Mersin sea port

Mersin International Port

Mersin International Port¬†(Mersin UluslararasńĪ LimanńĪ (MIP is one¬†of the¬†most important Turkish ports located on the¬†Mediterranean sea, where it is the¬†second largest port in the¬†Turkish Republic.

Mersin International Port caters to a large part of Turkey’s import and export volumes with its vast inland territories, accessible transportation opportunities and qualified human resources.

In the following article, we will learn about Mersin seaport

Mersin International Port

Mersin International Port Location

Mersin International Port is one of the leading ports in Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean region, thanks to its distinguished geographical location providing easy access to many multimedia with local and international destinations.

The port is located in the Turkish city of Mersin in a location close to Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Palestine, in addition to the island of Cyprus and Greece.

The seaport is in southern Turkey and the city is well connected to other parts of the country.

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Logistics services at Mersin International seaport

Infrastructure and logistical services are among the most important advantages of Mersin International seaport as rail transport, in addition to the strong truck fleet in the region, and Adana Shaker Pasha Airport, which is located 69 km away, provide alot of transportation and logistical services.

Railways of the port of Mersin

The port of Mersin is connected by rail with the cities of Gaziantep, Kayseri, KahramanmaraŇü, Konya, Kerman, Ankara and other industrial cities as well as many railway stations across the border.

Within the seaport area there is also a 4-lane railway station that provides container handling and transportation facilities.

Mersin Port provides high-quality services through a professional in-house specialist team and modern equipment suitable for transportation to / from the cities of Ankara, Kayseri, Konya, Gaziantep and KahramanmaraŇü in addition to Iraq, Iran and other regions.

Land transportation at the port of Mersin

Mersin International Port is¬†connected to Gaziantep, Kayseri, KahramanmaraŇü, Konya and many other cities via highways, through efficient inland transportation, transportation can be provided to all countries of the Middle East.

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Mersin port

Mersin seaport specifications

Port location
Total port area112 hectares ( 1120,000  square meters)
Total berths21
Depth (submersible)15.8 MB
Container handling capacity2,600,000 IU / year
General cargo handling capacity1,000,000 tons / year
Dry cargo handling capacity8,000,000 tons / year
Liquid Cargo Handling Capacity1,000,000 tons / year
Ro-Ro handling capacity150,000 units – vehicles / year
The total length of the berths (3370 m)
Intended vessel length              387 m
The capacity of the intended vessel – 18 thousand TEUs
Sidewalk cranes
Gantry crane12
Mobile crane (MHC)5
Extension, towing and mooring services24/7 hours
Mersin International seaport

Security at Mersin International Port

The port of Mersin provides the following services:

24/7 container tracking online with work orders

Network architecture enabling wireless data connectivity and security on a total area of ‚Äč‚Äč110 hectares of ports and extension areas.

Monitor the port and extension 24/7 using 300 surveillance cameras that can rotate 360 ‚Äč‚Äčdegrees.

All port operations are powered by OS peripheral

Monitor port operations on the Internet by users

Entrances and exits are limited, and entry through them requires the use of new biometric identification cards that allow entry only to authorized employees.

Services provided by Mersin seaport

Mersin International seaport¬†is¬†one of the largest container ports in southern Turkey and the world, and it serves a large industrial area in the region with a significant contribution to the country’s foreign trade.

 The port is connected to all major ports around the world through more than 20 shipping lines to make regular connections.

24/7 non-stop service is provided with modern equipment at the container terminal with a total berth length of 1485 meters and draft of 15 meters.

Mersin International Port is ranked 95th among the 120 largest in the world

Container terminals services at the port of Mersin

Loading / unloading / recharging / navigation:

Loading / unloading / transshipment / marine transportation services are provided to approximately 1,500 container ships annually at Mersin International Port.

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As one of the most important entry / exit gates for import, export and transit shipments in Turkey, Mersin International Port has reached globally accepted container handling standards.

Inhibition / unlocking and twistlock services

CFS Services

Container stuffing

Empty containers

Full inspection and inspection

Reefer container services

The refrigerated container storage platform at Mersin International Port consists of 1250 chillers, this number is planned to increase further and can be adjusted according to seasonal demand.

Currently reefer container monitoring services are being provided at the port and infrastructure studies for REFCON remote refrigeration system have been completed.

Imco for container services

IMCO Container Labeling Services

X-ray and weighing services

Parallel to the current large volume of business, the container weight bridge service is provided by a total of 12 bridges located in suitable areas within the port.

