Online Shopping Kazakhstan

Top 6 Online Shopping Websites in Kazakhstan

  • Post last modified:December 18, 2023
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When I think about online shopping in Kazakhstan, convenience and variety spring to mind. You can find both local treasures and international brands with just a few clicks.

“Səlem!” (Hello) to a world where shopping is at your fingertips. Whether you’re on the hunt for that special something from a Kazakh artisan or craving the latest gadget from overseas, it’s all available online.

Online Shopping in Kazakhstan

Best 6 online shopping websites in Kazakhstan


I love shopping at Technodom, Kazakhstan’s biggest electronics and home appliance store. Their online catalog is impressive, with over 15,000 products to choose from. What really seals the deal for me is the quality service and the awesome deals they offer – you can even spread your payments over 12 months.

I appreciate how they’ve made it convenient for us, especially with their quick 3-hour delivery service. And no matter where you are in our beautiful country, chances are you’re covered since they serve 17 cities across Kazakhstan.

Online Shopping Websites in Kazakhstan

Lamoda Kazakhstan

When I need fashion or beauty products in Kazakhstan, I always think about Lamoda. They’ve got clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories – pretty much everything you need to look your best. Their wide range of products and high-quality service make online shopping in Kazakhstan a breeze.

lamoda Kazakhstan


When you Kazakhstan and need to get your shopping done quickly, mobile app is your best friend. It’s incredibly handy for buying electronics, phones, appliances, and furniture all from the comfort of my home.

When you are planning a trip, is the best place to buy travel tickets in Kazakhstan. You can move from Almaty or anywhere else in Kazakhstan with a train or flight tickets quickly.

Online Shopping Kazakhstan

I’m totally into – it’s like a treasure trove! Started with books, but now it’s a one-stop shop for toys, home stuff, techy things, and even videos. They’ve gone big, with branches everywhere in Kazakhstan.

Paying up is easy. Whether it’s bank cards or slick apps like Webmoney and KZM, they’ve got you covered. Ішкі сәлем! That’s a Kazakh hello to easy shopping.

Need your stuff fast? has this cool local delivery service reaching out to 35 regions. But if you’re out and about, there are 64 pickup spots across the country where you can grab your goods.

You can find computers, home appliances, photo and video gear in – basically, if it’s electronic, it’s there. They’ve got your work essentials like office equipment and software too. Plus, with a great range of phones, staying connected is easy.