire Doors
    • Steel Entrance Doors
    • Villa Doors

3. SMS Steel Door

SMS, established in 1996, holds a two-decade-long legacy of manufacturing steel doors in the historical and industrious city of Ankara, Turkey. Their doors, epitomizing strength and elegance, stand as silent guardians ensuring safety.

  • Types of Doors They Craft:
    • Steel Doors
    • Villa Doors
    • Fire Doors

4. Ermetsan

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In the bustling and industrious city of Kayseri resides Ermetsan, a steel doors manufacturing giant. Established in 2005, and boasting a 20,000 sqm manufacturing plant area, the company has sculpted its reputation as a leader in the Turkish steel doors industry, producing a staggering 72,000 pcs of steel doors per year.

  • Special Mention:
    • Positioned as one of the leaders in steel doors manufacturing in Turkey

5. Tezdoor

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Tezdoor, blossoming since its establishment in 2000, unfurls a wide array of steel doors, imbibing Turkish aesthetics and contemporary functionalities. With its myriad styles and functionality, Tezdoor has established itself as a manufacturer that echoes the rich tapestry of Turkish design in every product.

  • Diverse Door Types:
    • Steel Doors
    • Fire Exit Doors
    • Emergency Exit Doors
    • Interior Doors


Turkish door manufacturers offer a diverse array of door options, showcasing a blend of traditional and modern designs to meet both domestic and international demands. Brands like Variodor and Dortek focus on wooden doors, prioritizing aesthetic appeal and functionality, while others, such as Kale Kilit and Sur, are notable for their robust steel and security doors.

With a focus on quality, durability, and design versatility, these manufacturers cater to various consumer needs, providing doors that are not only secure but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether consumers seek traditional wooden designs or modern steel security, the Turkish door manufacturing sector holds a plethora of options, with a key emphasis on quality and design innovation.

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