Up the number of inspection services for more than 200 containers per day on 10,000 m area  2  dedicated.

In addition, it can also provide inspection services on an area of 15,000 m  2  of closed areas within the port area.

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Services at the port of Mersin

Maritime services for ships at Mersin International Port

Piloting, towing and berthing services are provided around the clock for all ships arriving at the berths¬†of Mersin International Port¬†, or those also within the area protected by breakwaters including free zone berths, ATAŇě terminal and PO terminal.

Extension, towing and mooring services are provided by the following equipment:

13 Harbor Pilot

60-ton locomotive BP ASD

45-ton locomotive BP ASD

30-ton tugboat BP ASD

2 Towing boats of 30 tons BP VoITH

2 pieces pilot boat

4 pcs boat mooring.

Free zone in the port of Mersin

The free zone in Mersin is one of the port’s most important features, with 47% of the zone’s users working as commercial companies and 24% as manufacturers.

The number of workers is 7,829 and the trade volume within the region is $ 3.8 billion.

The number of companies operating in the Mersin Free Zone is 421, of which 81% are local companies.

Textile factories and clothing products that comply with European Union standards are lined up on the Mersin Free Zone, in addition to manufacturing paper and paper products (packaging materials, manufacturing paper and cardboard, manufacturing household and sanitary goods and toilet supplies) and the base metal factories occupy a distinct place in the region (manufacturing Other products from the first treatment of steel).

The Mersin Free Zone in Turkey contains wholesale trade, warehousing, assembly, banking, insurance, repair and maintenance activities.

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Mersin Free Zone

Prizes for Mersin Port:

First place award in the port operators category at  the 2017 Logistics Awards   held in  the Logistics Transportation Expansion.

First place award in the port operator category at   the 2016 Logistics Awards   held in the Logistics Transportation Expansion

First place award in the Port Operators category at   the 2015 Logistics Awards   held in the Logistics Transport Expansion.

First place award in the port operators category at  the 2014 Logistics Awards  held on the  eighth of   the Logistics Transport Expansion.

Bonds and Loans¬†¬†“Best International Bond Deal of the Year Award”

Project Finance Magazine¬†¬†‚Äú¬†¬†European Ports Deal Award¬†¬†for 2013¬†¬†¬†‚ÄĚ

Project Finance International Magazine¬†¬†‚ÄúPorts Deal Award 2013‚ÄĚ

Lloyd’s List ”¬†¬†General Port Award 2008¬†¬†“

Award of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Trade¬†¬†“Handling the highest number of export containers for the year 2007”

Award of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Trade¬†¬†“Handling at the port for the largest quantity of liquid bulk cargo for 2007”

Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry¬†¬†‚ÄúA special award for the company with the largest contribution in the logistics sector.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúPort Operator of the Year Award‚Ä̬†¬†in the¬†¬†‚Äú¬†Sixth¬†Golden Marine Anchor Awards¬†¬†¬†‚Ä̬†¬†organized by PerŇüembe RotasńĪ and Deniz Haber Agency.

First place award in the port operator category at the¬†¬†‚ÄúLogitrans 2011 Logistics Awards‚Ä̬†¬†organized at the¬†5th¬†Logitrans fair for¬†¬†¬†transport logistics.

First place award in the port operator category at the¬†¬†“Logitrans 2012 Logistics Awards”¬†¬†organized at the¬†6th¬†¬†Logitrans Logistics¬†Exhibition¬†¬†.

First place award in the Port Operators category in the¬†¬†“2013 Logistics Awards”¬†¬†organized at the¬†7th¬†¬†Logistics¬†Exhibition¬†¬†for Logistics.

Contacting with the port of Mersin

Contact information for the headquarters of the port of Mersin

Mersin UluslararasńĪ Liman ńįŇületmecilińüi A.Ňě.

Address: Yenimahalle 101. Cad 5307. Sok. No: 5 33100 Mersin – Turkey

Phone: +90 324 241 29 00

Email: [email protected]

Contact information for the Sales and Marketing Department at Mersin International Port

Phone:+90324241 29 19 (container operations)
Phone:+90324241 29 10 (conventional shipping)
Fax:+90324239 20 77
E-mail:[email protected]

Human Resources Department, Mersin Port

Email: [email protected]

To access the official website of the port, click here .

Liman Mersin on map

Where is Mersin sea port

Mersin international seaport is located in Mersin city in the eastern Mediterranean sea southern of Turkey

What services does Mersin International port offers

The sea port offers alot of services starting from ship maintenance services and logistics with many other services